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#AfterHours: updates & the #Yulin2016

Hello again.

It’s been awhile since i typed here. So i’ve got a few photos to share and there are good news, bad news and everything in between.

Good news, as you can see below, is that my sister MystExile got married. I guess it was an interesting experience doing bridesmaid duties. Although it was mild and un-heavy duty, mostly just accompanying her, i just have no other words to  describe it.

So take a gander at the photos below. The wedding was two days. And this first photo was on our side. She had custom pelamin and stuff and it looked really pretty and out of the norm. It was really simple looking, but the behind the scenes was a lot of hard work coming from the creators.



And this is my very cute nephew Akmal. Who is a chatterbox


Akmal accomodating my request to “Mal! try to look even more cuter!” hahahaha. He’s really super adorable.


With  my fav two dinner pair. If ever i had to go eat, i’d like to do that activity with these two.



This was on day two of the wedding at the groom’s side, and she had two outfits. The above picture was the first outfit and the hardest to steam/iron. Beautiful, but a chore. But i guess it’s worth it. 🙂





And my favourite outfit of hers..



-The End- about the wedding.


Just a random cute picture of Mr Softie with the ridiculously short legged Captain America doll he got for free when we went to watch the movie when it came out.

And then.. let’s move on to sad news.



This, above pictured handsome boy is Choky. And he passed the rainbow bridge a few days ago on the 1/6/16 early morning, after battling with feline chronic renal failure.

My late Owinge suffered the same illness, it’s a common illness and incurable i suppose. But nevertheless, still very heartbreaking. When Owinge passed on, on 20/8/14 two years ago. I never felt comfortable talking about it for a really long time. I still cry about him and miss him till today, but i never spoke about it. I guess the guilt stays and the flashbacks are always painful. I wish i had done things differently.

Even typing this out is making me miserable and ashamed. And if you asked me about it now, at the wrong time or when i’m emotionally vulnerable, i would still be all cry-ey.

But for Choky.. i guess i would like to take this opportunity to thank my sister Sara aka Strange Tea for caring for him till the end. I know how it must have felt holding him and watching him leave. But the very fact that she was there was more than enough than what he could’ve asked for, i’m sure of it. So please take comfort knowing you did your best in caring and comforting him.

We miss you Choky, and you would always be in our hearts. I’m sorry you had to suffer so much but i’m sure now you are frolicking on a really nice place somewhere, all healthy and cured. If you see the prince of my heart Owinge and that princess Honey, please tell them we miss them and still love them very much.

I’m not sure, but i asked Tiger mum if in her old days were there any of her cats who suffered from diseases like these. She mentioned not really. It was really uncommon for olden day cats to fall sick and they all lived on a simple kampong diet of mixed rice with fish or chicken and ate prata, meat and certain people food and lived to old age just fine.

I’m really guessing its the diet. I don’t think canned foods are any good. However our cats have been city cats for so long and they don’t really know home-cooked food. It’s a little too late to be re-training at this age.

But i would suggest people with cats and for my future self, if we ever have new cats in our new house, i think i’m going to start home-cooking for them. If ever there was a motivation for me to learn cooking, its this. For the health of my animals. Otherwise i just really hate the idea of cooking, i just want to eat.

-The End- of sad news.


So yesterday the usual trio we went to eat! This picture above was the nasi goreng merah combo at Kallang.. which i finished and refused to share #TheGreedyLife.


Then for desserts we went to Arab Street’s Classified Cafe at the Sultan Hotel. And what a beautiful place that was ! This above pictured was their chocolate cake. I didn’t take note of the name.. Something started with V-I-A (as per yaya) and it was the most SOFTEST melt in the mouth chocolate cake i have ever tasted. I have a video of ST cutting it on my instagram, if you’re curious how extremely chubby and fluffy this cake is, check it out @OringeSouffle.


We ordered Lemongrass tea and for myself a peppermint tea which i thought reallllllllly went well and balanced the sweetness of the cake. I like my tea and cake. For the other 2 ladies.. i don’t think they liked their lemongrass tea much. It was too bland, like drinking water.


A picture of the three of us. The owner of the cafe was really, really nice too. And it’s a halal cafe for all ya’ll muzzleems who are concerned. Nice deco, nice atmosphere, nice cake, nice peppermint tea, nice staffs. It’s all good.

