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Salam Aidilfitri to all celebrating!!

Hello guys!

Prepare for the onslaught of photos of the first 2 days of Eid~

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Gosh Cosmetics does not test on animals! : their email response

Edited 13th May 2014:

I just needed to update this post, initially was titled as “Gosh Cosmetics is cruelty-free!“, which is a misnomer and unless a brand is certified Vegan, with a Leaping Bunny logo, is PETA approved or certified in any other way by a solid organization, then they shall not be tagged as “cruelty free”, because “cruelty free” should only be applied to vegan products with certifications. Read more on this awesome tumblr website, they have tonnes of information, go read up and learn something!

So a week ago, i emailed Gosh Cosmetics, You know.. they sell in Sa Sa as well. I really wanted to buy from them but i was just really cautious  because i wasn’t sure if they were animal friendly.. and that is kind of an issue for me. So… what did i do then? I emailed them. Just to find out some truth and make me feel better. I badly wanted their skin perfecting kit, highlighter & concealer. It’s all-in-one and i can sculpt/contour on one palette… So yeah. That’s the first thing i will get from them real soon.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys the email, for all of us conscious shoppers 😀

I emailed the following:

—–Original Message—–
From: Asfa [mailto:asfaaman@gmail.com]
Sent: 25 April 2014 16:35
To: info@gosh.ie
Subject: Enquiry Asfa


Warm greetings!

I have been very fascinated and tempted to get your products, i just have a
few questions i would like to understand from you though..Can i just ask  if
you guys are cruelty-free, meaning do you support animal testing and/or have
third party suppliers whom test ingredients on animals? Also, i would like
to ask if you guys use any animal by-products too? If you are cruelty free,
it doesn’t state anywhere on your packaging or on your site, which is why i
would just like to ask..

Thank you kindly for reading and really hope to hear from you soon! 🙂



And they replied the following:

Hi Asfa,

We do not test any of our products on animals, this includes the ingredients
used and the finished product. I hope that this information helps you.



So Gosh Cosmetics are really nice, although i still cannot find anywhere on their site if they are cruelty-free or not, nor on their packaging. So that still kind of puzzles me, but for now, this should suffice eh? It doesn’t take much for you to find out, just email companies if you are concerned about anything. 🙂

Thanks Gosh Cosmetics for the prompt reply and for being cruelty-free!

Yeah. So i can go craaazy now and lust after things on their website.



p/s: I’ve been more than slightly obsessed with Kimbra and remixes of her songs, but anyway below is my favourite of her original song (aside from Two Way Street). She has a really strong powerful voice, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse (you will love Kimbra, trust me bae) and this video was my favourite, it had a message (if you read YT comments) and the styling was just so, so gorgeous. She is super sexy and expressive in this. Go watch it!

Beauty Scan: Updated list of favourites & Look 001 How-To

I’m just going to ramble on about how much i love the following, with a small chatty report on them, why i love, why i don’t, how it works for me bla bla blaaah. This is just a small guide for noobs like me btw.

Right, lets get into it then!

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Intro post: a Too Faced palette & Rouge galore

So Sephora is having a store wide 20% discount for all members! Naturally I would take advantage of that.

Got myself :
• Too Faced “A few of My Favourite Things” palette that comes with a pretty make up bag, Better than Sex mascara, and exclusive Lip Injection Color Bomb in shade Bee Sting. (I love this color by the way, it’s nude)

• Front Cover Lipstick Collection (all the mini rouges in SIXTEEN shades, plus a lip liner and a double ended lip stain + lip gloss.

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I’m a friend with Benefit

Right. So excuse the very lame title. I am very bad with titles anyway.. Everyone knows that.

I’m just here not for long.. Got schtuff to do.

Just wanted to keep these in my records here.. I haven’t posted anything in awhile, thought I should anyway. Even if I have nothing to say.

Haven’t been up to much lately..

