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Why i like #Nokia and why i don’t have a phone now


So i guess if you haven’t heard, i actually don’t have a phone anymore now.

Long story short, my phone got run over. Several times i suspect. It didn’t live (well it did, sort of, kind of.. you’ll see) If i had found it sooner, i’m guessing that i could have saved it.. i guess? I don’t know.

Ok the story was, i put it in the side pocket of my bag and rode with Mr Softy. I guess i didn’t secure the flap of that bag pocket and so my mints and the phone, dropped out onto the road. 20 mins later, when we reached our destination (which is, naturally, an eating place) and i wanted to tell Mr Softy a story and wanted to show him some whatsapp messages (show and tell, see? my favourite), i scrambled around in the bag and i couldn’t find my phone.

To be honest, i didn’t actually know when or where i lost the phone, but it was lost at that moment in time. When Mr Softy tried calling it, it said number was unavailable. I quickly borrowed Softy’s phone and changed my facebook and twitter account passwords just incase anybody found my phone and had access to my accounts which weren’t logged out. Now, my phone wasn’t a smartphone, i’ve never been into smartphones very much, never desired them and never got them. Didn’t feel like i needed one. So i’m like one of those old uncles who like feature phones, except i’m like a “24 year old female” uncle. A phone that is smart, but not too smart, basically behaves like how a phone should, not like how a computer would, because if i wanted to surf the internet heavily i have a laptop for that with a satisfyingly big HD screen, pretty good speakers and the ability to do everything else.

Anyway, So when i finally accepted that i had actually lost my phone.. i didn’t feel too much like a lost puppy. I only paid $60 for it secondhand might i add, it was from a series that i very much wanted but couldn’t find locally, i’d only owned it for a few months before this accident happened. Sadly.

I’m not that big of a phone caller, i do however like texting and IM-ing, but ONLY on phones with keypads. That is the number one requirement in my choosing of mobile phones, and for some reason i am a big fan of Nokia phones’ keypads (yes, yes.. cue eyerolls from children of modern society: “keypads?! the fuck are those?! some kinda disease?“)

I wouldn’t subscribe to a smartphone not because i can’t afford it, i just don’t like the monthly commitment of bills and being traceable. It’s not that i’m afraid of technology either because, listen, funny story, but i work in technical support for mobile phones, i own an iPod Touch, which gives me the smartphone experience and i also own a laptop which i love very much. I’m infront of the computer everyday and i love reading about technology, I am definitely not afraid of technology. I have every social media that a girl would need, so, i definitely feel progressive in that area. I also like separating phone abilities and smart abilities, remember the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”?

Yes. I just don’t like having everything in one device, it just makes me paranoid.

But Nokia phones.. Wow they really are something and can really take a beating. Yes, my choice of phones have been referred to as vintage.  My favorite brands would be Nokia and LG. If you forced me to get a phone, i would like them to be by either of these two brands. (Besides, LG makes REALLY cute flip phones. I am a huuuuuuuuugeeee fan of flip phones, and because they always cater to flip phone lovers, i have always been drawn to them aesthetically)
I always need keypads though and Nokia always makes the best durable, comfortable-to -type-on keypads, they win hands down. They’re KNOWN for keypads. So.. HAAY.

So anyway, it was not until past midnight when Mr Softy rode the same route that we went earlier and he tried to trace back the route we took, and he saw something gold — it was my phone! He parked by the side of the road and went to pick up my phone.. rode back to my place to pass it to me. I was relieved, because i had my simcard and SD card back. Would be a shame to change mobile numbers when i’ve stuck  to this one for 5 years plus (the longest i’ve used a mobile number for)

Ok whatever, look at the photos below, of my damaged phone. Considering it was lying on the road for hours being run over by heavy traffic repeatedly (from about 4pm to midnight), i’m surprised it’s not flattened or in pieces.


I am oddly proud of how resistant my Nokia phone is. And Nokia always has been that way. I am a pretty rough handler of electronics, not in a i’m constantly banging around, but in the i am butter fingered and drop my phone frequently way.

The screen, as you can see, is completely internally damaged, and i cant see anything.

The best thing though?? When Mr Softy tried switching it on and called my number, the screen lighted up like that and it vibrated as it always does, indicating a phone call, and when i pressed the green answer call button, i could hear Softy clearly, the speaker wasn’t damaged.. and when i spoke into my broken device, he could hear me clearly, which means my microphone wasn’t damaged either. It was beyond freaking amazing.

No offence, but imagine if this were a SMARTphone, an iPhone, perhaps, lying on the road for hours, being run over by heavy traffic. The only image that crops up is that it’ll be in smithereens, you wouldn’t even know it was previously a phone when you see it lying on the road. BUT I DIGRESS.

You can either have brains or brawn, my friends. Never both. If it was brains, then you’ll have to spend even more money trying to buy protective gear (tempered glass screen protector, thick phone cases which are either decorative or should serve as protection blah de blah de blah..) This Nokia however? had no protection of ANY kind.

This proves my theory on so many levels. So those of you people who keep on bugging me to get a smartphone? I’m not sold at all.

