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Miscomms, mispronouns and a self entertaining colleague

Story 1)

A gang of PRC came to my counter. one of the guys, who doesn’t speak english..:

PRC guy: *loud voice, as if i’m deaf* “Ni hao! Wey Shana?”

Me: Shana?? i’m sorry what? i don’t understand..

PRC: “SHANAA.. Shana..?” *looks at his friends for help*
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angst-filled entry + kitty cuteness.

Hello bunny,

Good evening. I suddenly nostalgically remembered one of my old primary school friend(s) by the name Hasina. :/ Haven’t heard from her in a raaaaiiillly raaaiilly long while. I wonder how you’re doing, where are you now, how you look like now and what you’re working as. *deep sigh* Suddenly thought about her! I hope she’s well now.

Enough melancholy.

Today, i am going to share on this blog about how much people just annoy me.

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