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Progress report + The Loss of a beautiful friend.

I have resorted to hanging out on cookery or food-related message boards, websites and blogs just to look at beautiful photos of food or read recipes out loud to myself or read their descriptions and use my imagination. They are mostly food i cannot eat at this point or ever.. (i love junk food so very much, can you tell? AND spicy food.. being asian and all. Spicy was my life. WAS)

LOL. A little bit pathetic to just stare at the pictures, but it relieves me somewhat.

Especially since i’m such an enthusiastic eater and diner.. who is unable to indulge herself physically.. I can do it mentally and visually though right?
Honestly i go through life with the motto: I live to eat. Now that i cannot eat, suddenly i’m stumped with what to do with my life.. Like what kind of activities am i supposed to shift to now? I really need a new hobby.. BUT WHAT?
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precious, you are greatly missed.

He was a moon prince,
He had the sun on his skin,
The calm of the moon,
The love of a golden soul.
A love like the sea,
A heart as equally vast,
And a friendship that’s next to none.


p/s my baby boy, oringe, who was diagnosed with kidney failure back in july 2014, just a month ago, passed away on the 20th August 2014 at 3:15pm, in my hands. I will never forget how he went off, and it haunts me day and night. I hope he finds happiness and he is restored to full health on the other side.. I just want him to be peaceful and happy.

I love him dearly and i can feel myself choking on my own sorrow, it’s that tight constricted feeling in the throat. I will write a dedication post the next time, for now, i don’t trust myself not to cry.

The remedy for now is to be occupied, idle moments just trigger the onslaught of memories i can’t control.. or don’t want to control. I never want to forget him.

Friendly gifts, Poorly kitty, vet visits and fangs

So hello!

Been awhile eh. It’s been what .. 2 weeks? i don’t know anymore. I’ve been busy, Owinge Juicy kitty fell sick with dental disease. More on that later.. So i have been worrying about him and stuff (he’s a little bit better now.. but still a little weak and still rotten toothed, but improving definitely! Thank God)

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Was somebody tortured at the expense of your beauty products?

well, HI AGAIN!

The other day i went to Pet Safari looking for a new kitty shampoo. Previously i got the Hobo brand but that was so long ago i am so sure it is probably expired by now.. The last bath using Hobo, my hands ITCHED. So i am pretty positive, if i can’t take it on my skin, it wouldn’t do well on my cat’s skin.

So off i went searching. You must know me, the only thing i require from most products i buy, the *least* they  could do, is to be cruelty-free — that is that they are NOT tested on animals. This is SUPER important to me and i wouldn’t deliberately buy a product without researching on it (usually after i bought it, since most of the time i dunno what i’m looking for) or if i was prepared and i knew what i was looking for, then i probably would have known it was animal-friendly.

I try really hard to go cruelty-free. I am hoping i could do BETTER than i already am trying right now. But baby steps yeah?

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social media scares, craigslist & new kitty scratcher. LONG ENTRY

Two days ago i’ve had this weird “scare”, i received an email wanting to confirm with me whether i asked to reset my password for facebook. I didn’t even touched my facebook. This gave me the jitters man. Like, i dont even know who or what did it or why i received that email (i reported that it wasn’t me) and it got me thinking, normally if it’s a person, it would be that they clicked on “forgot password” and request for a new password right? Surely not “reset password”? I didn’t see any such function on the site. So i’m rather confused about this.

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