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Glowing Sunday & a Message to all shoppers

So you know yesterday was an interesting day.

First went to Ambeng Cafe by Ummi Abdullah with my sisters to meet the in laws to discuss the wedding prep and everything just to make sure everything was .. you know, everybody was on the same page.

It’s not my dream wedding, but it’ll have to do. Get it over with. The most important thing is the nikah anyways, right?

So yada yada.. After the short lunch and after the in laws left, the sisters and i went around East Village’s little boutiques to look at the clothes. And i must say that they do have a lot of interesting outfits over there. I’m trying not to spend on clothes right now because i think i might be needing a new laptop soon (mine just powers off on it’s own when it’s idle for like 5 minutes, it’s like it just faints and pressing the power button is equivalent to a tight slap)

So after that we trundled along in Myst Exile’s little van through the busy sunday road and went to Vivo City. We were going to watch Lights Out at the cinemas. It’ll be my second time, but i love that show! The Strange Tea wasn’t actually keen to watch a horror show.. but i’m sorry, it’s 2 against 1, my friend.

Before the movie we were buying snacks to sneak in the cinema with. At the end of the show, ST looked like she was having a whale of a picnic in the dark as she dusted herself off from crumbs.

We went shopping after that. It wasn’t intentional, but it happened. We’re not usually big shoppers.. I usually spend my money online shopping. It’s easier, it beats the crowd, and my shopping bags are delivered straight to my house. I usually go to malls just to walk around and eat. I managed to get the recommended Bausch + Lomb contact lens solution — recently i just purchased contacts for myself. I’ve never worn one before and this would’ve been my first time so i wanted to do it right.. but that’s another story for another post..

So, basically Sundays are crazy days for retail. Weekends in general. Especially for mass market stores. I’ve been in retail for a large part of my life. It was full of blood, sweat and tears but it was very fun as well. Inspired a lot of stories and, for the most part, if you enjoy working with certain people, it would be a completely fun job.

When we finally wandered over to the Cotton On store and it looked like it just got hit by a hurricane. That, or a bunch of wild baboons were unleashed in there and were high on something.

Honestly the store looked CRAZY and my heart truly bled when i saw it’s state.

If you have ever wondered why retail staffs are always grumpy looking or short with you? You can scroll below photos and see an example of WHY. Actually no, these photos do not even begin to justify WHY they are like that. AND BEFORE you begin to even say to me “but.. it’s their job.. that’s what they’re paid for” — Yes. Indeed.. They are paid to maintain the store.

But you, you little baboon, (because if you’re countering this post with that sentence, you are definitely a baboon since this kind of mess is probably one of your doing. No. Scratch that, baboons are clever — because primates. YOU, are a baboon’s backside, because backsides in general have no brains)

Oh look, those look like the lips of which the words “but it’s their job!” is coming from! Is that your mouth?

So as i was saying. Yes, retail staffs are paid to maintain cleanliness and order in a store, plus other duties. But it doesn’t mean you as a shopper, treat it like a dump.

Have respect for OTHER SHOPPERS who want to purchase those products, this shop is going to be patronized by NOT JUST YOU, it’s gonna be visited by a lot of other people. So don’t be selfish. All i can think of is selfishness when i see this.

Have respect for THE PRODUCTS themselves. Those products, although yes, most may be machine produced, but the foundation of the work is surely by another human being who took hours to create that product so that it could even be a mass produce in the first place.

Have respect for THE STORE — they bothered to make your shopping as pleasant as possible by providing whatever you need. Couches, fitting rooms etc.. you wouldn’t trash your house like this, don’t do it to other people’s property.

Have respect for THE STAFF there. If you work in an office, just imagine a colleague just wanted to “look” at your reports and then doesn’t put the file back and it’s all messy and disorganized on your table, it’s irritating isn’t it? Now imagine that same irritating colleague x10. And then now imagine if i said “but it’s your job to keep your damn reports organized anyway, just do it again!” Do unto others how you want others to do unto you. That is the principle.

