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Pretty Zombie lipstick and other personal updates..


Yesterday night some of my previous primary school people created a whatsapp group chat and it’s been crazy since. Phone has been beeping non stop (uh, who says “beeping ” anymore, what is this, stone age?) buzzing, i meant buzzing. And it’s really entertaining as we all seem to, as i imagine us to be in a small crowded room, each one of us bumping blindly into one another and be like ‘Eh, who is 8456..oh! you! yo bro! *chest bump*’

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Sneaky peeky!


Guess what I’ve got for the next post! 😉

So excited for myself **squeeee**

One of it is suuuupa painful (guess which) according to other reviewers. Sigh. But I have been itching to try! Because it WORKS. We’ll see about that wouldn’t we.

And. So yeah. This will be up by next week I think.. After I’ve tried. Heh.

But I’m going back to work now. So bye bye.