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i am probably murdering myself slowly by announcing this.
goodgawd this is a public promise.. *gaaaarrrkkk, heart attack*
EVERYONE KNOWS i love fast food.
as much as someone who loves their other half does,  used to think i CANNOT live without fast food restaurants..

but here it is..
i am attempting NOT to eat fast food (mcdonalds, Burger king, kfc, umm.. what others? these are the 3 i frequent anyway)
for at least.. till.. okay.. *think,asfa think..* lets challenge myself. umm..
say.. until my birthday. *drives stomach with a screwdriver* +_+
GAAAH DID I JUST SAY THAT. so yes. i will not press backspace.
*stop being sucha freakin wimp, asfa*

i will stop fast food (except sundaes/desserts n drinks from their restaurants pleaseee.. ) till my birthday (august).

its for the best, babies.
think how the stupid patties are made. (yuck.) and how much animal cruelty is involved (gradually i’ll turn vege, MYGAWD.
gonna take a loooooong time though cos im pure carnivore)
also, think how much calories, trans fats (fats that can stay in your body FOREVER and doom you fatties at heart for life),
and saturated fats are in those cheeseburgers, they’ll wrap around your heart and squeeze it and then you cant breathe and you die. *tragic expression*

not for me. ^^ wanna stay slim. and fit into alot of clothes.
so there you go.
no fast food for me. (:

and from now on, there’ll be a MEAT-FREE monday for yours truly.
last monday (8th mar), the whole house had green beans and potatoes.. (ofcourse it’s cooked, with tiger’s fab cooking.)
Tiger almost peed herself laughing when i requested she dont cook meat every monday. *insulted*.
she called me a buddha.. the nerve.. LOL.. ok i guess it is funny coming from me.

so ta-da.
more plans soon. ^^

p.s have ALWAYS wanted to volunteer in the SPCA.. maybe that’ll come true this year?