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Movie Gloss Overs: Brick Mansions & The Amazing Spiderman II


Movie spoiler alert. If you don’t think you’ll be watching the shows, then read on my son.. read on.

So yesterday evening went for a mini movie-thon with my Mr Softy. Watched Brick Mansions with the late Paul Walker in it, and also The Amazing Spiderman 2 right after that. I am really,  really envious because he gets to claim ALOT of things off his company, it’s ridiculous. Movie tickets, fitness gear, phone subscriptions i heard.. and many more things. It’s just. Ugh. *rubs temples* i can’t handle it. I’m happy for him tho.. and i get to enjoy it too.. to some extent. HEH. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Lucky Bish right here.

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All a-jumbled entry:

I’m gonna make it short & hopefully sweet, so in this entry we’ll be talking about nothing in particular, heading in no direction, as wayward as it has always been , the way I like it.


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Small Talk

Firstly I am going to post a few photos from today.
We watched the ah-may-zin’ Man of Steel today. It wasn’t my choice to be honest. No really. I am so not into superman and his spandex outfit, or whatever the hell it’s made out of. *Whispers* Looks spandex to me. Please don’t correct me if I’m wrong.

It was of course, an adamant ‘suggestion’ from my lovely sister MystExile (I’m sorry, the screen name just sticks ya know, she’s already moved to mylittlegoodstuffs and I don’t know what acronym to give her… MLGS??? Albeit long isn’t that? Like some illegal secret society name with members who sport handlebar mustaches and rub the tips of their mustaches sleazily. I dunno. It just feels like that)

Anyway back to what I was saying, M.E, bright eyed and manic, forced the Strange Tea (hereby referred to by the initials ST) and me to watch it so that we can discuss it. She took my netbook, looked up YouTube for the specific trailer, and told us to watch the trailer first, all the while staring meaningfully at me and back at the trailer on YouTube. You know… With her looking manically at you like that, you wouldn’t want to say no if you value your life.

So we watched. ST looking doubtfully at me. And after the trailer, I really felt incredibly……….. Uninspired still, But gave her an optimistic smile anyway just in case she would launch herself bodily at me if I disagreed . So I forced my Mr Softie to come watch with me instead of watching World War Z. Which I’m actually 50/50 about.. I don’t know. Recently I have low tolerance for gore and zombies and horror. Maybe……… I’m just waiting for Despicable Me. And Pacific Rim. Just maybe…

However, fast forward: after the movie, I think I’m in love with superman…… The movie. He is soooooo freaking gentle. He has all these powers and strength but he doesn’t even use them to give bullies what they deserve physically. He is soooooo patient. I cannot stand it.
If we were in a relationship I would be so adoring of him. But the cape has to go. Ok? Because if we were to have little kitties together, I can just imagine them hanging off his cape like Velcro. That just won’t do.





So those are photos from today.

Oh And speaking of which, we went to a figurine shop today, the kind that sells all those otaku stuffs and comics? I saw the figurine of this character I believe is from Batman but I’m not going to look it up because I am a lazy person. Her name is called Scarlet Witch and she looks like this.


Umm. She struck me because first, she’s wearing a leotard and its red. But is it weird that the only thing I can think of when I saw her is ‘boy… I wouldn’t wanna be caught dead in that outfit when I’m all hairy and shit and can’t get to the waxing salon in time’
IS IT JUST ME. -.- that is a really uncomfortable looking wedgie-inducing leotard. I hate those. If I were an enemy of hers and we’re fighting, that bikini line would be distraction enough. Not the two red rings that she’s wielding.

So that’s all about superheroes and heroines for tonight, my little bunnies. Just felt like blogging.

Abrupt end to my entry, Ok good nights!

Edit 1:36am: I already now know who this leotard girl is. Thank you for enlightening me, Softie.

books & movies post…

I've just finished reading two chick lits by Candace Bushnell that i consider "commercial breaks" before i start reading something else. I'm not sure what to start on next, somehow from my new purchases, my hand inched towards "Dawnthief" by James Barclay. So i'm supposing this is it.  (i still have another bunch of books i bought before on the second last day of Page One's clearing out sale.. so i'm pretty much well stocked.)

It seems to promise adventure and some magic.

I really, really want Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge!!! dammit. Do i sound desperate enough?

I've already gotten her second book "Twilight Robbery" which i bought because i fell in love with it when i skimmed the first page. She's so charming, even the author's website is very charming. Click here to go to Frances Hardinge's website.

I think i'll have to go order myself this book.

Anyway, just last Tuesday, i went to watch "The Cabin in the Woods" in the cinemas… I thought it's brilliant. People have been raving about the Hunger Games and Battlefield, which, i am pretty certain are very good too. I mean Hunger Games! i think i want the books.. before bracing myself for disappointment when watching the movie. Movies that are based on books almost always end in disappointment. (i remember when i was very disappointed when i watched Eragon in the theaters, i had loved the book so much but the movie totally crushed me. i was about 15 years old then and was very idealistic. The movie, in one word that sums it up perfectly, sucked.) I'm not saying Hunger Games would suck.. not as bad maybe. But it still instills dread in me.

Well! Back to Cabin in the Woods (please excuse me, i am very prone to sidetracking) I thought the movie was a mix of Battle Royale and Thi13een Ghosts rolled into one??? i liked it. I thought it was extremely original. And that bit about the ancient gods, i personally am very interested in greek mythology and love books based on it, So i thought it was a nice touch. That thing in the pits that they were offering sacrifices to reminded me of the Titan Kronos, The Lord of Time that was in pieces in a pit in Percy Jackson series books by Rick Riordan.

I just didn't understand why the gods were still unhappy when obviously so many were killed in the end. So yeah. but whatever, i liked it very much. 😀 Loved the movie.

Next on my Movie List is Prometheus.. But of course other people are gearing up for The Avengers.

I also want to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Snow White and the Huntsmen (I mean, the queen who dematerializes into a turbulence of gargoyles? How fucking cool is that? it's the stuff of dreams put into motion on screen! straight out of the mind, that is. Just gorgeous.)

Ughh. you know i started this post with intentions of elaborating on some of the tales i have in my pockets.
But it turned out to be a Books & Movie post. hmmmmmmmmm…. Next time then..