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An Open Letter: I have a bone to chew with hair salons. If you’re a hairstylist/salon owner, please read this

Okay firstly, this will be a ranting post because i am just in a mildly bitchy mood and feeling combative. So instead of actually picking a fight with someone, i shall utilize this space. I don’t have much time because i’m actually working PM shift today but whatever. We’ll make time yeah.

So i have several bones to chew.. but i’ll pick this one bone first.

Firstly, my sister Myst Exile has really gorgeous curly hair, almost ringlets actually. All my sisters are blessed with healthy curling curls whereas mine is just.. there ya know. Like oh.. hair. right. yeah. *hair speaking to itself* maybe i shall just wave a little here.. and frizz a lot eh.. kekekekeke.. She how she likes that. kekekekekee

Don’t get me wrong, i really like my hair because it took me a long while to grow it out. But it’s not the most well behaved, it’s not shiny, it’s not straight. It’s now as long as the end of my spine, it’s wavy and frizzy and can border on unkempt when i allow it to. But it doesn’t stop me from wishing i had proper curls. I am grateful nevertheless to just have hair. Thats all.

So anyway, M.E  went to a salon in Jurong East Mall (AKA JEM) afew days back. She always has this problem at salons whereby they don’t know how to handle curly/wavy hair as well as AT ALL as compared to handling fine, straight hair. Now, when i go to a salon, i have this problem as well. Which is worse, because why? My hair isn’t even that curly! It’s just wavy and you’re already having problems trying to figure it out? What the hell? Why do you even have a hair salon if you can’t handle ALL KINDS OF HAIR. Not everyone in this world have straight as pin, fine, shiny hair, get it together! The salon she went to? Its called PROTRIM hair Salon. They have a website and as i have checked it out, they say they have been established in 1990, in Singapore and now have several outlets.

This salon is almost as old as me and don’t tell me that in that 25 years being in operation, they have never encountered a customer with this phenomenally strange hair type we call CURLY. My sister had already gotten her hair trimmed somewhere else but went to ProTrim to color her hair because it was the only one open around 9PM. So once she was done with the coloring and washing up, the stylist was supposed to do some styling for her, because obviously you’re gonna have to style your hair somehow and not exit a salon looking like an escaped mental patient right?

So her stylist, or rather, Incompetent Staff/Stylist i would say (hereby refered to as I.S) gave her two styling options; which was something called natural dry styling or straighten styling. Of course M.E was horrified of having her gorgeous curls straightened. Do you know what happens to straightened curls? They look hideous and unnatural and not completely straight. Do you know how that would make one feel? Unfabulous. Do you go to a hair salon and pay so much to uglify yourself? NO RIGHT?

So she promptly said No to straightening. Besides, the I.S didn’t even try to communicate well, why don’t you, as a stylist, explain what the differences between the two are? As a customer you wouldn’t really understand what the hell is straighten styling or natural dry styling right? I can only assume that straighten styling will straighten my hair and naturally would pick the latter. 

Maybe in this case, it was customer’s option to ask a stylist as well especially if s/he isn’t sure what the stylist is doing and her meanings. We won’t disregard that, but i as a customer service person have always been taught to elaborate, elaborate.. elaborate, even if a customer didn’t ask. It had always been drilled into us during trainings of whatever companies i have ever worked in to be honest. Their theory is that all customers are clueless. So we must treat them as such and to provide information all the time.

So M.E said “No.. no straightening..just.. maybe the dry styling” thinking the natural styling wouldn’t straighten her hair, that it was probably just to dry her hair and then style it or something similar. When she rejected the straightening option, this Incompetent Stylist was looking at her hair critically, as if she thought otherwise. She probably saw herself in her mind’s eye attacking it with gusto armed with a straightener, because that is the only thing she knows how to do. She obviously doesn’t know how to handle this hair but was too proud to say so. The least she can do is get another stylist perhaps to handle it.

Do you know what she did next?

Yup, you guessed it, she took a blowdryer and blew my sister’s whole head straight despite my sister espressly saying NO STRAIGHTENING.

M.E being a very nice customer just sat there seething in anger and left quietly.

But when she told me, i was super angry. Because time and time again, this happens to her, AND ME!! What is wrong with you hair salons? Aren’t you better trained or something? Are you not supposed to know how to handle ALL kinds of hair?

