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somebody’s birthday today.

first thing !
want to wish
it must suck to get older though in my opinion. im gonna cry so hard on mine.
easy for people to say "age is just a number", ITS NOTTTTT. *emotional expression*

articles i want to note:
Create wildlife habitat in your backyard.
sorry. no backyard. only got nosy neighbors i wish for nothing better than to beat the crap out of.
but this is a good guide.. if i were a gardening person. i would, if i had. *shrugs*
strays are welcomed anytime though, for a nap and afew kibbles, and if somebody tries to bother you,
my dear kitty, i swear the person will wish he were dead.
i forgot to share, the other night (like last week or two), i came home about 12.30+am.
i saw our living room window was open (we’re along the corridor) and Mimi was already outside,
and Orange was trying to climb out (my babies -_- why are they such troublemakers). it is freaking 12+ in the bloody
morning, our window is heavy and there’s no way the cats could have been the ones who pushed the window open.
so i stormed in the house and demanded if anybody knew who opened the stupid window.
none of ’em did. it is our fault we didnt lock the window for that one time of course.
but if anything happened to either Mimi or Orange.. i would die,
i have my suspicions of course and if i am less noble or polite, they’re gonna get mugged in their own homes without proof.
i can get physically violent, i’ve just toned down alot since secondary school, but anytime ok? anytime i can
crack and kick your balls till they fly out of your nose, thats a promise.
(i’ve made people’s lips bleed afew times before, but thats the past & its never nice to know you caused pain n well,
i wasnt a happy kid last time. i have anger management now, BUT NOT when provoked. dont test me.)
who knew the one you called a bimbo and labeled harmless was a boy [i dont believe it either]. i TOLD you to not judge.

next article:
a can collector died a secret millionaire. DAMMIT. This is like, MY FAVOURITE article of all time!
he is so inspiring. so, so inspiring, you gotta read this.

-: only sociopaths (socially challenged, personality disorders) intentionally hurt animals.
these people need a plain, traditional, full of fury, old, good beating. its simple as that.
please encourage use of medieval torture devices, ramming-the-head-to-the-wall method and sharp objects.
i could volunteer? then maybe they wouldn’t be so challenged at all? they’ll love and thank me. i promise.
they need help, and im bloody well gonna give it to ’em. hire me?

"but since sociopaths have a general inability to empathize, they are able to inflict pain and agony on sentient beings with no feelings of remorse"
then its only right we inflict pain on them without remorse. ^^ oh thats easy. i reaaaaaally should register my name.

i like this comment:

"Margaret says…

April 8th, 2010, 2:31 pm

Very well written. Parents, teachers, and neighbors need to be aware and catch these traits before it becomes a part of the adult personality. I believe that ,if found soon enough, it may be possible to teach that  animals reward you in so many ways for being kind.
Pleasereport and neglect any cruelty to animals!! Lets stop this. It may a life."
(i think she meant ‘it may save a life’)

she’s right. (:
but im not that kind to people/humans in general, i have no patience for you bloodsuckers, at all
maybe i’m another kind of sociopath? HAHA.),
i tend to unleash my temper & violence sometimes, its no good of course, but i respect people who respect me. thats basic.

NEXT! for bookworms!! i love this list… i will totally enjoy scouring/hunting for these titles.
-:100 Novels that let you travel without leaving home. daaaym i love books. see why?

p.s tiger doesnt want to understand that i dont eat unhappy meat. i am done explaining. i wont die of anemia ok?
i’d probably die of guilt or chemicals in the meat if i did. i am not going to harm me, others can continue to do so to themselves, but not me. im just better than that.

pp.s ‘what a person chooses to save, is what a person chooses to say about himself’.