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The Expo of Rude People

So yesterday sisters and i went to the Art Science Museum at MBS to go to the Da Vinci exhibit (which we never had enough time to finish, so it wont be long before they see my face there again). It was a lovely day, nice and sunny and everything, some people were late *camera pans over to Myst Exile*.. and some people were pissy and grumpy because they haven’t eaten.. *camera pans to Strange Tea*.. and then, there were also some people who just couldn’t have their bubble burst because it was a Sunday *camera pans over to me, grinning manically*

And aside from a rude, questionably dressed white guy who was impatient that it took awhile for us to pay for our tickets and bitchily said loudly “yaaay! they finally learnt how to paaaaay” to our retreating backs. It was a lovely, educational trip. So to the white guy who looked like he belonged in a circus with his ridiculous top hat, red military looking jacket and black shorts, I just wanted to inform you that there are no circuses here as far as i know, i mean hello, CAVALIA left like last year August 2014. Did they not want your avant garde ass anymore? Please buy some manners and a new fashion sense if you have the money to be spending at museums which you obviously just disinterestedly skim through. Geez, why the hell were you even there.

Before i continue on  though, can i just say i am really liking where i’m working now, do you know how many books i have finished while there’s not much to do? DO YA? No you don’t. It’s plenty of books okay. At the rate i’m going i might as well just swallow all my books.. and my sisters’. HAH . So they can’t have them when everyone of us move out of this house. There will be no squabbling over the books, and if they want to see the books i swallowed, they need to press my belly button and i shall just recite the summary and story from memory.

But anyway, shh. Don’t be telling the company. And i also got my first nastiest customer by the name Mr Robin (there are a lot of robinses in this world, i trust, yeah? I shan’t put a fake name because then that name belongs to someone else and no name deserves to be tainted by this mofaka’s terrible, terrible, terrible manners and lack of respect for people, sorry to the other Polite Robins in the world) I got this idiot on the phone like on my second day of work. His issue was that he was using an iphone, but he can’t seem to open up any apps on his phone.

So as per our training (and as is usual if you’re in cust svc), we need to relay back to the customer the information he had given us to confirm that it is correct and that it is understood. So that is what i did.  He started flipping out when i merely repeated back what i understand to him, he flipped out, my friends. He legit went berserk over the phone on me and verbal abused me. He called me stupid, asked me which part did i not understand, what language will make me understand, is it tamil, tagalog or what language i need, and repeatedly called me stupid.

It was my first or second day, and already i got such a shit excuse of a 40+ year old person verbal abusing me on the phone. I was, needless to say, super shocked. I was in shock. I didn’t know how to handle the call, all i did was just try to understand his issue and situation so i could further help him better, and instead of helping me and just as easily perhaps just agree with me that yes, that is the problem, he hurled insult after insult at me. I think if i recall correctly i was already breaking out in sweat and my mind was blank, all prior solutions i’ve learnt flew out of the window, i felt like crying.

I put this asshole on hold, tried to find a senior for help. The senior looked as if he was seasoned with this kind of behavior, i, on the other hand, have never experienced such complete and utter rudeness, not in person anyway, and i guess it is easier to hurl insults at people you can’t see, right? What a coward. Although i can’t be too sure — remember the recent viral video of that other ugly looking uncouth idiot who was shouting at a taxi driver non stop throughout the ride? Perhaps this Mr Robin i encountered is as ugly in person as he is on the phone. I don’t know. I know that i couldn’t imagine being this rude to someone who wasn’t rude to me in the first place. I was brought up with manners i suppose, which some people deeply lack, sadly.

So when i calmed down, i released the hold and told Robin to just backup his iphone and restore the software. There was no thanks, no nothing, only asked if he needed to wait for me to do anything to which i said no. Then he hung up.

What a rude person. I wonder if he would die of a heart attack one day if he could easily just blow up about nothing. It makes me hope.

I took down his IC number, home address and phone number. Anyone wants to have some fun or feel like harassing people justifiably, get in touch.. and then we’ll pretend we never had that conversation.

3 more hours for me to go before i can go home.. Hmm.. to surf the net or read my book? Ahh.. the struggle. :p

By the way! There was this pop up store at CityLink called Booktique and they had the most beautifully covered books i have ever seen so far. They change locations from time to time, thats what the person told me, but they have very very interesting books and i got myself one titled: “Black cats and evil eyes” by Chloe Rhodes. It’s for inspirational purposes, writing-wise 😉 fun.

 I suggest anyone who is remotely even interested in books to please check them out and give some support!


Don’t test concierges

A Rant:

So recently there was a particular staff from one of the F&B’s in the mall who stepped on my tail. I was directing a guest and when i turned to her to acknowledge her, she was already rattling at me saying there’s a black dog on their alfresco premises and it needs to leave asap as this innocent black dog was bothering their uppity guests (this dog btw was somebody’s dog at one point but due to the little fucker’s negligence, now this dog has been roaming the property, lost and homeless. I really feel for this little dog)

Anyway, It was a busy time for her to be pissing me off as i was actually at the same time, attending to a pissy ang mo guest whose ATM card got swallowed by the cash dispensing machine (nothing i can do about but it doesn’t stop him from showing tantrum) He was soon to be performing in our theatres and needed to draw out money badly. I also feel for him, believe me, ATM machines can be such pain in the necks when they happily decide to retain your card)

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Tell me he did NOT just say that

So i went to the pasar malam (night market) nearby home just now and bought some ramly burgers.

I’m just actually quite ticked off by the guy who was flippin the burgers.

There were a lot of school kids when we went, and then this girl came up too, with her friends and all. They were students of the secondary school nearby. She was a big girl (this is relevant, keep reading) So this douche asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted one chicken burger.

The conversation could have just ended there, you, the burger flipper*, just flip your damn burgers and if you have nothing intelligent or significant that would help anyone else, should just shut up. But no, he looked her straight in the eyes and said rather forwardly

orang besar, ayam dia kecik je!” (translation: big girl, but the chicken is so small!) and then he  continued looking at her with a smirk, i don’t know what he was hoping for as a response??? Like everyone to burst out in collective laughter and start clapping and cheering because he just condescended on someone who wasn’t thin? Or his idea of attractive? She didn’t even provoke for such a comment!

The girl and her friends just looked back at him, stunned, so was i. I was stunned and embarrassed for the girl, and if she was sensitive as i am, i knew how she felt. I was turned off by this glitch of a guy. Firstly, the comment was uncalled for, you’re just selling burgers, she was just buying a burger. Fullstop. Secondly, it’s none of his problem, if she wants 10 fucking chicken burgers or just one, she is still paying him for her burgers, big or small, it doesn’t affect him in any way at all. And thirdly, he was an uncouth jerk and he should just go fuck himself.


*I have nothing against people who work flipping burgers, it’s a nice, honest job and i have no intention of dissing his profession at all, I’m just saying his character sucks and he fails to present himself as a person worth respecting if he can’t even respect and be polite to total strangers.