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Post US Election depression

So the US Elections has wrapped and they have made their choice. I am not an american citizen and by right i shouldnt care right? WRONG, neither are many other people US citizens, and yet we feel very strongly about this decision. Everybody would be affected whether we like it or not.

I don’t know how to articulate my feelings but shock, horror, terror and depression were some of the many other feelings i (and many others) are experiencing. I am utterly upset. 

Mostly because Trump is a threat to everything i stand for. The people who have voted ignorantly for him, you think it wouldnt affect you, but it will. You are living in the same world that his decisions would destroy, you have nowhere to run, so its going to affect you regardless. Trump’s vision is everything the whole planet doesnt need more of. We have been fighting against all that he is in a single person for years now, so i just don’t understand.

My email inbox is full of all my beloved organisations that deal with environment, wildlife and human rights (all of which Trump would strip the voices of), lamenting on all of our futures. And it just breaks my heart. With just a single election, all the hard work, all the fundings, all the pillars we have set up to fight the good fight, will crumble. Its just so wrong and unfair. 

All we can do now is fight harder than ever. Dont let them win.