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A day

Today was quite a lovely day.

No work.

Cleaned out some stuffs (i have some beauty stuff still in excellent condition which i should be giving away again. sigh)

I changed my cupboard to a locker! An actual locker, know what ‘m sayin’?? I am so HAPPY about this. Thanks to my sisters.. wheee~ But there’s only two lockers, two levels, which’s why i had to throw and clear a lot of stuff away. I mean, i can lock my stuff and all. Do you know what this means? This means i get to keep my stuffs under lock and key. No sneaking of moisturizers anymore, ok? Why? cos it’s unhygienic and.. i don’t really like you.

Anyway, moving on..

I cleared out my bed too.

I feel so damn zen right now, as if i just did yoga or exercised. Neither of which i am a willing participant of..

I also went out with my sisters today! We were supposed to do something more exciting. Like adventure cove [again, i am unwilling. i would prefer not to sun myself for now] but i totally don’t mind if we went cycling or something.. or the beach, or the flyer.. or the gardens by the bay.. you know.. stuff on dry land.

But whatever. We had lunch nearby, the mushroom soup could’ve been thicker. *sigh* but the garlic bread was really tasty. I miss the garlic bread now.. i really love garlic bread.. hint hint.

Then headed back to Ms Manis’ place and spent an interesting while over there, with the nephew playing noisily and hearing him speak in a notably British accent i don’t know where it came from. It’s cute.. and puzzling.

Well, i won’t bore anyone anymore with this entry. I shall stop.

I just wanted to type something here. 🙂

I got new emoticon stamps and a sticker book.

Oh. And i fought with a customer yesterday. peachy huh? i still don’t know what i am doing there. On a brighter note, i had lunch with my lovely Mak Jah, who came down cos she was buying art supplies. That was nice! It so happens i didn’t have anyone to lunch with yesterday.



p/s: idk. i guess i kind of like thick skinned people. I also think i am chameleon-like and quite adapting to different sorts of people and their personalities, we have the hyper person, we have the awkward humor etc.. I guess you could say i fake quite well. Is that bad? Being fake. I always thought it’s a useful skill. No? ok. i guess there needs to be a line drawn somewhere of course.. because then i wouldn’t know where/when to stop, huh?

p/s: Why is it it’s either i read 400 pages a day or 20 pages in a month? tsk. Nevermind. I’ve got several books still yet to read.. hee. Just need to steadily pace myself ok.

pp/s: i’m still getting the email that says somebody is requesting to reset my password? what the hell is going on?


social media scares, craigslist & new kitty scratcher. LONG ENTRY

Two days ago i’ve had this weird “scare”, i received an email wanting to confirm with me whether i asked to reset my password for facebook. I didn’t even touched my facebook. This gave me the jitters man. Like, i dont even know who or what did it or why i received that email (i reported that it wasn’t me) and it got me thinking, normally if it’s a person, it would be that they clicked on “forgot password” and request for a new password right? Surely not “reset password”? I didn’t see any such function on the site. So i’m rather confused about this.

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Beauty Chat : Soap & Glory “The Scrub of Your Life”

Ok. So…. *sheepishly shuffles feet* I am a little tardy on this post.. I think it’s more than a week already. I seriously have lack of discipline. So here it is..

*Deep Male TV commentator voice*

“Presenting , the much raved about, fabulous and sassy brand name all women should try before they die… Soap & Glory’s The Scrub of Your Life! Give them a round of applause!”

*thundering sound of clapping & you can see Soap & Glory-ers hugging each other, tears streaming down each of their faces*


I have only ever tried one other Soap and Glory product, which was the Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme lip plumper.. you may read the post here (one of my favorite posts, if i may say so myself *flicks hair*.. ) and to be honest, i really like their packaging. They have very catchy descriptions and sound very candid and fun, they’ve got this pin-up sexy vibe about them…… i *love* pin-up… when it’s not *too* booblicious and is done tastefully. I think there’s a thin line though………. I believe i am side tracking again.

So anyway! Yes. Read on.

photo 1
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Sneaky peeky!


Guess what I’ve got for the next post! 😉

So excited for myself **squeeee**

One of it is suuuupa painful (guess which) according to other reviewers. Sigh. But I have been itching to try! Because it WORKS. We’ll see about that wouldn’t we.

And. So yeah. This will be up by next week I think.. After I’ve tried. Heh.

But I’m going back to work now. So bye bye.