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Betty Crockers instant mixes for chocolate chip cookies & Brownies

Good morning;

I didn’t post the results of the baking in the previous post. So here they are.

Oh Betty..

You give us non cooks hope. All we needed were eggs, water. Next time will probably be a real baking session, with flour and everything.

These turned out okay I suppose, I mean we didn’t even have proper equipments. No baking pan. No brush for greasing. If my mom saw what we used for equipments, she would have a seizure. Honestly. (butter knife for greasing and a super shallow freebie circular pan, not sure if it’s even for baking)

It was for time strapped people, and well, you’d call it lazy wouldn’t you, snob. But I rather like to think it as for people who like shortcuts and.. Yeah. Well, time strapped.

We honestly didn’t have time. We were lazing about drinking green teas, work talk, busy translating to M (who’s from china and doesn’t know English) and just generally relaxing. And I did have to go off at 6. So did E, for a family dinner. So no. No time.

I don’t know why I’m explaining myself.

I vaguely recall I bought a box of couscous 3 months ago in a burst of inspiration to make a nice little salad. Till today I never did anything with it. I don’t know where that box went now. Probably having a nice holiday in Hawaii or something.




In case you’re wondering, yes. I’m at the counter again right now. I’ve only spoken a few words that I’m not sure string up sentences.

“Uncle, great world city. A.Y.E”

“Sausage muffin with egg. Milo. ”

And so far I’ve only been obligated to respond yes or no only.

“E working today?”

“Don’t I look cute today?” A particularly big headed colleague asked me as she twirled herself around swishing her skirts. This is the same person who would insist without shame to disbelievers that she is pretty. Frankly I would rather stab my eyes with a fork than agree with her. Not because of jealousy, but simply because she is not joking and it just overwhelms me. Plus she prances around and likes to make this cutesy voice that just makes all the hair on my body including my pubes stand up.

No. I responded to her question. It was a question right?


Have a good morning errbody.