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Hello march!

Okay this is great. I’m about to go to work but it just started raining heavily. Sorry haven’t been blogging for awhile.. I’ve been on uh.. The micro blogging site.. The one I uh.. Used to make fun of. OH YOU KNOW: twitter!

I kind of like it there.

Anyway, yesterday I went to do my lash curling, and of course I would develop an allergic reaction to it wouldn’t I? I woke up with triple layered eyelids. You know, just like those you see on people’s jowls, like triple chinned, just that mine was on the eyelids. Tsk. It’s better now I guess.

Lots of things have happened and oh! Guess what, I cleaned up my wardrobes (finally! Go buy 4d! Confirm win!) and there is so much JUNK it is ridiculous. I had four huge bags and I started at 4pm and cleaned till 8.30pm?? 2 huge bags are for charity and another 1 bag and a half is for me to sell. If there are interested parties of course. I am REALLY REALLY keen on doing a flea market, it’s just I don’t know how and had been too lazy to look it up. I want to book a booth at the flea they have every weekend. I am going to sell my stuffs really low. Like what, five bucks maybe? And I dont know why but I keep on thinking about whimsical cupcakes to add to it. -.-

I’ve been busy reading up books and I’ve still got more (after the massive clean up I now have ample space for MORE!) and been adding notes to my notebooks and stuff. Observing the world etc.. I would update another day cos right now I have to get out and attempt trudging through the pouring rain. Just to get to work. Which I feel like leaving cos I haven’t been feeling it lately. Mostly because of the shallow way the place runs and operates. It gets very depressing. I’ll say more next time I suppose, if ever. I just feel I was never made for this.

With that said, till next time :-3

P.s I do wish I wasn’t a procrastinator. much to do, like the moleskine and those particular notebooks. I need to make a party of it.

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To the mofo n his pathetic mustache

To that Guy yesterday on the train with the few wispy pieces/strands of hair above his lips that really resemble little gay spiders lying about with their little legs splayed out in manner of suntanning. Please okay, shame on you! I’m a girl and you rushed into the train without even considering how much like a faggot it makes you look like. I am so embarrassed on your behalf (and your mustache). You nearly SHOVED me aside, how dare you. No sense of gentlemanliness at all. Your spidery hairs above your lips suit you. If I weren’t so angry I would have stared fascinated at it and counted how many strands there were just to pass time between raffles city & somerset, you know? Singapore guys!!! Urgh, disgusting. That’s why when we SG ladies encounter nice guys, we just freeze in shock and then replay the scene in our heads in amazement and walk with a dazed look on our faces. Because we’re not used to it.

Yes not all of them are like that (I’m not even sure if Pathetic Mustache is even from here) but STILL. any nation would reject a guy with that kind of mustache and level of rudeness. Ok fine I’ll stop about his mustache (but really you should see it! Infact he has inspired a comic for me to draw in my moleskine!) ANYWAY it’s the manners that we (this is collective, isn’t it ladies?) are concerned about. Let’s not talk about kiasu-ism of our people, which in itself we already should be trying to improve and kick out like a bad habit. Let’s talk about pride. Do people not think about how they’ll be seen by other people??? Anymore? Ever? Or really, MANNERS. I’m sure while younger your parents taught you, did they not? Who am I kidding. Of course not. Judging from the way they behave. Really unbecoming.

Okay whatever. Bye.

P.s Chacha has turned TWENNY. okay. This is our journey into the twenties now. I don’t feel I’ve changed much though.. Abit nicer maybe AHEM. definitely kinder, friendlier.. AHEM AHEM but on the whole… Not much. Which’s fine by me really.

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Sunny Saturday

I was at the bus stop today waiting for my bus when i saw somebody. He was a nightmare when I was 13, 14. I already had self esteem issues and he made it worse. What’s worse is, I sort of had a teeny tiny little crush on him but he’s a jerk. I think he still is, he had that sort of face and he’s all blustery and always bragging (as far as I remembered) But i think karma came back to bite him in the ass so we’re sorta even. But still, I’m all grown up now & my personality doesn’t encourage me to small talk n do pleasantries. So when he went all “hi Asfa! Where you going?”


