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Bali with two unlikely ladies || Jas Villas

Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet read

Yes yes! hi!

So as per the title suggests, when i said “unlikely”, i meant these two ladies were unlikely to make friends on their own accord if placed together in a  room at a party.. i think? Actually i don’t know. But i’m guessing. But all three of us agreed to go together on a trip! Just the 3 of us! We’re practically three-way married now!

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#AfterHoursWithTheApple: Cafe hopping & other stories

Normal Update & Photos

So a few days back.. Had the funniest night with 2 of my favorite people. The Strange Tea & Yaya. 😀

We went for dinner at the Richmond Station at Bali Lane where i had a nice burger. It was so filling. I felt like an overblown balloon. And it sucks because my dress was tight and it just isn’t cute to walk around looking pregnant ya know. You just don’t get to wear dresses like that by eating like you’re in a hotdog eating contest. It just doesn’t work like that. I should buy more loose clothings for food expeditions so i don’t have to suck it in all the time. I mean damn.

I really liked Richmond Station because the service was on point, the lady was attentive (we’re not needy btw..) and informative about the menu and the food. So willing to share, i actually suspect she was one of the owners or the owner herself. But it doesn’t matter because she just made us feel wanted and welcomed. 😀 I appreciate. Food was decent, we sat al-fresco and although i don’t fancy the table (it has big gaps in between the planks), but otherwise the whole experience there was really nice. Maybe cos the company i was with was also lovely! Their desserts display had a lot of attractive looking cakes but we were too full to try any that day.

I would probably come back with some friends next time. And i’d  totally recommend people to come and try them. 🙂

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A Rant about people’s social responses & kitty photos

I am under the prolonged understanding that people are weird. I have always believed that. People can be so weird (which includes but is not limited to rudeness) Weird people are everywhere, there is just no way you can miss them. I don’t know if it’s just me, but, i like weird people, and i come across them pretty often. I occasionally like the rude ones as well, not all the time, but they do add color to my experience with human beings. Sometimes their weirdness doesn’t appear immediately to the naked eye.. but it is a slow build up. Ugh. You’ll see what i mean.

So i’m just saying, because i know a lot of weird people in my surroundings. Back in my previous jobs, i have always had this character in my life usually nicknamed “The Confider” (whom i ironically usually would confide to the Strange Tea about) And they come in all sorts of different backgrounds and live different types of lifestyles. I seem to have re-acquired a Confider in my life once more. They confide all kinds of different wild stories ranging from their sex lives, love life, personal experiences and work life. It can be entertaining when you’re looking forward to hear the latest story, but draining at other times. And usually these people are really nice people. But thats beside the point.

On a slightly not really related note, but completely about how weird human beings can be, please read on.
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#AfterHoursWithTheApple presents: The talkative boy and Angelo.

So today as i was chilling by myself after a spot of solo mindless shopping round’ my neck of woods, I went to LJS to eat. I quite enjoy solo dining. Actually i enjoy solo dining very much, it allows me to people watch. I absolutely LOVE people watching, its my favorite activity aside from reading books and talking to cats.

I like it because it’s a social setting, but you’re removed from it, therefore don’t have to put in effort. You’re not a participant, you’re just an observer. Which i like. Besides, listening to passing conversations of strangers, checking out people’s outfits, hot people, wondering what these people are like, its always fascinating.

And, the best places to people watch, for me, is ALWAYS while dining somewhere. Which, i do a lot of. Hmm, Public transports are my next favourite on the list but public transports usually are little bit harder as i can’t gawk. It’s mainly listening skills but i can’t glance multiple times without getting caught. Ugh.

So anyway, i was at LJS quietly eating my meal when this group of young lower secondary school boys took the tables right next to me. Brilliant. They weren’t rowdy. Nor were they nerdy. They were just average kids who would probably grow up to be generic. I don’t know. I can’t judge, but whatever.  Doesn’t matter.

The token, very talkative and oblivious indian boy started saying “omg guys, i can’t believe i’m hanging out with you guys. I can’t believe i hung out with Angelo all this time. You know Angelo…” was blah blah blah. He was expressing his enthusiasm to being in this current group.. and he went on and on about Angelo, but when i sneakily glanced up to see how his friends reactions were, they were either scrolling through their phones, looking at this talkative boy with glazed eyes or just squinting at LJS’ menu.  Doubt they were listening.

