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Blue cheeses, Travel tickets & a very good morning.

Recently a certain family member has been lamenting about my recent blogs. Not  funnily, the Strange Tea has kept pushing me to find online webinars and  classes to find some variety for myself and maybe learn something, maybe get some travel in my blood, even if it’s just to Malaysia. She’s been really dogged about it actually.. and i’m starting to think that maybe i should. God forbid i keep blogging about all my purchases and freakin lobotomies for the rest of my life.

Oh well. Trouble is, what should i write about? and what kind of courses should i take?

Ok just a short Newsflash: my little furry friend just developed what looks like conjunctivitis and i’m really sad for him. I mean i can totally imagine how he feels, seeing as i, unfortunately, actually came down with the same thing just last year and i can only remember the deep gloom that i just couldn’t shake off.

Hopefully, he’s not feeling that way.. 😦 he’s a good boy. But anyway! Lets just hope he recovers soon. I’ve been cleaning it..and if it just seems too much i’m just going to send him over to the vet, who’s going to charge me additional $50 per minute just for breathing in their premises (i dunno, but are vets overseas as expensive as it is here? goddamn.) I mean not that i’m trying to scrimp on his health, i mean he is  as sentient as i am.. or probably more so.. (umm..) and i totally do get that i shouldn’t leave things the last minute.. and i’m not. I promise, that between my perpetual hair fall (Tigermum has kept on preaching at me about this ad she hears on the radio, about Vitane or something it’s called and she keeps quoting those people who come on the show to talk about how good it is. She was at it last year, she’s still at it this year) and Owinge’s health, he will come first.

I will go happily bald with a happy Owinge. That’s my priority.

I have been going on about this for quite a bit haven’t i? Can add it to my depressing list of things i’ve blogged about.

Well. Since i am a boring old fart, i am going to continue posting  things i have purchased today! well, maybe later..

Ahhhhctually, this morning the ST and i went for breakfast at mcdonalds. Or rather, I went for breakfast while she just sat there looking judgmental and critical of me. Her expression saying “how  could you be eating coronary-inducing junk?? here i am, i’ll just have a mochachinno shall i, and smirk at you quietly.” The mochachinno looked bloody good.. but i’m not a coffee person. The only coffees I tolerate are at Ms. Manis’, another member of the loony family.

Then we went to catch Warm Bodies in the cinema! I *LOVE* this movie sooooooo sooooooo SOOOOOOO much!!!!!! i feel like crying. Oh god. It’s so good. Not that it makes you cry, actually it depends if you want to cry or not. But it’s SOOO cute and witty!!! damn good script.. and ST and i kept on chortling rather loudly. Was it just me or did the other audience not laugh? DO YOU GUYS NOT GET HOW FUNNY IT IS?! JEEZ. Go buy some humour oh-kay.

Bottomline, its a MUST WATCH. its so cute and sweet. It gave me such a good feeling.. and i really want to watch it again. So maybe i’ll drag the unsuspecting soul (that is Mr. Softie a.k.a The Boy) soon.


ST’s mochachinno..



Oh look! i’m feeling gourmet and actually bought some nice blue cheese. Not having tried them before, i hardly know what to expect. I’m just really fascinated when i read some chick lit novels and they talk about cheese tastings.. i thought it’s so ‘high society’ and classy. Anyway, their descriptions of the cheeses were often so attractive i can’t help wanting to know more of them and taste them where i can.


Well, i’ve tasted it and it certainly is very.. interesting? It’s cheese and  smells quite pungent than our normal cheddar (thank god it’s no goat’s cheese.. that one scarred me for life). I could say it’s quite nice but to be honest, it’s too much and too creamy.. i guess i’m not used to it. But it’s interesting! And i am going to go even deeper into this cheese world.


I guess i should’ve gone out to buy some plain crackers or whatever the heck some people pair to go with this interesting cheese (i definitely will go buy something for this) and i’ve just read up this website (link will open to a new window, dont worry).. and the pairings are crazy and unending! SO FUN! Go ahead and take a look! Tell me if you wanna have your own cheese tasting! i would so *love* to read about it… or hear of it, if you must.


And lookie what beauties i lugged home with.. ^^ All ST’s fault!! I LOVE PAPER MARKET! It’s such a ridiculous shop! I want everything.. all of it. GIMME. This up here, is actually a tape dispenser/cutter.. I am VERY fascinated by mail am i not.. this is obviously the design i’d go nuts for. It’s so sturdy and its made of wood.. it looks better in real life. i promise.