I would always champion Nokia devices, and this is one proof that you can see that their stuff are really strong. They make real phones (why do i sound like a female magazine and i’m saying “ladies, this is a real man”) and their phones so far always have clear phone calls and texting has never been much of a problem for me, as i used to be a chronic texter. Wonderful keypads, didn’t i mention that? I did right?

So yes. That is the story of why i love “vintage” model phones or feature phones.. non smart phones basically. And also why i love my Nokia and will always buy their phones when i need to. They’re absolutely not bad at all. Who’s laughing now, my delicate, mocking, smartphone friends?

However for the moment? I am actually going to stay disconnected for awhile. Being without a cell phone is pretty peaceful, i just realized all the daily interactions via mobile was always an exchange of unimportant information that i didn’t need to know, and suddenly without a mobile phone, it feels much quieter.

It’s the third day today of being without a cell phone, and of having nothing to fiddle with in public transports. The first day, i was very fidgety and distracted, like a crack addict. I had been conditioned to be looking down at a screen instead of observing my surroundings and being present. The second day, i tried to entertain myself by people watching harder than i usually did, taking in details and taking notes. It was pretty fun.

I might get used to this. I’m also looking forward to using payphones. Now that shit is vintage A.F. I’m going to try memorize my friends and family’s numbers if i can, otherwise i got a cute little address book! (ah! adorbs.. so old school, stationeries! yay!) BUT YEAH, besides all of this, ya’ll know where to find me, i am virtually connected all the time to my social medias at home and at work. Not much difference really.

I will have to eventually get a replacement phone, because i cant do certain bank transactions without a cell phone, but i’m in no hurry 😉

fondest kisses!

p/s: This post is in no way at all trying to slag off smartphone users. Different strokes for different folks, ya’ll. If i don’t like it, i don’t buy it. SIMPLE. ^^


Want List!

I Want..

Th* The iPod 5th Gen. This super sleek, super sexy and super-everything is all i’ve ever wanted. I want it so bad i would donate Owinge’s (my cat’s) fur to charity to make funky coloured wigs. No seriously, i am seriously obsessed with this. I am not a techy girl, heck i can’t tell a Ram from a Processor. See? i don’t even know what i’m talking about, but this takes the cake really. The specs just grabs at me with long cold fingers that refuse to release me even after i’ve moved on to another website. THEY JUST SCREAM “BUY ME! TAKE ME HOME! I’LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU” — i do not doubt it, iPod gen 5. No sir.

First of all, i love how skinny it is. I like it cos it’s slim, slightly wider and sleek, it comes in vibrant colours (i love colours!) i love all of it’s qualities aesthetic-wise. 🙂 i do, very much. I may be chubby, but i love skinny things. Skinny notebooks not so much, i like my notebooks fatter and thicker, but of course depends on the design but we are so not talking about notebooks right?? That is another post altogether. We are talking, for the first time on this blog, even though i am not sure what i am talking about, TECHNOLOGY. yes! i never thought it, but this blog has revolved around me yabbering about books, my notebooks & stationaries and make up quite a bit. In fact, i am quite old fashioned i even sicken myself. I never realized. Well, i guess subconsciously aware but never fully processed that extremely delightful and enlightening fact.

Secondly, to continue with my list of likes about the iPod 5th Gen, i really like the improved camera and video quality. As of the moment, i don’t have one (a camera i mean) and i am highly considering this for those functions to be honest. Oh how i’ve missed peppering my entries with photos. Of our cats.. of my friends.. of me.. erm.. It’s not important, since i hardly take photos anymore. But it’s a good upgrade.

My friends and even family have asked me countless times why don’t i just get an iPhone. Umm well, no reason. I do like the new iPhone 5. Because of it’s aesthetics (slimmer and taller.. ) and of course what difference is it with the iPod right if i really am getting it. The difference is, i don’t want the phone function. Do not ask me why, i have no explanation for it. I just don’t want it. I rather like my phone separate from my music player and “digital notebook”. It’s just my preference. As illogical or nonsensical or plain wtf-ery as that is.. i bet somebody out there reading this is already judging me.. But, hate to break it to you.. It’s the truth.

Thirdly on my list of likes: All the pre-programmed apps it comes in. So efficient. It also has Siri, not that i’m particularly fascinated by that feature as of now but it’d be interesting. Have read (in passing) so much about it! Although i have a feeling i would just shut that feature off because i’m not particularly fond of the idea of a bodiless robotic voice reminding me to do things. My mind might just process that as noise and i’d get frustrated. Which is ridiculous of course, never said i wasn’t ridiculous in the first place. Umm.. i’ve been known to tell TB to get a quiet motorbike — which obviously doesn’t exist. So that’s a tall order.. But i’d like to try Siri. 🙂

It also uses the new Lightning connector. I like the name. It sounds so high velocity-like.

So bottomline, all i can say is i probably am in love with how it looks and all the selling points. Apple, you people have excellent marketeers. *applause*

I daresay you’ll have a really keen upcoming order in a few days time.

You know, i’m actually supposed to be in bed. So goodnight now world..