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social media scares, craigslist & new kitty scratcher. LONG ENTRY

Two days ago i’ve had this weird “scare”, i received an email wanting to confirm with me whether i asked to reset my password for facebook. I didn’t even touched my facebook. This gave me the jitters man. Like, i dont even know who or what did it or why i received that email (i reported that it wasn’t me) and it got me thinking, normally if it’s a person, it would be that they clicked on “forgot password” and request for a new password right? Surely not “reset password”? I didn’t see any such function on the site. So i’m rather confused about this.

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Salam Lebaran 2013 to all muzleem friends!

Hello! it’s eve of Hari Raya! it’s actually 12.43AM in the morning.. and everyone is asleep except for me.

I’m still here!

IMG_5039[1]Just look at sweet little cow Mimi.. being all luscious and stuff.
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Something this way comes..


Of course, naturally i would begin with a photo of us. Long story short, we had a short brunch together today then proceeded to have a long sweaty walk at Sentosa. I dunno, but i really perspire a lot. This is something i am pretty sure people do not discuss in polite society. *BUT*, MY DEAR BUNNY, i am not polite society.

Come on, i don’t know. Is it just me or has it been ri-DUNK-ulously HAWT recently? Bloody hell.

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Short update..

This is Owinge, looking pleased and ‘regal’ on the newly bought kitty scratcher. I absolutely LOVED the design, so modern and unexpected. It’s nice. Also comes with catnip toy under the curve.. Only came in one color. But I thought its a chic enough color. Not an eye sore.


He looks content does he not? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m just testing out blogging on mobile WordPress.. And I think I like it SO MUCH MORE. So.. Hopefully I’ll be doing lotsa mobile posts from today onwards. Because opening up the laptop just feels like a chore. Hee! And it’s loads easier to place photos too on mobile! Amazing.

Okay it’s late, it’s bedtime! Goodnights!

Letter to Fat Owinge

Dearest Owinge,


Iโ€™m sorry for not being around much recently. Iโ€™ve seen you looking forlornly at me, which breaks my heart very much and i try to cuddle you as much as i can. Iโ€™m sorry i havenโ€™t brought you out to play too. Hopefully i can give my full attention to you very soon okay once this is all over. I hope you pray for me and send me good thoughts regarding this. Smile i need all the luck i can possibly get. But luck can only get one so far, Owinge, right? You have to work towards something if you want it badly enough.

Iโ€™ll tell you i want this badly. You know that, iโ€™ve told you about it so many times. I hope you understand..

I love you very much. Youโ€™ll always be my muse, my bestest friend, the furriest boyfriend and my familiar. It will be you.

Lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles and misses,