If you want good service from staffs, be respectful first. Put back unwanted items in their proper places and then when a staff isn’t so busy cleaning up the craziness, they would surely pay you more attention, right?

IT’S CAUSE AND EFFECT people. Didn’t school teach you?? No of course school doesn’t teach “respect” enough.

As a shopper myself, it was a turn off. Instead of shopping, i just stood around beside M.E and whatever M.E found was nice but didn’t fit her, she’d pass to me. HEH! And then i didn’t have to look on my own. I kinda felt like a piranha. *shrugs*

So as you can see, i have a lot of problems with human beings in general.

I hate  dirty toilet go-ers.

I hate the people who just leave their trash in their seats after a movie in the cinema.

I hate people who litter in general

I hate people who abuse animals — knowingly or ignorantly.

I hate people who have no respect for the environment.

I hate ignorant people. Ignorant because you don’t know, is fine, but purposefully choosing to be ignorant? Unforgivable. Go pick up a book and google and learn something for once in your life.

I hate people. Fullstop.

I like individuals, but i hate human beings. If you know what  i mean.

I wish i could keep this blog updated with a lot of pretty words, pretty photos, pretty everything. But you know what? The world isn’t like that. It has it’s prettiness and a lot of ugliness too. And my job, is to be as honest as i can with my feelings and experiences especially in words, seeing as i cannot react accordingly to my feelings within society — it’ll either be a straitjacket or jail if i act upon my feelings.

Nobody wants to talk about the ugly things.. And yet there’s so much ugliness that needs to be pointed out, it’s crazy.

The world is NOT a unicorn. So neither shall my words be.

p/s: To me, a job is a job, is a job. What do you mean “finally you’re in a real job!” — Bitch, if you’re employed, earning money (in a halal way) and not killing people or making trouble for anybody, then that’s a REAL FUCKIN JOB right there, you snobby piece of crap. Whether you’re behind the counter, in a janitor’s closet, sweeping the roads, in a stuffy cubicle, furiously tapping away on a keyboard, selling something door to door, nobody has any right to be looking down their noses at you. And yes, i do know of some friends who have this mindset, so i’m here to set this fucking straight with ya’ll. I’m not gonna name names because you little shits should know who you are deep down in your hearts.

Don’t be condescending because you’re not better than anyone else, we are all equally human. You don’t bring your pradas to your grave, honey.

Constant self reminder as well.

Ok i’m done here. till next time!

Kiss kiss. ❤


The Expo of Rude People

So yesterday sisters and i went to the Art Science Museum at MBS to go to the Da Vinci exhibit (which we never had enough time to finish, so it wont be long before they see my face there again). It was a lovely day, nice and sunny and everything, some people were late *camera pans over to Myst Exile*.. and some people were pissy and grumpy because they haven’t eaten.. *camera pans to Strange Tea*.. and then, there were also some people who just couldn’t have their bubble burst because it was a Sunday *camera pans over to me, grinning manically*

And aside from a rude, questionably dressed white guy who was impatient that it took awhile for us to pay for our tickets and bitchily said loudly “yaaay! they finally learnt how to paaaaay” to our retreating backs. It was a lovely, educational trip. So to the white guy who looked like he belonged in a circus with his ridiculous top hat, red military looking jacket and black shorts, I just wanted to inform you that there are no circuses here as far as i know, i mean hello, CAVALIA left like last year August 2014. Did they not want your avant garde ass anymore? Please buy some manners and a new fashion sense if you have the money to be spending at museums which you obviously just disinterestedly skim through. Geez, why the hell were you even there.

Before i continue on  though, can i just say i am really liking where i’m working now, do you know how many books i have finished while there’s not much to do? DO YA? No you don’t. It’s plenty of books okay. At the rate i’m going i might as well just swallow all my books.. and my sisters’. HAH . So they can’t have them when everyone of us move out of this house. There will be no squabbling over the books, and if they want to see the books i swallowed, they need to press my belly button and i shall just recite the summary and story from memory.