“where u working?”

-somewhere, why?
After a second’s thought I decided to ask where he’s going cos as socially challenged as I am, I’m pretty sure that’s the polite thing to do.

“going to the arcade to play games.”

ob-vious-ly. Why would one go to the arcade for? To pray?

I nodded. Nothing else to say. As far as I was concerned, or thought it concerned me, the conversation was over. And it was, because he then added unnecessarily:

“been a long time since I went to the arcade, so I thought I’d go there today.”

Yeah. Well. Whatever. Didnt ask for your life story you little twerp.

And that was it. My day hasnt even started and I was already left wondering why was I such a bitch.

It’s not a good feeling, but thinking back to the past, I think it’s appropriate for him. Of course I should let it go. And I have. Doesn’t mean I have to like him though.

It’s no wonder I hardly have friends. During break yesterday I was suddenly struck by an incredible wave of loneliness. And one of my resolutions this year is to make new friends a new friend. But I don’t know how. I want a friend, not colleagues who want to bring me clubbing or drinking. No. I want a proper conversation about the world, books, someone who can drag me along to his/her fav haunts.. Go to the movies with. Do actual activities with. It’s hard growing up yknow.. My shell is very thick. Okay whatever. I don’t need this. I think it’s a case of pre period blues or something.

It’s a LOVELY Saturday! (says me sounding like the weather forecast) All pretty and sunny.. But of course I’ll be in the basement wouldn’t I.. Ugh. Okay nvm. Break time’s over.

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Mini rant/ recollections

I had several weird customers yesterday.. When I did entrance. Lemme tell you, I HATE doing entrance. I feel like it’s just a waste of manpower really. Thank goodness I am not in level 1, I’d most probably go berserk because of the claustrophobia (it’s damn small) and strangle everyone with raffia strings. Doing entrance gives me a bloody headache (it’s been a year since I was subjected to burrowing underground in b1 like a rabbit or I could glam it up and say like a vampire) so when I did it after a year, it was unbearable. My head pounded.

“do you sell sports clothes?” a customer wearing tight sportswear asked me when she came in as I rubbed my temples.

Do we look like NIKE or ADIDAS ???

Does a cat say woof?


no” I said, stating the obvious and giving her the DUH look. And she looked around then stepped out of the store.

Then there was that random guy wearing black tee, black shorts, spectacles and was rather plump. He came in as I opened the door and stood opposite of me on the other side at the end of the doormat. I just looked at him till he felt uncomfortable. Finally he said

“air con..”
– oh..
” why is there a queue?” he asked, looking at our next door neighbor, the hot new store with dim lighting and half naked people.

– I dunno, I shrugged and looked at the ridiculous queue.

“why here no queue?” he asked and laughed


At least we don’t need to be half naked to sell. -.- but why am I being defensive anyway? There’s a thought though. If we were half naked (ewwwww pls don’t imagine) would we have a queue too? LOL.

Then there’s that hateful ang mo customer. Okay not really hateful. Just.. Irritating. I hate when ang mo customers are like

*speaking slowly*

“I came here last week and I saw these leopard print loafers. Kinda like these *rubs a black loafer hanging beside us as an example* but in leopard print.”

” You know leopard print?” she asked after a pause when im staring thoughtfully.

And I’m like why wouldn’t I know leopard print? that’s like asking me what a shoe is, or a bra or book, whatever. Why don’t you ask me where my elbow is while you’re at it? I just can’t impress upon you how stupid the question is. Does she think we’re dumb or what?? I work there, I know a loafer. I know leopard print.

Do you know what a red hot poker is? No? I’m gonna beat you with it.

Of course not all of them. Most are nice, pleasant enough or overtly friendly (which I like best) Just happens this one needs a crowbar up you know where.

Goodbyeee AM shift tomorrow.

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