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Gosh Cosmetics does not test on animals! : their email response

Edited 13th May 2014:

I just needed to update this post, initially was titled as “Gosh Cosmetics is cruelty-free!“, which is a misnomer and unless a brand is certified Vegan, with a Leaping Bunny logo, is PETA approved or certified in any other way by a solid organization, then they shall not be tagged as “cruelty free”, because “cruelty free” should only be applied to vegan products with certifications. Read more on this awesome tumblr website, they have tonnes of information, go read up and learn something!

So a week ago, i emailed Gosh Cosmetics, You know.. they sell in Sa Sa as well. I really wanted to buy from them but i was just really cautious  because i wasn’t sure if they were animal friendly.. and that is kind of an issue for me. So… what did i do then? I emailed them. Just to find out some truth and make me feel better. I badly wanted their skin perfecting kit, highlighter & concealer. It’s all-in-one and i can sculpt/contour on one palette… So yeah. That’s the first thing i will get from them real soon.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys the email, for all of us conscious shoppers 😀

I emailed the following:

—–Original Message—–
From: Asfa [mailto:asfaaman@gmail.com]
Sent: 25 April 2014 16:35
To: info@gosh.ie
Subject: Enquiry Asfa


Warm greetings!

I have been very fascinated and tempted to get your products, i just have a
few questions i would like to understand from you though..Can i just ask  if
you guys are cruelty-free, meaning do you support animal testing and/or have
third party suppliers whom test ingredients on animals? Also, i would like
to ask if you guys use any animal by-products too? If you are cruelty free,
it doesn’t state anywhere on your packaging or on your site, which is why i
would just like to ask..

Thank you kindly for reading and really hope to hear from you soon! 🙂



And they replied the following:

Hi Asfa,

We do not test any of our products on animals, this includes the ingredients
used and the finished product. I hope that this information helps you.



So Gosh Cosmetics are really nice, although i still cannot find anywhere on their site if they are cruelty-free or not, nor on their packaging. So that still kind of puzzles me, but for now, this should suffice eh? It doesn’t take much for you to find out, just email companies if you are concerned about anything. 🙂

Thanks Gosh Cosmetics for the prompt reply and for being cruelty-free!

Yeah. So i can go craaazy now and lust after things on their website.



p/s: I’ve been more than slightly obsessed with Kimbra and remixes of her songs, but anyway below is my favourite of her original song (aside from Two Way Street). She has a really strong powerful voice, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse (you will love Kimbra, trust me bae) and this video was my favourite, it had a message (if you read YT comments) and the styling was just so, so gorgeous. She is super sexy and expressive in this. Go watch it!


A little Dane Dehaan appreciation post

Can we just talk about that dude who plays Green Goblin in Spiderman II for a moment here: Dane Dehaan.

He’s like so effing pretty can???

WHY does he look like that???

He even makes that gaunt, eyebaggy look attractive. HOW?? WHY??? *burst into tears*

If i looked like that, i will probably be sent off in a straitjacket even if i did nothing.

IT’S JUST NOT FAIR. I love how he looks. He’s so pretty to look at. IF ever i got to meet him, he was signing autographs or something (unlikely, never, laughable, preposterous)
I would probably be like:

Me, the ever awkward turtle: *stares in awe*

Mr Dehaan: “hello, next please. Hi there, you’d like an autograph too?”

Still staring in awe, sweating profusely, hair like Cousin It from addams family, mascara running down in streaks and questionably so in little intricate patterns around my cheeks.

I will walk around him, presuming he is standing, look him up and down and appreciate the prettiness that is Dane Dehaan and ask him “Why do you look like that? How does it feel to be so pretty hmm??? Do you spend a long time staring at the mirror? how about in the shower? *giggles pervily* ”


or i would just stand there in shock at the same spot for all four seasons because DANE DEHAAN.

I would save his used tissue in a plastic bag. Really.

Beauty Chat : Soap & Glory “The Scrub of Your Life”

Ok. So…. *sheepishly shuffles feet* I am a little tardy on this post.. I think it’s more than a week already. I seriously have lack of discipline. So here it is..

*Deep Male TV commentator voice*

“Presenting , the much raved about, fabulous and sassy brand name all women should try before they die… Soap & Glory’s The Scrub of Your Life! Give them a round of applause!”

*thundering sound of clapping & you can see Soap & Glory-ers hugging each other, tears streaming down each of their faces*


I have only ever tried one other Soap and Glory product, which was the Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme lip plumper.. you may read the post here (one of my favorite posts, if i may say so myself *flicks hair*.. ) and to be honest, i really like their packaging. They have very catchy descriptions and sound very candid and fun, they’ve got this pin-up sexy vibe about them…… i *love* pin-up… when it’s not *too* booblicious and is done tastefully. I think there’s a thin line though………. I believe i am side tracking again.

