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KittenDesserert status: UPDATED! with this same post. hahahaha~

"the internet can empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things- especially when we do it together.  With thousands of new members each day and charity goals being reached each week, SocialVibe is the place that rewards you for what you can influence individually and celebrates what we can change together.  Influential people just aren’t on TV anymore.  They’re all over MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, MyYearbook.  Spending time each day on their profiles and they deserve an opportunity to be rewarded for that work, either for themselves or for something greater.  Individual choices adding up to mass world change- that’s the community movement of SocialVibe."

"We believe  that empowering people to leverage their influence online can create positive impact for themselves, their brands, and their communities.   Our site allows you to Get Sponsored by your favorite brands on your social profiles while earning points for the reward of your choice.  We believe that making a real difference is possible without making a real difference to your bank account.  So we’ve built just the tool to allow you to earn the donation instead of giving one.  The tool is called The Badge and we know it has the power to make real world change, for you or for others."

i think they should start playing this media as an advertisement/commercial on international tv stations
all around the world.. =/ hmmm.

i loveeee socialvibe. and the song is nice. ((:
if you wanna join, and check out the site for yourself,
please visit: www.socialvibe.com yeahh?

the cause im supporting: The Whaleman Foundation.. (erm, saving whales..)
my sponsor: adobe.. AHAAAA~ i could’ve chosen Apple too. kayy2 whatevvs..

i love socialvibe so much,
i posted my badge on facebook and friendster..
and now im posting it here too. HAHAHAAH~

so yahhs. bye!