(errr.. yes.. my weight fluctuates alot. Right now i regained again. HEH. I’m about to lose them again just as fast when ramadhan rolls by i think. I hope?)


One last photo of us. ^^

Recent Concerns:


Anyway, since i have a blog anyway. I guess i should talk about the non-fluffy stuff that should concern every reader as well.

I know that right now all the hype is about K-Pop and Korean stars and all that pretty facade? Please don’t be fooled but South Korea also has a really depressingly dark side as well. A quick google comes up with:

Over 100,000 tons of dog meat, or 2.5 million dogs, are consumed annually in South Korea. Although a fair number of South Koreans (approximately 42% to 60%) have eaten dog meat at least once in their lifetime, only a small percentage of the population is believed to eat it on a regular basis.

Not so pretty. And the images are much uglier.

China’s Lychee and Dog Meat Festival also known as #YulinFestival  is rolling around soon, on 21 June.

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, commonly referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival, is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival spans about ten days during which it is estimated that 10,000–15,000 dogs are consumed.

You may want to check out this article whereby they share more about Yulin and even have images. Cute labrador puppies are still for consumption. In the most cruelest ways and most inhumane conditions possible.

My purpose of sharing this is to share to spread awareness. People are very ignorant even with a powerful tool like the internet nowadays. They keep following trends and are blind to everything that wasn’t frivolous.

Please, if you have even the slightest bit of compassion, will you please help to add your name to this petition we’d like to submit to the China government to stop the senseless torture. We need approx 7K more signatures. If you’ve added your name, thank you. If you haven’t, i urge you to do so. You may think you are just one person and can’t do antything. But even just sharing facts, spreading the word and the sheer magic of people power can solve many things.

There’re many success stories of petitions winning against governments and big corporations. So please help. Your voice is important.

Thank you.

Big hugs;




Fancy philanthropy?

Last two nights, while walking home from work, tired out, frizzed and dragging my feet along the dark carpark beside a brightly lit coffee shop with lots of merry late night patrons, A bedraggled woman of medium build, greying hair and smelling faintly of booze popped up from nowhere and approached me. 

I didn't see where she came from, because as far as i was concerned that carpark only had me in it. 

From afar, i saw her drawing near, looking intently at me and i had nowhere to run. When she finally stepped infront of me, i just stared at her blankly. Clearly she wanted something. She had two missing tooths and when she spoke i couldn't really understand, she was also quite tanned (although yes, it was dark, i am not colour blind) 

She asked me if i spoke malay to which i said i did. 

She then started telling me (i cannot really grasp her speech) about things. I caught snatches of not going home since 8 the previous night, her pay not being in until the 25th etc etc.. please note that i mentioned earlier, she smelt faintly of booze (beer, alcohol) Then, maybe because i still continued staring blankly, she asked straight forward if i had any money for her to get home. 

I do not trust people who smell of alcohol. Because i hate the smell and i just cannot accept it. Here you are, enough money to go drinking but asking me if i had money to give you??? I admit i was very guarded from the start because my mother had warned me of these kind of people. 

I said no i don't have money on me. 

She said her pay came in on the 25th (what happened to last month's 25th?? that was merely two weeks or so ago.)
I lied and said I haven't gotten my pay (heck, if you're looking at it like that, then i'll say my pay is on the seventh next month, okay?)

i said sorry, i cannot help her. I went home feeling slightly guilty if maybe that woman was really in need and i had refused to help her. I had refused solely on my own principality and gut feeling. To me, it didn't seem like she deserved it. If i really were to donate my money, i want it to honestly benefit somebody. Not just be some funding for someone who knew if she spent what's left of her money on a bottle of alcohol, it's okay because she could always get somebody to give her some more money for the little things she should have kept some money aside for. 

It just didn't seem right. 

I want to give money, i do. If i had some extra and i could afford it, i would sincerely donate it where somebody in need might benefit from my small amount. No matter how small, i know that sedekah is sedekah

If anybody was looking to support any charities, i'd say go for it. But make sure it is authentic. I am more of an animal welfare kinda donor (i.e i am more passionate about, but that doesn't mean i ignore people charities) So these are some tips you might want as a guide if you're really considering.