Every single salon i have been to: Ucara being one of them, their solutions to hair styling is ALWAYS straightening it. We curly-haired people are sick of it. We do NOT want our hair straightened, do you not understand? Not everyone in this world wants pin straight hair nor have pin straight hair. Why are you so narrow minded, incompetently trained and  completely unreliable with regards to dealing with wavy/curly hair? Your job is to make a customer look better and to work with whatever hair type they already have.

I suggest you get better training overseas or something or LEARN to work with more than one hair type. Because we don’t pay you to straighten our hair if we didn’t ask for it. Moreover these kinds of hair salons are pretty expensive most of the time and if every single solution you give is straightening, then you better lower your prices because you, my dear, are not good at your job and don’t deserve to be paid such an amount for something that we DON’T want and even if we DID want, we could have done ourselves at home.


Every frustrated curly-haired girl ever.

p/s: now that i’ve got that off my chest, i feel better. I’m DONE with these two salons:


If anyone knows a good salon who knows how to handle curly/wavy hair confidently, kindly let me know. Would really appreciate it.


some nice news for a rainy Friday. Save Seals <3


I’m sure we are all* aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock, are a generally apathetic person, or you have no internet*) of the despicable and unnecessary seal slaughter that is happening in Canada. This is one of those things i feel so strongly about. It’s been going on for years and years now, the first i heard of it was when i was 17 or 18.. i am going on 23 now, and it’s 2014 and you would have thought fur would have gone out of fashion. I mean, bell bottoms of the 80/90s are. Anyway, Murdering seals has a long traditional history and probably first started during the 18th century..

Can we like move on with the programme though and realize that these seals are in great danger of extinction. On top of it, it is cruel and you are actually KILLING literally babies! These are equivalent to toddlers and we are cold heartedly just clubbing them dead. How could you stomach that.

The other day i had the misfortune of clicking on one of Peta2’s investigative video footage of these excuse of human beings dropping down from helicopters and charging at an innocent seal, probably still just a baby, and has just molted his downy white fur (they cannot be clubbed as long as they still have white fur, correct me if im wrong), the seal was trying to run away from the murderer, failing, he was then struck on the head hard with a hakapik. The seal then lay still. I watched the video and saw how it really was, caught on camera.. And i just burst into tears. It was just a 30 second video and 4seconds in, i was already shaking and crying. It was horrible and.. there just wasn’t any word to describe the hate i felt surging through me, for humanity.

I could have just not watched the video, avoided the  video, but i knew deep inside, that no matter how much i want to avoid, it doesn’t stop the fact that this nightmare is happening to an innocent being right here, right now. That is my belief and rationale, you can go about trying to avoid things, facts, reality, but it doesn’t stop the thing you’re avoiding from happening.

“Many seals who are killed are 3 months old or younger. Many have not yet learned how to swim or eaten their first solid meals.
Read more: http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-clothing/fur/canadian-seal-slaughter/#ixzz32WCNn8dU

So I opened up my email and am pleased to see some good news though, by Humane Society saying that the World Trade Organization (WTO) made a decision to allow and maintain the European Union’s ban on selling products of the commercial seal hunt.
This keeps the EU’s borders closed to commercial seal products, including from Canada. This is one of the most significant developments in the history of our Protect Seals campaign!

The EU ban was put in motion in 2009, and because of it, has actually saved 1.6million baby seals from being killed.

There is still hope.

You can read the good news here.

P/s: i wish could attend the ACRES 2014 Gala Dinner. 😦 It’s $250/person.. Hopefully i live to see it next year and can attend it in 2015. :’)


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Ridding toxicity in life; A letter to my introvert friends.

Some people may say you have no life. That you’re boring. That you’re unsociable.

As if, it’s a bad thing. [i get this a lot, it’s time to address this phenomenon]

Truth be told, i actually don’t find anything wrong with it. I don’t find it a flaw and i accept it in another person and i am totally comfortable with it as my nature. Happy, even.

In fact, i rather think i learn more by reading a book and gaining knowledge instead of just yapping mindlessly and contributing nothing of significance or intelligence to a conversation, and i do not even mean to dismiss anyone’s intellect with this sentence as it has not much to do with intellect, and more with being a person of a broader mindset and interests, and i will have to say this is to each their own actually, it’s a personal thing, [and just as a sidenote, i understand that nobody is stupid in this world]

So  why do i constantly feel like i’m surrounded by people who don’t seem to have minds of their own, and why do i have to fit their rigid mould? I mean who are you people?