They all got up to proceed to the counter while Talkative was actually still harping on.. So for awhile, i could dine quietly.

After about 5 – 10 minutes, they came back with their food.

The moment Talkative sat his ass down, he started “You know Angelo right.. he was so..” blah blah blah.


I don’t know who the hell this Angelo is, but you are right to drop this potato from your little bitch clique. He talks too much. AND he’s obsessed about you. Dear Angelo-i-don’t-know. From movies, the guys named Angelo are usually italian.. or mexican or something, which i doubt you are, since, y’know, it’s kinda rare to see you guys round here in local schools, kinda rare name too. But anyway i hope to god you’re not the sleazy street hustler i’m imagining in my head from the extensive description of you. Like these:
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Flea Sunday and other stories

Howdy ya’lls.

Been forever hasn’t it!

So welcome to my err.. already a week old new theme to the blog! Whee, isn’t it colorful and cute.. and.. well, free. =X

Right i’m just gonna post photos of recent outings with friends. (more photos under the cut)

I should also mention that i gathered a few friends to hold another flea of our usedanddirty pre-loved items (they’re all clean ok), and this time since there were more people it was fun-ner. Know what i mean. Besides it’s also due to my very noisy ol’ friend Ella. She reminds me of one of my furry four legged friend i know from downstairs. He’s always talking to himself and is super talkative when you pet him. So.. sama lah tu.

Actually i’ve got more photos.. but because i’m at work, i’m unable to post them up yet. I’ll try, no promises.

Just wanted to share the experience with the flea market. So basically i booked under www.fleawhere.com . Previously was booked under them as well. If anyone is actually keen to put together a flea market for yourself and some friends, there *are* a few organisations in singapore, but they all have different prices, and then you also have to factor in the crowd around the area, and what kind of items you’re actually allowed to even sell. AND if it’s convenient for you to lug your stuffs there.

So Fleawhere, they allow you to sell pre-loved items. Their rental prices is relatively low as compared to other organisations. And their  crowd is very good. BUT, considering they have a good crowd, their crowd is also.. i’m sorry to say, people who really are looking for a complete bargain, you might as well give your item away for free.

Imagine selling a Topshop item you bought for about.. hmm.. on average they usually sell from $69 onwards.. and you’re there at a really stuffy, overtly crowded and dusty place  selling your overpriced clothings for just $3 and below. Yes, me friend, $3 and below. $5 is considered expensive. Sadly. Even $3 is actually pushing it a little.

To be honest, i don’t actually regret, because in my opinion it was more of the experience and if you’re selling with really fun friends, then, i’m getting quite a return. I can’t speak for my friends though. LOL. This time, we smartened up a little, or rather Shabby did, she brought face masks for all of us, which was so, so helpful. I still remember when i did one with Fad and Fieza and it was so damn dusty, we all developed some sort of allergies and our eyes were red, we kept sneezing and sniffling, and … it wasn’t very pretty. So thank you to Shabby, like many, many, many thanks because this time? This time, not only was it really fun (for me anyway), and tiring, i wasn’t suffering from any health hazard.

AND these people didn’t know each other, so it’s nice to bring people together i suppose.

I’m open to have another flea of course, just maybe, this time at a new location.

If you wanna sell at Lucky Plaza under this Fleawhere’s Flea Party, just sell your really, really well loved before (but still in good condition) items that you wouldn’t mind selling at charity pricing. It’s fun experience though.

Oh, forgot to mention. My friends reached earlier than me so they helped to queue before entry. Apparently they got harassed by really impatient customers who just approached their bags and opened those bags without permission. I mean, hello, how uncivilized is that. We’re not in operation yet! STORE IS CLOSED. God. It’s like going into a forest and being attacked by wild boars.  And yet we’re in a mall. Or rather it’s like having your shop shuttered but there are people outside rattling your shutters asking “HELLO? YOU HAVE BAGS? I KNOW YOU’RE CLOSED BUT YOU GOT BAGS RIGHT? GIMME. GIMME.” Ugh. The danger. It’s a thin line, close to being mugged.

Yeah well. That’s all i got for now. xx

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