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An Open Letter: I have a bone to chew with hair salons. If you’re a hairstylist/salon owner, please read this

Okay firstly, this will be a ranting post because i am just in a mildly bitchy mood and feeling combative. So instead of actually picking a fight with someone, i shall utilize this space. I don’t have much time because i’m actually working PM shift today but whatever. We’ll make time yeah.

So i have several bones to chew.. but i’ll pick this one bone first.

Firstly, my sister Myst Exile has really gorgeous curly hair, almost ringlets actually. All my sisters are blessed with healthy curling curls whereas mine is just.. there ya know. Like oh.. hair. right. yeah. *hair speaking to itself* maybe i shall just wave a little here.. and frizz a lot eh.. kekekekeke.. She how she likes that. kekekekekee

Don’t get me wrong, i really like my hair because it took me a long while to grow it out. But it’s not the most well behaved, it’s not shiny, it’s not straight. It’s now as long as the end of my spine, it’s wavy and frizzy and can border on unkempt when i allow it to. But it doesn’t stop me from wishing i had proper curls. I am grateful nevertheless to just have hair. Thats all.

So anyway, M.E  went to a salon in Jurong East Mall (AKA JEM) afew days back. She always has this problem at salons whereby they don’t know how to handle curly/wavy hair as well as AT ALL as compared to handling fine, straight hair. Now, when i go to a salon, i have this problem as well. Which is worse, because why? My hair isn’t even that curly! It’s just wavy and you’re already having problems trying to figure it out? What the hell? Why do you even have a hair salon if you can’t handle ALL KINDS OF HAIR. Not everyone in this world have straight as pin, fine, shiny hair, get it together! The salon she went to? Its called PROTRIM hair Salon. They have a website and as i have checked it out, they say they have been established in 1990, in Singapore and now have several outlets.

This salon is almost as old as me and don’t tell me that in that 25 years being in operation, they have never encountered a customer with this phenomenally strange hair type we call CURLY. My sister had already gotten her hair trimmed somewhere else but went to ProTrim to color her hair because it was the only one open around 9PM. So once she was done with the coloring and washing up, the stylist was supposed to do some styling for her, because obviously you’re gonna have to style your hair somehow and not exit a salon looking like an escaped mental patient right?

So her stylist, or rather, Incompetent Staff/Stylist i would say (hereby refered to as I.S) gave her two styling options; which was something called natural dry styling or straighten styling. Of course M.E was horrified of having her gorgeous curls straightened. Do you know what happens to straightened curls? They look hideous and unnatural and not completely straight. Do you know how that would make one feel? Unfabulous. Do you go to a hair salon and pay so much to uglify yourself? NO RIGHT?

So she promptly said No to straightening. Besides, the I.S didn’t even try to communicate well, why don’t you, as a stylist, explain what the differences between the two are? As a customer you wouldn’t really understand what the hell is straighten styling or natural dry styling right? I can only assume that straighten styling will straighten my hair and naturally would pick the latter. 

Maybe in this case, it was customer’s option to ask a stylist as well especially if s/he isn’t sure what the stylist is doing and her meanings. We won’t disregard that, but i as a customer service person have always been taught to elaborate, elaborate.. elaborate, even if a customer didn’t ask. It had always been drilled into us during trainings of whatever companies i have ever worked in to be honest. Their theory is that all customers are clueless. So we must treat them as such and to provide information all the time.

So M.E said “No.. no straightening..just.. maybe the dry styling” thinking the natural styling wouldn’t straighten her hair, that it was probably just to dry her hair and then style it or something similar. When she rejected the straightening option, this Incompetent Stylist was looking at her hair critically, as if she thought otherwise. She probably saw herself in her mind’s eye attacking it with gusto armed with a straightener, because that is the only thing she knows how to do. She obviously doesn’t know how to handle this hair but was too proud to say so. The least she can do is get another stylist perhaps to handle it.

Do you know what she did next?

Yup, you guessed it, she took a blowdryer and blew my sister’s whole head straight despite my sister espressly saying NO STRAIGHTENING.

M.E being a very nice customer just sat there seething in anger and left quietly.

But when she told me, i was super angry. Because time and time again, this happens to her, AND ME!! What is wrong with you hair salons? Aren’t you better trained or something? Are you not supposed to know how to handle ALL kinds of hair?

Every single salon i have been to: Ucara being one of them, their solutions to hair styling is ALWAYS straightening it. We curly-haired people are sick of it. We do NOT want our hair straightened, do you not understand? Not everyone in this world wants pin straight hair nor have pin straight hair. Why are you so narrow minded, incompetently trained and  completely unreliable with regards to dealing with wavy/curly hair? Your job is to make a customer look better and to work with whatever hair type they already have.

I suggest you get better training overseas or something or LEARN to work with more than one hair type. Because we don’t pay you to straighten our hair if we didn’t ask for it. Moreover these kinds of hair salons are pretty expensive most of the time and if every single solution you give is straightening, then you better lower your prices because you, my dear, are not good at your job and don’t deserve to be paid such an amount for something that we DON’T want and even if we DID want, we could have done ourselves at home.


Every frustrated curly-haired girl ever.

p/s: now that i’ve got that off my chest, i feel better. I’m DONE with these two salons:


If anyone knows a good salon who knows how to handle curly/wavy hair confidently, kindly let me know. Would really appreciate it.


Beauty Scan: Updated list of favourites & Look 001 How-To

I’m just going to ramble on about how much i love the following, with a small chatty report on them, why i love, why i don’t, how it works for me bla bla blaaah. This is just a small guide for noobs like me btw.

Right, lets get into it then!

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Was somebody tortured at the expense of your beauty products?

well, HI AGAIN!