But anyway, shh. Don’t be telling the company. And i also got my first nastiest customer by the name Mr Robin (there are a lot of robinses in this world, i trust, yeah? I shan’t put a fake name because then that name belongs to someone else and no name deserves to be tainted by this mofaka’s terrible, terrible, terrible manners and lack of respect for people, sorry to the other Polite Robins in the world) I got this idiot on the phone like on my second day of work. His issue was that he was using an iphone, but he can’t seem to open up any apps on his phone.

So as per our training (and as is usual if you’re in cust svc), we need to relay back to the customer the information he had given us to confirm that it is correct and that it is understood. So that is what i did.  He started flipping out when i merely repeated back what i understand to him, he flipped out, my friends. He legit went berserk over the phone on me and verbal abused me. He called me stupid, asked me which part did i not understand, what language will make me understand, is it tamil, tagalog or what language i need, and repeatedly called me stupid.

It was my first or second day, and already i got such a shit excuse of a 40+ year old person verbal abusing me on the phone. I was, needless to say, super shocked. I was in shock. I didn’t know how to handle the call, all i did was just try to understand his issue and situation so i could further help him better, and instead of helping me and just as easily perhaps just agree with me that yes, that is the problem, he hurled insult after insult at me. I think if i recall correctly i was already breaking out in sweat and my mind was blank, all prior solutions i’ve learnt flew out of the window, i felt like crying.

I put this asshole on hold, tried to find a senior for help. The senior looked as if he was seasoned with this kind of behavior, i, on the other hand, have never experienced such complete and utter rudeness, not in person anyway, and i guess it is easier to hurl insults at people you can’t see, right? What a coward. Although i can’t be too sure — remember the recent viral video of that other ugly looking uncouth idiot who was shouting at a taxi driver non stop throughout the ride? Perhaps this Mr Robin i encountered is as ugly in person as he is on the phone. I don’t know. I know that i couldn’t imagine being this rude to someone who wasn’t rude to me in the first place. I was brought up with manners i suppose, which some people deeply lack, sadly.

So when i calmed down, i released the hold and told Robin to just backup his iphone and restore the software. There was no thanks, no nothing, only asked if he needed to wait for me to do anything to which i said no. Then he hung up.

What a rude person. I wonder if he would die of a heart attack one day if he could easily just blow up about nothing. It makes me hope.

I took down his IC number, home address and phone number. Anyone wants to have some fun or feel like harassing people justifiably, get in touch.. and then we’ll pretend we never had that conversation.

3 more hours for me to go before i can go home.. Hmm.. to surf the net or read my book? Ahh.. the struggle. :p

By the way! There was this pop up store at CityLink called Booktique and they had the most beautifully covered books i have ever seen so far. They change locations from time to time, thats what the person told me, but they have very very interesting books and i got myself one titled: “Black cats and evil eyes” by Chloe Rhodes. It’s for inspirational purposes, writing-wise 😉 fun.

 I suggest anyone who is remotely even interested in books to please check them out and give some support!

Looking for the crotch shop? We got you.

Today i receive my favourite-est question to date. It’s such a beautiful moment to remember.

Guest comes up to me.. from the body language, i am positive we were going to have trouble understanding each other.

Me: Afternoon, how are you..?

Guest: hi..ummm.. where is the crotch shop?

Me: (removes the ear piece to the walkie so i can hear better, i must be dreaming) Sorry?

Guest: You have the crotch shop here? where ?

Me: The… crotch shop..?

Guest: yes..

Me: (blank staring, mouth slackened, mind ablaze with images of various crotches hanging around in a store)

Me: I’m……………… you………. i’m sorry, really sorry, the what?

I didn’t have notepad on me. So i took out the map and tried hard looking for the name. I would think that was the first store i would visit, i wouldn’t have missed it on a map. Guess what the guest was looking for?

