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friday fun and my absence from it. ):

there's so many things happening today and i can't even attend any of them. -.- (thank's alot.. work.) i've spent the whole of today morning drawing nonsensical things, but then again. i like things that aren't logical. logic just isn't fun.. hmpp.

i've come here to rant actually.

i know that back in the olden days, women, ladies, kids were seen and deemed "useless", in fact, in some books i've read, they said children were only seen but never heard, some other books even said that children were not seen nor heard (do not ask me what books i am quoting)  but times have changed, people.. times have changed. it's the twenty first century now. women are more independent. so why, my dear friends, do i still have people trying to stop me from doing "very dangerous" jobs like plying metal?

PLYING METAL. well. necklaces actually.
its no more dangerous than me trying to give owinge a bath! -.- (what analogy did i just use? gad.)

yesterday i was working with a plier trying to tighten rings that keep bendy necklaces joint together so that they won't be subjected to the damage box. two male colleagues kept on coming over insisting they helped me do this very "hazardous" job that could be very fatal to the weak. look, it's just a small plier, its just a freakin' necklace (okay, fine. five necklaces.) i am very, very, very offended. flattered is far from what i felt.

and i'm like.. "no! i don't need help, it's okay, i'm fine."

what! do i look so frail and weak?! i am perfectly capable of doing some minor maintenance okay (it's not like they ordered me to those chambers where they produce and heated up metal to mould into weapons or whatever and where the workers sweated, grunted and wore loincloths y'know)

i am sick of people, male people especially, thinking i am too fragile to even bring a spoon up to my mouth (okay fine. an exaggeration. but still!) i am tired because they are so clueless. Clueless that i am an energetic person (umm, if i eat my cod liver oil? damn that thing makes me go loony, or is that really how i am?) i like to bully people (and i love blackmailing my sister. infact, i just threatened her that she owes me 3 kinder buenos and 3 cheese fries for reasons i can no longer remember or else i'll tell the TigerMom that she eats the tinned Milo powder by itself, not into a drink, and that she took 10 tablespoons.) and they are clueless that i am actually a competent human being.


In fact, i spend half the day, everyday, thinking about weapons and guns (i have a soft spot for knives to be honest), torture devices (the more medieval the better) and at least FIVE creative ways to kill people and disembody them. But no, people like to think that i am all feathers, fluff, bunny ears and tails and all demure.


so there.

p/s guess what? i've been having really itchy foot.. turns out (after asking my unsuspecting colleague) that i have *eek* Horror! Grossness! Disgust! foot fungus? or isit fungal? well, they pronounced it as fun-jai. which i'm assuming is: Fungi. Look, i don't know why i'm even telling everybody here, i'm pretty sure people are  cringing behind their screens if they ever read this (i doubt) but i have already typed it out, i am not backspacing and i feel like being gross today just to prove the points i've highlighted in this entry. so there…

i'll go put ointment. bye.

pp/s i wish the a.k.a ST would just shut the hell up. Her singing is so out of tune and she gives trebles and quivers here and there that i just feel like pouring a pail of water at her. O_O

i actually managed to type a coherent entry with her singing in the background.