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Comex weekend & how cust. service trumps everything

So Comex Weekend has concluded.

Hope everybody had an exciting time going nuts and buying gadgets. *jealously filing fingernails*

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August Bumper Post~

I know i’m like really late. It’s 5 days into september.. But i still wanted to make a post about how cute.. or not cuteΒ my August was, therefore here it is!

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What is friendship?

Yeah yeah I know it kinda sounds like I’m having friendship problems. Let me assure you I do not..

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#AfterHoursWithTheApple: Currently listening / The durian horror story


Am nuts about this song currently ; Enjoy it, people.

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#AfterHoursWithTheApple: Cafe hopping & other stories

Normal Update & Photos

So a few days back.. Had the funniest night with 2 of my favorite people. The Strange Tea & Yaya. πŸ˜€

We went for dinner at the Richmond Station at Bali Lane where i had a nice burger. It was so filling. I felt like an overblown balloon. And it sucks because my dress was tight and it just isn’t cute to walk around looking pregnant ya know. You just don’t get to wear dresses like that by eating like you’re in a hotdog eating contest. It just doesn’t work like that. I should buy more loose clothings for food expeditions so i don’t have to suck it in all the time. I mean damn.

I really liked Richmond Station because the service was on point, the lady was attentive (we’re not needy btw..) and informative about the menu and the food. So willing to share, i actually suspect she was one of the owners or the owner herself. But it doesn’t matter because she just made us feel wanted and welcomed. πŸ˜€ I appreciate. Food was decent, we sat al-fresco and although i don’t fancy the table (it has big gaps in between the planks), but otherwise the whole experience there was really nice. Maybe cos the company i was with was also lovely! Their desserts display had a lot of attractive looking cakes but we were too full to try any that day.

I would probably come back with some friends next time. And i’dΒ  totally recommend people to come and try them. πŸ™‚

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