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Are u a responsible pet owner or a dickhead

Right! So my Saturday & Sunday was amazing at best. 🙂 both being hari raya outings! I’m actually surprised that photos have been uploaded at the blink of an eye.. Especially by good friend Hilmi who will take lightyears to load anything on his Facebook.. I feel like organizing an awards ceremony just for him, cos he actually refrained himself from making me grow a mustache and counting pubic hairs after that for fear of nothing to do (and after u finished counting, u may wanna watch pubes grow cos he STILL wouldn’t have uploaded e pics), just to wait for the photos.. ^^ let’s give him an applause * clap clap claps* 

This, my friends, is an achievement on his part that we MUST recognize.. 

Saturday was innocent by 70%.. The Boy took the train with me on our way to hilmeow’s. I thought it was gonna be normal (as far as normal goes) and well.. Innocent, unhappening, y’know? But no. TB & me were standing by the glass panels in the train and right infront of us stood this bespectacled guy with his shirt tucked in and pants pulled up high.. He had been mumbling to himself and almost terrorizing the  philipino & her Bangladeshi boyfriend infront of him.. When he moved to the door right infront of us, he actually started jogging on the spot and placed his hands spread out on the door. His face was so cramped I think he needed to pee badly. So all the way before his stop, The Boy and me watched him jog on the spot as I giggled madly. 

He may or may not be screwloose. 

Then when we were waiting for chacha & Erwin to arrive at hilmeow’s place, I was sitting there bored listening to boys talk -.- god. The topics that hilm & TB could have picked but did not.. 

Do you know??? They actually after some moments of silence Hilmi asked about TB’s blister?? And then they actually elaborated and shared blister stories with one another??? BLISTERS!! what the hell?! Then they talked about NS, then about motorbikes.. it was all so depressing for young, little, feminine me. (heh! Is that you vomiting blood as u read that?)

By then I was ready to stab myself with a fork, and that would have been more interesting. Gosh. Boys talk. 

For TWO days I haven’t been able to read books and I’m craving to. So today & Tmr :))

Yesterday we went to somebody’s house who kept his cats in e kitchen in a CAGE. there were like 7 in 1 medium cage! So I questioned him, I asked why are they in a freakin cage, he said if there’s visitors he’d keep them there so I asked again just to confirm, whether they were free to roam if nobody was around. He said yes. 

Then I bombarded him again whether they were sterilized/ neutered. He said no.

I said he should.

Do you know what he said?? He said he was gonna let them go soon. 

GOSH PEOPLE, really! Your pets aren’t things and accessories, how many times must I SAY this?? I am so gonna freakin report him. -.- 
And his kitties were all so sweet faced and affectionate and loving.. They were mewing in the cage for crying out loud and affectionately rubbing against my hands and he wants to let them go like throwing away a used scooter?! There were kittens in there, well more like young cats. The least he could do is to neuter them WTF. Honestly. 

That’s it. I really do have a good mind to report him. 

Dear cat owners, I have mentioned before and I’m gonna write this again, why is it important to neuter your cats? Especially for those who can’t handle the breeding after awhile and just let them go to fend for themselves (how to fend for themselves when they’ve been so used to being cared for?! How would u like it if one day you had a home and the next second your mother chucked you into a forest and expected you to fend for yourself? Kau pandai2 la kan jaga diri, you probably can’t survive.. Please put yourselves in somebody else’s shoes.. Or paws in this case and use your brain to think, not your asshole). There are way too many unwanted and abandoned cats already in the streets, we do not need you to help accelerate the already overgrowing population. To control this, it’s best if you neutered your cats, it’s not cruel, it’s responsible and it’s helping reduce the unnecessary suffering of the future cats who wouldn’t have homes and end up being abused and killed (this is more cruel). 

You might as well adopt a shelter cat who wants and needs a home. So many of them need homes. So please be a responsible cat owner and neuter your cats, they’ll be more happier and more loving because they’re not driven by the need to find a mate. (unless you can take care of all of them without any doubt and complaints then feel free to contradict this)

With that said I’m gonna get ready to meet mummy jah ^^