We should open one store like it.

Right after Little Miss Crotch, i received another trippy question. I was stationed at the (now new) counter near the food court. The food court, being literally right in front of me.

Guest: Hi.. where is the food court?

Me: Just go straight, there. (gestures with wide open palms towards his destination which is staring us in the face)

Guest: Where? (looks at me instead of my palms) go down?

Me: There!.. just go straight..

Guest looks at the way i pointed.

Me: You are looking at it.. (God. Am i the one who’s hallucinating?)

Guest: (confused staring at the what, to me, looks exactly how a food court would look ) Where??! Go down??

Me: Just go straight.

Guest: Ok. (walks off, still confused)

Me: (is dying to say) If you want, you can go down, come up again.. run around the escalators, do a few push ups, run to the south side and then come back to just go straight. Ta-Da! Food court. Magic.

Sigh. *rubs temples*

That’s not my name.. i mean it is, but it’s not.

I really can’t stand it when complete strangers think it’s ok to address a customer service rep by name. We are not friends. Please stop that.

I was still attending to another guest when this little prick rudely interrupted me:


I don’t know him. Without looking at him, i held up my hand to his face, flared my nose a little (i do this when something’s pissing me off) and said tightly “hold on, please”. I mean is he blind or something? I am clearly attending to another person.

He waited.

Once my first guest was done, i turned to him and the little prick.. again said;

“Asfa, where can i get a taxi..”

Each time i heard my name from his mouth, my hair prickled and i could feel my anger rising. It’s irrational, really.

I directed him.. Next question:

“So.. Asfa,” At this point, i was ready to strangle him or myself with the closest telephone cord, maybe he goes first and then his whole family behind him. “It’s outside the casino?”

That’s what i said you.. &%^^$%^$%%&.. After my standard “pleasure, have a good day”

“Thanks Asfa!”

Who the EFF are we? Are we friends? Buddies? You don’t know me. I don’t know you. I don’t call you “My pleasure, Prick, have a good night” do i??? Don’t try to get too familiar with service people, we don’t like it. You’re trying to impose on us by doing that. It feels like it anyway, you’re trying to exert a certain control by using our names.

I hate it so much. I felt so angry i took off my nametag furiously and am still fuming, currently. It’s not allowed, but one more time i hear my name from an unworthy stranger who speaks it (who has absolutely no manners nor patience) and i am seriously going to start emitting smoke on the sides and burst into flames and eat them whole.

Otherwise life at the counter is peachy really. I’m just gonna wait for time to go home, now. another 40 minutes. 😀

p/s: On second thoughts, them calling me by my name is always better than incessantly being called  “hello! hello.. Miss.. MISS, HELLO!” from the back. I should be grateful. Thank you, Prick.

What time the rain stops?

This happened to a colleague of mine:

The day was raining heavily and most guests were trapped in the mall with nothing else to do except ride an indoor boat or eat expensive stuff until they explode or become bankrupt, whichever comes first.

Female Guest approaches my colleague’s counter:

Guest: *aggressively* Hey, what can we do here?! It’s raining!

Colleague: We have 200 0ver stores in this mall (it’s 800,000 square feet, bet you haven’t seen all), you can dine in any of our celebrity restaurants, have a ride in the little boat and maybe take pictures with our roving christmas entertainers (mostly kids in reindeer costumes on stilts, a walking christmas tree, a polar bear, gingerbread man.. you get the drift)

Guest: *high pitched* What time will the rain stop?!

Colleague: *taken aback* umm.. it just started, so i’m not really sure..?

Guest: you don’t know what time the rain will stop?!

Colleague: No..

Guest to her husband in the distance: She doesn’t even know when the rain stops!! *stomps off*

Weather forecast is now in our job requirement. I should just join that hotline that my sister frequently calls when they’re planning to shoot outdoors. Unfuckingbelievable.