I got the old school travel tickets tape to go with it. I want them for my new journal i bought from FrancFranc the other day. I’m gonna have that decorated and maybe themed with travel/mail.


These are cute sticky notes! They are also ridiculous…

Ridiculously cute.. And i’m going crazier about them by the minute!


Just testing how it’d look like when i cut them, and that.. is my FrancFranc notebook.. although you can’t really tell.. the paper is amazing. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G i tell ya. It’s timelessly plain, fairly thin paper but not too flimsy and brown. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE BROWN PAPER??? DO YOU?

i’m telling you now ok.


Closer shot of my adorable travel ticket & boarding pass stickies..


Just look at that .. *hyperventilates*


ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS for all of these.

In fact, i’m going to look out for MORE.

Just tell me if you see any ok? i’ll be there like a bullet.

That’s all.

What a perfect day..

OH! and before you go, please submit your votes for the poll below? I would REALLY appreciate the heck out of your compliance your opinions (you’ll be helping me a LOT).. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

big hugs!



Rubber stamp mania! blogpost!

Right, so i'm waiting for my mud pack to dry right now and i decided i'd write something here. 🙂

Today marks the first day of Ramadhan! (So Selamat Berpuasa to all sisters and brothers!)

It feels like such a fruitful day today. I am tired, but sort of in a blissful way? Spent the day by following to Vivo. She needed to go to Daiso (where everything is for $2.00! TWO DOLLARS. goodness. i can now die happy knowing that there are things selling for that kind of pricing in SG, of course it's a Japanese brand… whatever) So in Daiso, we were looking high and low (she was.. i on the other hand was just walking around with a dazed look on my face because i wanted everything i saw) for knitting needles. The metal kind. She's been into crocheting and knitting lately, which is really cool. Unfortunately for you, she's not very good at chronicling her adventures on her blog so if you do click on her link today, it'll still show pictures of the scones she took. Oh wait, i checked, it's updated already! 

Okay enough. So anyway, yes, we were looking for metal crochet needles but apparently Daiso @ Vivo just seems to have VERY limited stocks. I don't know if it's because everyone is developing this knack for knitting or what, but the rack is EMPTY of needles. We know it's supposed to be there because there's one lonely little packet of wooden crochet needles left hanging. The started getting frustrated and was whining.. whereby i was gallivanting around the stationary section of Daiso, touching the notebooks, grabbing a packet of colorful ball point pens (it is BEEYUUTIFUL, i am so going to enjoy journaling nowadays, it's crazy)

We happened to pass by the rack that sold stamp sets. You know the rubber stamps where you have to stamp onto an ink pad and stamp it on paper? Yes. That one. They had lots of different designs. I bought them all. 

dot dot dot..

i know.

i know.

i shouldn't have.

It's horrible of me.


How i wish i could show you pictures of it. But i shan't. I could (with a little extra effort) but i shan't. I shall just describe to you what i bought.

– a classy minimalist looking cardboard box to store my new collection of stamps (I am officially going to start collecting stamps now.)

– a pastel pink ink pad (it's a beautiful, strawberry-milk hue.. so dreamy)

– five sets of rubber stamps, wooden blocked. The prints range from a crown, cupcake, ribbon, horse and a carriage (my personal favourite), and a mantelpiece with jars and teapots and a penny-farthing which looks like this:

which is also another one of my favourites. Actually, i love ALL of it. But i have an incredibly soft spot for the old school ones. (i.e horse and carriage etc, ring a bell?)

I also got the really small stamps whose prints were fork & spoon, an envelope, scissors and more. Really, REALLY cute.

Oh, life is wonderful.

I love them all. 🙂

Guilty pleasure..

With that said, i'll leave you to ponder about your own obsessions. 


P/s: ST found her needles. We went to Spotlight @ Plaza Singapura and they had a whole set with all the different sizes and.. do you call them "nibs"?. Also in different metallic colours! i wouldn't mind getting myself one set just for the fun of it (hoping an obsession with knitting will manifest in the near future) Because it is GORGEOUS. No regrets. So both of us went home happy, Each carrying a plastic bag full of wonderful possibilities. 🙂