So anyway! Yes. Read on.

photo 1
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tick tock goes the infinite… watch?

Of course the word ‘infinite’ is just putting on pressure and high expectations on this poor watch. Rest assure, it’s just a title. I didn’t know what else to title it. Titles are the bane of blogs..(for me)

I haven’t worn watches since i was.. what, fourteen? wow. I just lost the habit and the need. Always relying on my mobile. I mean, what are phones for right.. (umm, mine is mostly used for messaging since i quite dislike phonecalls. So yeah.. I message a lot. And to tell the time, duh)

IMG_4467Do you know how much of a hoarder collector i am? I am fascinated by this box. I love boxes! Any boxes. Have i told you about a particular leather luxury pen box Strange Tea gave me? I absolutely love it. Which reminds me, i must take pictures of it and put it up here on my blog just for my personal reference in the future. *shivers with  happiness* (it’s why i have a blog in the first place anyway. To document, right?) So yes. Granted, this new box is not leather (personally, i do not buy leather products.. out of principle. You know, how they torture animals for skin and stuff. I am against that. And i really should try harder for my future cosmetics too geez whats wrong with me) However, that box is free and i don’t reject free stuff. Plus it’s so pretty………. *eyes welling up* I really need to take it out and post it up here. hmm.
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Rubber stamp mania! blogpost!

Right, so i'm waiting for my mud pack to dry right now and i decided i'd write something here. 🙂

Today marks the first day of Ramadhan! (So Selamat Berpuasa to all sisters and brothers!)

It feels like such a fruitful day today. I am tired, but sort of in a blissful way? Spent the day by following to Vivo. She needed to go to Daiso (where everything is for $2.00! TWO DOLLARS. goodness. i can now die happy knowing that there are things selling for that kind of pricing in SG, of course it's a Japanese brand… whatever) So in Daiso, we were looking high and low (she was.. i on the other hand was just walking around with a dazed look on my face because i wanted everything i saw) for knitting needles. The metal kind. She's been into crocheting and knitting lately, which is really cool. Unfortunately for you, she's not very good at chronicling her adventures on her blog so if you do click on her link today, it'll still show pictures of the scones she took. Oh wait, i checked, it's updated already! 

Okay enough. So anyway, yes, we were looking for metal crochet needles but apparently Daiso @ Vivo just seems to have VERY limited stocks. I don't know if it's because everyone is developing this knack for knitting or what, but the rack is EMPTY of needles. We know it's supposed to be there because there's one lonely little packet of wooden crochet needles left hanging. The started getting frustrated and was whining.. whereby i was gallivanting around the stationary section of Daiso, touching the notebooks, grabbing a packet of colorful ball point pens (it is BEEYUUTIFUL, i am so going to enjoy journaling nowadays, it's crazy)

We happened to pass by the rack that sold stamp sets. You know the rubber stamps where you have to stamp onto an ink pad and stamp it on paper? Yes. That one. They had lots of different designs. I bought them all. 

dot dot dot..

i know.

i know.

i shouldn't have.

It's horrible of me.


How i wish i could show you pictures of it. But i shan't. I could (with a little extra effort) but i shan't. I shall just describe to you what i bought.

– a classy minimalist looking cardboard box to store my new collection of stamps (I am officially going to start collecting stamps now.)

– a pastel pink ink pad (it's a beautiful, strawberry-milk hue.. so dreamy)

– five sets of rubber stamps, wooden blocked. The prints range from a crown, cupcake, ribbon, horse and a carriage (my personal favourite), and a mantelpiece with jars and teapots and a penny-farthing which looks like this:

which is also another one of my favourites. Actually, i love ALL of it. But i have an incredibly soft spot for the old school ones. (i.e horse and carriage etc, ring a bell?)

I also got the really small stamps whose prints were fork & spoon, an envelope, scissors and more. Really, REALLY cute.

Oh, life is wonderful.

I love them all. 🙂

Guilty pleasure..

With that said, i'll leave you to ponder about your own obsessions. 


P/s: ST found her needles. We went to Spotlight @ Plaza Singapura and they had a whole set with all the different sizes and.. do you call them "nibs"?. Also in different metallic colours! i wouldn't mind getting myself one set just for the fun of it (hoping an obsession with knitting will manifest in the near future) Because it is GORGEOUS. No regrets. So both of us went home happy, Each carrying a plastic bag full of wonderful possibilities. 🙂