The other day i went to Pet Safari looking for a new kitty shampoo. Previously i got the Hobo brand but that was so long ago i am so sure it is probably expired by now.. The last bath using Hobo, my hands ITCHED. So i am pretty positive, if i can’t take it on my skin, it wouldn’t do well on my cat’s skin.

So off i went searching. You must know me, the only thing i require from most products i buy, the *least* they  could do, is to be cruelty-free — that is that they are NOT tested on animals. This is SUPER important to me and i wouldn’t deliberately buy a product without researching on it (usually after i bought it, since most of the time i dunno what i’m looking for) or if i was prepared and i knew what i was looking for, then i probably would have known it was animal-friendly.

I try really hard to go cruelty-free. I am hoping i could do BETTER than i already am trying right now. But baby steps yeah?

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Sneaky peeky!


Guess what I’ve got for the next post! 😉

So excited for myself **squeeee**

One of it is suuuupa painful (guess which) according to other reviewers. Sigh. But I have been itching to try! Because it WORKS. We’ll see about that wouldn’t we.

And. So yeah. This will be up by next week I think.. After I’ve tried. Heh.

But I’m going back to work now. So bye bye.

Urban Decay : Naked Flushed

So recently I treated myself to another one of Urban Decay’s delightful products. I’ve had my eye on this one for a loooooooooong while.. I looked up reviews on it I spent a whole month thinking about whether I need it.

The verdict?

I fracking need this in my life. I don’t know how I lived without it. I mean, I was skeptical to another UD product, I’ve used their BB cream (a disappointment packaged at SGD$48) and I’ve gotten their UD Naked 1 palette (another amazeballs thingy.. But I’m not big on eyeshadows so I could live without..)



I’ve been using it for a few days now.. Weeks. And get this, I cannot live without it. The day i scrape the last of it is the day I will refuse to go out ok. I am kidding. Omg.. How could I be so shallow. Nuuuuuuuuuu I kid you la I don’t mind going around looking like an amah Indonesia (more on this charming story I faced today on another post for this is a makeup chat. Not a rant) if there’s nothing else for it. I can’t help if I look like a maid in my natural face right. -.- actually of course I can help it but let’s not go into this.


So! Look at my shiny new UNFAILING bronzer/blusher/highlighter!!!!!!

Excuse the number of exclamations. I just had to. It seems you don’t get how special this thing is to me. Now.. Where shall I start?

Ok. A backstory then. (I mean, yeah nobody cares but I want to read this for myself ok) *puffs up my feathers*

Prior to discovering this magical, magical item, I was using inferior (by guru standards) but trusty Silkygirl blushers. For 2 years actually. The warm peachy tone was my go-to and I liked it. liked, not loved. I didn’t know better. It was cheap affordable and it did what it was supposed to. Back then I had limited funds and though I loved makeup, I didn’t feel the need to explore other brands.

I was very loyal when it came to cosmetics and i wanted those that didn’t test on animals** and only wanted to look for those that had that message labeled on them so I stuck with Silkygirl. We had a long wonderful journey together.. But it ended.

**i am not entirely sure the brands below (except UD which is PETA-approved) are cruelty-free

I soon discovered Benefit (my current powder, base and mascara), Urban Decay (didn’t seem too ambitious now I could afford it and UD has been my dream ever since I was 18! I’m 21 and I just broke my UD virginity few months ago), Stila (the smudge proof eyeliner could be The Hulk among eyeliners) and Make up Forever (I’ve loved since I was 18 and in beauty school)

And soon I was back in Wonderland. I enjoy having them on and I really would like to write more about them individually. Hopefully soon.

But here’s to my Naked Flushed *hands you a glass of mocktail*

No alcohol. Sorry.


The generous mirror! Look how big it is for all your vanity purposes! Anyway the iPod cover you see in the mirror is mine.. I refuse to register the colour as pink even though my sisters say they are pink. THEY ARE NUDE. Nudy pink I think.. BUT NOT PINK OK. Omg what is going on with me.. Why am I buying pink.. *pulls hair*

Sorry i didn’t put any swatches or anything. I am such a lazy person. I’ve included photos of me with FLUSHED on however? Is that good enough?

Of course the photo has been a tiny bit touched up for the skin. But I just wanted to show you the colour. 🙂 which I thought is amazing.

The pigmentation is EXCELLENT. Plus it’s ALL IN ONE PALETTE and you don’t have to keep whipping out different pots if you want to touch up!

The Bronzer :I LOVE the bronzer, I am a little bit tanned and the bronzer is not so dark that I will look like I have dark sideburns growing by the sides of my face.. NO. It’s just nice for me. I use it a lot. It’s my cheat sheet to everything.

The Blusher : The blusher is hmm, very pigmented and I actually made a mistake of applying with heavy hands and I just looked sunburnt instead of getting the sunkissed look i was hoping for, so this one you have to be very careful & gentle. You don’t want to slap it on. What you wanna do is to use a very soft brush (I use a kabuki; E.L.F’s kabuki brush is soooo good. SUPER RECOMMEND) and just dust it on the apples of your cheeks instead of promptly brushing it on. It’s after dusting that I softly brush it up to my temples.

I dunno. That’s just my technique. To each their own yeah?

The Highlighter : I hardly use this much. Although I love the pearly pink shimmer it has. Very pretty stuff. But I have oily skin and highlighting coupled with oiliness just isn’t very hot ya know? I use this as eyeshadow shimmer though. It’s very pretty. I don’t know how else to describe it. I like it and its necessary of course. Jelly of those of you who can use this.

Go away ok.

Hee. I kid. Well, that is all I wanted to rave for tonight then! I waited a full 24hours for this, just to end up doing it on mobile when I was actually on the computer for the WHOLE day. SIGH.

K bye