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The Guide on 9 types of shoppers.

so i just remembered about this customer profiling thing. all of us have gone shopping before, correct?

some more than others, have you noticed your fellow shoppers around you?
i am in the service line, you know some idle moments at some of the spots in the store that you've been deployed at… thats the best spots to actually observe these characters… some are theatrical, some are just… just there..

here i have, compiled some of the kinds of characters i'm sure be it the clothes store, grocery or big departmental stores, have.
i mean, shopping is like being in a video game you know.

Characters & descriptions:

The Nervous: These are the kind of people whom will walk around the store looking scared. i dont know what they're scared about. it's probably a year-round Halloween for them. i think they're scared if they turned a corner and BRRRAAAAAHHH! somebody jumps out.. or they're suspicious of the clothings..
"is that a…. *gasp*" (to be continued) <– picture a scene from a comic book with a close up of a victim looking terrified.

in any case, salespeople, do not be offended. its not that you look like an Adams Family member (or maybe you do.. just double check ok?)

The Nutjobs:

  • Wide eyed Gorillaz — who actually do walk like one. lets say you're standing at the accessories area, they see something just behind you that attracts them, they'll rush at you like a gorilla, with the leg works and all (minus the grunting, i mean, eww?) and you will suddenly feel gripped with fear of being attacked (at this point, please wake up, its a shop, not a jungle), until they push you aside, or shove, more like.

in any case, salespeople, do not be offended, thank the heavens you're still alive despite being shoved to the side like a pesky extra between her and the product.

  • Screamo — this category of The Nutjob may look all sweet in pink, heels, a couple of girlfriends and maybe a boyfriend, remember that attractive accessory right behind you? Young Miss Screamo will look a little to your left and rush to you, no, not like a gorilla, but with more dainty flailing and start screaming "OMG you guys!! look!!! so cuteeeee!" till your eardrums ring with her screech. she'll make sure you keep hearing her even when you sleep. Be aware. She also wont shove you aside, but will give you the "you are so pesky" look.

in any case, salespeople, do not be offended, pray your hearing is okay.

The Undecided: This is the character who makes you think like she's asking rhetorical questions… its almost like a mind game, its not until later you realize that she's not kidding, she really cant decide. (the best kind to start turning on your charms and SELL) she may or may not start asking permissions, like.."can i try this shoe/top/pants etc?" each time she wants to.. try something. you may feel inclined to snap "NO YOU CANT" just to see how she reacts, but don't, however it'd be fun to try. she's not demanding/authoritative. can be annoying as HALE because she can take 2hours of your time because you're her personal shopper. there's the other type who is demanding, but they're quite rare, for me maybe.

in any case salespeople, Be flattered. she clings to you, probably lacks attention. so GIVE IT TO HER.

The Handicaps: you.are.a.walking.clothes hanger. you follow her around and she'll keep throwing you things she's gonna try later. if she's the rude type; then FYL, but then you have to be understanding. she's handicapped. doesnt have hands. if she had a choice, she'll be in a wheelchair, but she's not in a wheelchair because it'll be troublesome, cos the way to B1, there's no lift. only stairs.

in any case salespeople; look on e bright side: commission. force her into buying. unless you're a partimer, then it just completely sucks to be you, ya know?

The Rusty/Faded Stars (a.k.a star karat) Overtimers: these starshardworking shoppers stay on long after your closing hours. still shopping. even after you're done with your retail standards. they usually come 5 minutes or 10minutes before closing time and start some serious shopping. if you're standing at the entrance, for the sake of all that is holy and your  colleagues, start to slam the door in their faces and then scream "CLOSED!! BYEEE!" then start running away from the door and pray in the fitting rooms. pray they wont come in and make you stay on 1/2 hr longer than necessary.

in any case salespeople; i'm sorry. idk what to say for this. 

The Aimless: now this, these are an interesting, mysterious breed of shoppers. imagine yourself doing the recovery/floating back of clothes from the fitting room back to the shopfloor. you turn one dark corner where people usually dont linger because there's only jeans there or whatever.. imagine its an aisle. The Aimless is just standing there in the middle, wide-eyed staring. she doesnt move, you freak, but you do not show, because why? its a shop. not a horror movie. you smile, but she just follows you with her eyes, and then it feels surreal so you quickly move away.

in any case salespeople; go home and pray. just cleanse yourself. those are some bad chakras you're shakin' girl.

The Greed-driven: the whole To-try rack in the fitting room is all hers… when she comes out in the end, out of the 30pcs she tried, she's only getting 2 pieces of the 2 for 20% basic tops. this is the part you wish you can set The Aimless on her, or maybe strangle her with that leopard printed new arrival skinny belt you have hanging on the New Arrivals rack. either way, get creative. Maybe do collaborations with The Aimless? if Aimless agrees to speak to you… or not.

in any case salespeople; urghhhh i dont knowwwww…

The Salsa Couple: these are freelance performers and entertainers and they do it F.O.C, so be entertained fellow salespeople. they're the female and male couple shoppers who's just passing by wishing to entertain you during your dull idle moments. they are always hugging each other, not really looking at the products, but pretending they are, they'll walk, hug, then do a turn while still hugging… then the girl will hold his hands and twirl because instead of accessories, she wants to look at shoes instead, which is to their backs. Beautiful Choreography. *claps*

in any case salespeople; doesnt matter if you're single or attached, please refrain from biting the leather bag at the accessories area because you're jealous. you want to twirl too? is that it?

Thats all the characters i've gathered so far..

and now.. i'm gonna eat, maybe wash up and finally hit the notes for tomorrow. SIGH. cant believe i procrastinated the whole day, but well, believe it. because i have 3 whole blog entries as proof and pages and pages of writing. -.- and oh– i dunno what else i did. gosh.