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The Mortal Instruments movie? Or Book?

I have FINALLY watched my The Mortal Instruments (TMI): City of Bones!! And I have watched Percy Jackson (another one of the awesome series by Rick Riordan! but the first movie disappointed me, i understand it’s an interpretation, but I just can’t with the movie… but that is another story..)

However, i wouldn’t say TMI disappointed me, nope! it sure didn’t.. of course there were things that were different between the two but i could sense a whole lot of effort to follow the book generally pretty closely. And to be honest, i just really really really like Cassandra Clare’s sense of humor in her book(s).. She’s fun. I’m actually stalking her blog, website and tumblr now. I am an official fangirl SO SUE ME. I just went out to Popular bookstore to go get City of Ashes but i am just CRUSHED. There were only books 3, 4 and 5.. so i just got those along.. and umm, I’ve been VERY SUPER CURIOUS about her prequels The Infernal Devices too, for months now but i never knew it was her, it’s before she even got famous.. I mean, who is Clare anyway, i’ve never heard of her or her books. I only started reading her only because i got the TMI inspired NYX make up box set O_O and then i got curious. And look how hooked i am now.

It’s crazy.

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The Mortal Instruments by NYX make up set Intro

Back again, lovers.

Before we start, however, can i just alert you, my lil bunnies, that there is this such thing called LIVE KITTEN CAMS??




What it means is that you can perversely spy stare at cute lil kittens AND darling lil puppies ALL day who are being recorded LIVE.Β  (maybe pay someone else in china to do the job for you, i have read an article about this guy who did just that, and i admire that article SO MUCH) We have technology to thank for ok?? I LOVE WEBCAMS, i love live kittenΒ  cams! One of them i watched was here! On Animal Planet.

You *do* know what this means, surely?

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