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The Random Train and cat sitters

I’ve been thinking a lot about cat sitting actually. And cat sitters in general. I mean, what a fun job isn’t that??? You get to play with beautiful personable cats.. You do their mealtimes. You give them their medication (if need be, which btw is DIFFICULT. it’s hell trying to get Anson to eat his meds. He may be fat but damn he behaves like a freakin bull when you try to coax him for meds.. But that was a long time ago.. He’s as healthy as a bull now,which probably explains.. umm, besides snoring and wheezing as he sleeps) How do I get into that anyway? On what terms do people hire cat sitters and what do they base potential cat sitters on?

Hmm. Come to think of it though, I wouldn’t trust people to care for any one of our furry friends.. Unless it’s a personal friend or family.. So I kinda understand how niche a cat sitting job would be.

I also happen to understand that not all of the cats would be social butterflies because out of 6 of ours, only one of them is very people friendly and flirty. She’s Kit Kat. But only one to one or maximum number of people she’d grace with her presence will be two people, and you can expect her to swish her tail in your face and wiggle her butt while she’s at it.. I’d like to think that they’re exclusive but in reality they’re just shy as hell and socially challenged.

…. Don’t look at me. I don’t think I have much to do with their inability to be people friendly. o.o do I?

Whatever. What I’m trying to say is, if anybody would like to give me a chance at a cat sitting gig, I’d grab that chance with both hands and not let it wriggle away. I’d love to meet all the snooty kitties and have a glimpse at their probably pampered lifestyles. 🙂 if not snooty, then hopefully the friendly ones.

Anyway! I’ve done my storyboard moleskine lots of good by sketching out little cartoons. I’m actually enjoying it. Who knew 🙂