I’m sorry if any of  you are commoners and have no inkling that the earth’s population is (unfortunately for humankind) 7billion or so  and everyday these same society standard people are breeding and raising the next generation of unyielding and close minded human beings. It makes me sad, yes. But again, i am sorry if out of these 7billion of us there are still people who have no idea that there are ALL sorts of people with ALL sorts of personalities, quirks and kinks and we still have people who after years and years of being in existence, even after being exposed to the internet, with technology evolving and claiming they have reached maturity and sophistication, they STILL can’t accept there are just people who prefer to be left alone, who enjoy good books, good music and movies by themselves, who try to be better people on their own and are actually happier and feel more fulfilled and are the exact opposite of whatever they are not.

You’d think these society standards would have been made aware that there are other people in this world besides themselves huh? How utterly wrapped up in yourself could you be.

But thanks anyway.

I am living my life fine, and so are other people. I hope these society standards though, find a life of their own, fulfill it, find love and acceptance in their lives and stop worrying or bothering about another person’s.

And now to you, my introvert friend;

I know you’re happy with your life, and sadly there are people (as described en masse, above) who don’t get you. And we are just here, sitting, being disturbed incessantly and  called names and ridiculed when in actuality you’re just being you. I know it’s hard, and annoying, even, but we’ve learnt to keep these contagions out of our minds by hearing selectively and dismissing them quietly, which, probably enrages these people even more.

Lets pray for goodness in their hearts and rid that rigidity one day, and keep being golden.

p/s: and also lets pray for those people who are of such little depth and think they are so much better (in everything) than you and even when you’re joking to them, they reply with a defensive cutting remark that was utterly uncalled for. These people are tragically in need of, simultaneously, a hug and an assassination with a variety of sharp objects.

Friendly gifts, Poorly kitty, vet visits and fangs

So hello!

Been awhile eh. It’s been what .. 2 weeks? i don’t know anymore. I’ve been busy, Owinge Juicy kitty fell sick with dental disease. More on that later.. So i have been worrying about him and stuff (he’s a little bit better now.. but still a little weak and still rotten toothed, but improving definitely! Thank God)

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Fancy philanthropy?

Last two nights, while walking home from work, tired out, frizzed and dragging my feet along the dark carpark beside a brightly lit coffee shop with lots of merry late night patrons, A bedraggled woman of medium build, greying hair and smelling faintly of booze popped up from nowhere and approached me. 

I didn't see where she came from, because as far as i was concerned that carpark only had me in it. 

From afar, i saw her drawing near, looking intently at me and i had nowhere to run. When she finally stepped infront of me, i just stared at her blankly. Clearly she wanted something. She had two missing tooths and when she spoke i couldn't really understand, she was also quite tanned (although yes, it was dark, i am not colour blind) 

She asked me if i spoke malay to which i said i did. 

She then started telling me (i cannot really grasp her speech) about things. I caught snatches of not going home since 8 the previous night, her pay not being in until the 25th etc etc.. please note that i mentioned earlier, she smelt faintly of booze (beer, alcohol) Then, maybe because i still continued staring blankly, she asked straight forward if i had any money for her to get home. 

I do not trust people who smell of alcohol. Because i hate the smell and i just cannot accept it. Here you are, enough money to go drinking but asking me if i had money to give you??? I admit i was very guarded from the start because my mother had warned me of these kind of people. 

I said no i don't have money on me. 

She said her pay came in on the 25th (what happened to last month's 25th?? that was merely two weeks or so ago.)
I lied and said I haven't gotten my pay (heck, if you're looking at it like that, then i'll say my pay is on the seventh next month, okay?)

i said sorry, i cannot help her. I went home feeling slightly guilty if maybe that woman was really in need and i had refused to help her. I had refused solely on my own principality and gut feeling. To me, it didn't seem like she deserved it. If i really were to donate my money, i want it to honestly benefit somebody. Not just be some funding for someone who knew if she spent what's left of her money on a bottle of alcohol, it's okay because she could always get somebody to give her some more money for the little things she should have kept some money aside for. 

It just didn't seem right. 

I want to give money, i do. If i had some extra and i could afford it, i would sincerely donate it where somebody in need might benefit from my small amount. No matter how small, i know that sedekah is sedekah

If anybody was looking to support any charities, i'd say go for it. But make sure it is authentic. I am more of an animal welfare kinda donor (i.e i am more passionate about, but that doesn't mean i ignore people charities) So these are some tips you might want as a guide if you're really considering.