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not-as-fluffy-as-i-like makeup brushes.. and some camwhorins’.


I am going to start with my gratefulness list.. life is great you know.

Happiness List:

– I found Kiss My Face shampoo! Although it *is* very far from my neighborhood.. In fact, it is actually completely out of the way, and this is the first time i have ever set my eyes on a Kiss My Face product. Ever. So i am super psyched about it.. (does anyone say “i’m psyched!” anymore? hmm..) You can be sure i grabbed it as soon as i saw it.. cos i bought 2 conditioners previously (organix) and NO SHAMPOO. I know right?! where my eyes at?! the back of my head?! So yes! very excited about this.. Hopefully it helps with my hair condition. -___- (erm.. the condition is that it is like autumn on my head.. not in a flattering way, its more like dried leaves all over)

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What I have in my loot

Just a quickie yeah!

Remember my $100 sephora voucher? These are what I bought with them! (Very happy btw)


Short description :

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Beauty Chat : Soap & Glory “The Scrub of Your Life”

Ok. So…. *sheepishly shuffles feet* I am a little tardy on this post.. I think it’s more than a week already. I seriously have lack of discipline. So here it is..

*Deep Male TV commentator voice*

“Presenting , the much raved about, fabulous and sassy brand name all women should try before they die… Soap & Glory’s The Scrub of Your Life! Give them a round of applause!”

*thundering sound of clapping & you can see Soap & Glory-ers hugging each other, tears streaming down each of their faces*


I have only ever tried one other Soap and Glory product, which was the Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme lip plumper.. you may read the post here (one of my favorite posts, if i may say so myself *flicks hair*.. ) and to be honest, i really like their packaging. They have very catchy descriptions and sound very candid and fun, they’ve got this pin-up sexy vibe about them…… i *love* pin-up… when it’s not *too* booblicious and is done tastefully. I think there’s a thin line though………. I believe i am side tracking again.

So anyway! Yes. Read on.

photo 1
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