Today I went to get some Benefit for myself. I love them.. I’ve always been fascinated by the sample sizes they package together so you can try them without committing to a full size product.. Not only do they have excellent packaging (I am really that shallow.. I always judge books by their covers.. Literally) but they do the job well. I mean, okay fine, so far I’ve only tried their compact foundation, and their They’re Real! Mascara and also the Porefessional (I use it as primer) and I’ve forgotten what else I have of theirs. I’ve liked every single one of them… So I know I wouldn’t be disappointed if I tried other products from them, and after eyeing their trial sized boxes, I finally caved in a got myself some!

I love boxes by the way. I’ve mentioned. *hint hint*

So it’s the festive season right??? And I needed to treat myself. I’ve worked pretty hard, especially this November (I could work harder.. And I will).. When you work hard, you play hard too mmmkay?

Playtime for me means being a makeup junkie. Ah! It’s been so long since I wrote this kinda post hasn’t it..

I got some new plastics! Faux nails. My sisters said these are scary. I love scary. (They haven’t seen scary yet though) I thought these were so pretty.. And I am a short nails kinda gal.. So when I wore these, I was just.. Lost.

How do these people with long nails do stuff with these on?! Geez. Can’t do shit with them. I’m serious.

So this is the shiny new collective trial sized products by Benefit! 😀 there was actually only one box left.. And I am so happy I got my claws on them.. First.

Sorry lady who was floating towards the shelf this box was from.. I hope you found something else you liked eh? Shopping is a tough gal’s game. *flicks hair*





So inside there’s the (as is written on the box)
• The Porefessional; balm to minimize pores

• “It’s Potent” eye cream; brightening eye cream. God knows I need it with more & more late nights nowadays..

• High Beam; Luminescent complexion enhancer. What does that mean??? Come on. Never mind I’ll look it up.

• PosieTint; poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain. I really like stains.. They’re so natural! Plus this one had SO MANY good reviews.. So finally I’m gonna be able to try it..

• Stay don’t Stray; stay-put primer for concealers & eyeshadows. Right so.. This comes after.. What? Errmygard. So many things.

• Watts Up; soft focus highlighter for face. This one comes in a stick form!!! I love those types! I hardly use highlighters though since I have oily skin.. But I would try this anyway. Heh heh heh..

• BadGal Lash; mascara.. This has many positive reviews too. There’s a nice big brush in there.. I love big brushes on mascaras, they’re usually the ones that tell me they mean business. Err yes, I have intellectual conversations with brushes. But anyway.. BadGal has been on my To Try List for a while now. It’s time.

• “That Gal” brightening face primer; base. It’s time I tried real primers as well..

• Hoola ; bronzing powder. I LOVE LOVE LOVE BRONZERS. I really do. But this one didn’t seem dark enough for me since I’m already pretty tan/medium skinned. I haven’t tried yet though.. For all I know it might work fabulously.

• Ultra Plush Hoola ; lip gloss. Looks nude to me.. 🙂 I like the color. Nothing fancy and would look super good with dark/smokey eye makeups. Me likey.

So from this whole box, the only product that leaves me with question marks is the High Beam.

And then next is this box I’ve been eyeing for awhile too; mostly because I am curious about the Oxygen Wow.


So inside this beautiful box, which looks like a book (ahhhhh! Makeup designed as books!! BLISS) there are four products..

• The Porefessional; again, and I really don’t mind having lots of these around because they’re so great to use! Since I have a total of three of them now, I wouldn’t have to bother worrying when they’ll finish. Not for a couple of months anyway..

• Oxygen Wow ; brightening makeup; I love trying and purchasing new skin for myself 😉 I’m not a liquid makeup girl but I have been SO CURIOUS about this.. Haven’t looked up reviews of them, I will now… And I get to try it too :B

• Boi-ing 02 & 03; industrial strength concealer. Currently I am using the Makeup Forever full coverage one.. Which is obviously really good (I mean, MUFE and all.. They’re the professional cosmetics brand and schtuff) So Benefit, when you say “industrial strength” does it mean what I think it means…? *smiles groggily* oh em gee.

• “I’m cute as a bunny” Honey shade compact foundation powder; I always use the “All the world’s my stage” but I suppose this one would work ok for me too right? Only way to find out..




Plus the pretty box comes with some pages with tips.. 🙂

What more could a junkie ask for.


I am SO excited and pleased.

Bedtime now.

Kitty head boops;
Sleep well world.