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A drafted post that never saw light: A life full of petty bullshit is not a life worth living

Since i havent updated in awhile.. and since im waiting for my movie “Morgan” to play in the movies right now, maybe i’ll just share this post i had drafted out in anger whilst at work last month (8th aug, if you’re into being petty just like some of my colleagues) , but never got around to posting because… Well, not sure why. HEH! but pretty entertaining when i re-read it. Gosh, im just a big ball of suppressed anger arent i. Enjoyzzz

“I came to work today only to be drowned in a wave of completely inane, the most pettiest bullshit to date.

Now honestly, there’s always a lot of petty shit in life, In general. And especially in work spaces.

Personally, my motto is, if I’m not working for NASA or have the ability to set off nuclear bombs, not controlling matters concerning life or death of mankind, not the reason for third world starvation, not personally responsible for children or other people and their wellbeing and mental health, not concerning hygiene.. I would think that job is pretty mild and menial as compared. I always ask myself, if there was a zombie apocalypse, would I bother with this? The answer is usually a big tubby N-O. If it’s not life or death, it ain’t shit.

And my job — for all of it’s connective importance, is just a first world job that encourages first world problems. And first world problems, for the most part, are usually NOT PROBLEMS. It’s just unfortunate that I happen to be in the “system”, therefore I need a job to feed myself and pay for shit.

So imagine my disgust at having to deal with complete utter pettiness in my outlook inbox and 3 different people going batshit about the smallest of the smallest shits (imagine a mouse’s poop? yes. even smaller than that, infact, its close to unimaginably tiny, microscopic if you will)

Basically on Saturday the 6th (2 days ago, note this), I had requesting via email for the rest of my immediate team mates and my adopted team mates (which is the team we were forcibly merged with) to follow up with one of my very nice customers and just update her when she can use her device again (as it was deactivated). That is all.

Reason being as I was knocking off already and the Very Nice Customer (VNC) would just like an update when it’s done, instead of constantly refreshing her device.

To check whether the line is active, just requires you to key in a number on one of the system and it’ll tell you if its up.

I never requested anyone to do anything more — just follow up. Fullstop.

Back before the stupid merger, this is what we did. We sent an email to our immediate team mates to help follow up on behalf of you after you’re done with work.

Since we had merged, right, that would rightfully make the other team, my immediate team mate — or so I thought.

So I sent an email to the whole team requesting to be helped because that was how it was done — I guess I never “got the memo” that they didn’t do it here all merged up.

So everybody started going batshit”

…. And here the post ended, presumably because i suddenly got busy with work. What i remember though, was flipping screens, one was to rant and the other was our system we use to key in data. LOL. what a joy. 

Okay movie’s starting.. ttyl!