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Looking for the crotch shop? We got you.

Today i receive my favourite-est question to date. It’s such a beautiful moment to remember.

Guest comes up to me.. from the body language, i am positive we were going to have trouble understanding each other.

Me: Afternoon, how are you..?

Guest: hi..ummm.. where is the crotch shop?

Me: (removes the ear piece to the walkie so i can hear better, i must be dreaming) Sorry?

Guest: You have the crotch shop here? where ?

Me: The… crotch shop..?

Guest: yes..

Me: (blank staring, mouth slackened, mind ablaze with images of various crotches hanging around in a store)

Me: I’m……………… you………. i’m sorry, really sorry, the what?

I didn’t have notepad on me. So i took out the map and tried hard looking for the name. I would think that was the first store i would visit, i wouldn’t have missed it on a map. Guess what the guest was looking for?

We should open one store like it.

Right after Little Miss Crotch, i received another trippy question. I was stationed at the (now new) counter near the food court. The food court, being literally right in front of me.

Guest: Hi.. where is the food court?

Me: Just go straight, there. (gestures with wide open palms towards his destination which is staring us in the face)

Guest: Where? (looks at me instead of my palms) go down?

Me: There!.. just go straight..

Guest looks at the way i pointed.

Me: You are looking at it.. (God. Am i the one who’s hallucinating?)

Guest: (confused staring at the what, to me, looks exactly how a food court would look ) Where??! Go down??

Me: Just go straight.

Guest: Ok. (walks off, still confused)

Me: (is dying to say) If you want, you can go down, come up again.. run around the escalators, do a few push ups, run to the south side and then come back to just go straight. Ta-Da! Food court. Magic.

Sigh. *rubs temples*


“I’m looking for the Pepperway?”


A big PRC family with their Head Twit walking ahead of them approaches me rather arrogantly. He had not a single inch of manners about him and i just foresee a story i could blog.. True enough:

Looking at me down the length of his nose (he wasn’t tall, so i don’t know what’s the head doing so high up for, maybe he had a kink at the back of his neck..)

*in his nasally voice* “I’m looking for the Pepperway?”

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a menagerie of little freaks || Hazards of the drug Meloxicam for cats

Why hello!

*flings stage curtains open flamboyantly & confetti starts raining down*

*breathy voice*Yes.. yes.. people.. people.. i am still here, not dead yet, unfortunately for some of us.. and yet, fortunately for me.

*Swishes in with a flourish in a long canary yellow cloak*

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