Comex weekend & how cust. service trumps everything

So Comex Weekend has concluded.

Hope everybody had an exciting time going nuts and buying gadgets. *jealously filing fingernails*

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Glowing Sunday & a Message to all shoppers

So you know yesterday was an interesting day.

First went to Ambeng Cafe by Ummi Abdullah with my sisters to meet the in laws to discuss the wedding prep and everything just to make sure everything was .. you know, everybody was on the same page.

It’s not my dream wedding, but it’ll have to do. Get it over with. The most important thing is the nikah anyways, right?

So yada yada.. After the short lunch and after the in laws left, the sisters and i went around East Village’s little boutiques to look at the clothes. And i must say that they do have a lot of interesting outfits over there. I’m trying not to spend on clothes right now because i think i might be needing a new laptop soon (mine just powers off on it’s own when it’s idle for like 5 minutes, it’s like it just faints and pressing the power button is equivalent to a tight slap)

So after that we trundled along in Myst Exile’s little van through the busy sunday road and went to Vivo City. We were going to watch Lights Out at the cinemas. It’ll be my second time, but i love that show! The Strange Tea wasn’t actually keen to watch a horror show.. but i’m sorry, it’s 2 against 1, my friend.

Before the movie we were buying snacks to sneak in the cinema with. At the end of the show, ST looked like she was having a whale of a picnic in the dark as she dusted herself off from crumbs.

We went shopping after that. It wasn’t intentional, but it happened. We’re not usually big shoppers.. I usually spend my money online shopping. It’s easier, it beats the crowd, and my shopping bags are delivered straight to my house. I usually go to malls just to walk around and eat. I managed to get the recommended Bausch + Lomb contact lens solution — recently i just purchased contacts for myself. I’ve never worn one before and this would’ve been my first time so i wanted to do it right.. but that’s another story for another post..

So, basically Sundays are crazy days for retail. Weekends in general. Especially for mass market stores. I’ve been in retail for a large part of my life. It was full of blood, sweat and tears but it was very fun as well. Inspired a lot of stories and, for the most part, if you enjoy working with certain people, it would be a completely fun job.

When we finally wandered over to the Cotton On store and it looked like it just got hit by a hurricane. That, or a bunch of wild baboons were unleashed in there and were high on something.

Honestly the store looked CRAZY and my heart truly bled when i saw it’s state.

If you have ever wondered why retail staffs are always grumpy looking or short with you? You can scroll below photos and see an example of WHY. Actually no, these photos do not even begin to justify WHY they are like that. AND BEFORE you begin to even say to me “but.. it’s their job.. that’s what they’re paid for” — Yes. Indeed.. They are paid to maintain the store.

But you, you little baboon, (because if you’re countering this post with that sentence, you are definitely a baboon since this kind of mess is probably one of your doing. No. Scratch that, baboons are clever — because primates. YOU, are a baboon’s backside, because backsides in general have no brains)

Oh look, those look like the lips of which the words “but it’s their job!” is coming from! Is that your mouth?

So as i was saying. Yes, retail staffs are paid to maintain cleanliness and order in a store, plus other duties. But it doesn’t mean you as a shopper, treat it like a dump.

Have respect for OTHER SHOPPERS who want to purchase those products, this shop is going to be patronized by NOT JUST YOU, it’s gonna be visited by a lot of other people. So don’t be selfish. All i can think of is selfishness when i see this.

Have respect for THE PRODUCTS themselves. Those products, although yes, most may be machine produced, but the foundation of the work is surely by another human being who took hours to create that product so that it could even be a mass produce in the first place.

Have respect for THE STORE — they bothered to make your shopping as pleasant as possible by providing whatever you need. Couches, fitting rooms etc.. you wouldn’t trash your house like this, don’t do it to other people’s property.

Have respect for THE STAFF there. If you work in an office, just imagine a colleague just wanted to “look” at your reports and then doesn’t put the file back and it’s all messy and disorganized on your table, it’s irritating isn’t it? Now imagine that same irritating colleague x10. And then now imagine if i said “but it’s your job to keep your damn reports organized anyway, just do it again!” Do unto others how you want others to do unto you. That is the principle.

If you want good service from staffs, be respectful first. Put back unwanted items in their proper places and then when a staff isn’t so busy cleaning up the craziness, they would surely pay you more attention, right?

IT’S CAUSE AND EFFECT people. Didn’t school teach you?? No of course school doesn’t teach “respect” enough.

As a shopper myself, it was a turn off. Instead of shopping, i just stood around beside M.E and whatever M.E found was nice but didn’t fit her, she’d pass to me. HEH! And then i didn’t have to look on my own. I kinda felt like a piranha. *shrugs*

So as you can see, i have a lot of problems with human beings in general.

I hate  dirty toilet go-ers.

I hate the people who just leave their trash in their seats after a movie in the cinema.

I hate people who litter in general

I hate people who abuse animals — knowingly or ignorantly.

I hate people who have no respect for the environment.

I hate ignorant people. Ignorant because you don’t know, is fine, but purposefully choosing to be ignorant? Unforgivable. Go pick up a book and google and learn something for once in your life.

I hate people. Fullstop.

I like individuals, but i hate human beings. If you know what  i mean.

I wish i could keep this blog updated with a lot of pretty words, pretty photos, pretty everything. But you know what? The world isn’t like that. It has it’s prettiness and a lot of ugliness too. And my job, is to be as honest as i can with my feelings and experiences especially in words, seeing as i cannot react accordingly to my feelings within society — it’ll either be a straitjacket or jail if i act upon my feelings.

Nobody wants to talk about the ugly things.. And yet there’s so much ugliness that needs to be pointed out, it’s crazy.

The world is NOT a unicorn. So neither shall my words be.

p/s: To me, a job is a job, is a job. What do you mean “finally you’re in a real job!” — Bitch, if you’re employed, earning money (in a halal way) and not killing people or making trouble for anybody, then that’s a REAL FUCKIN JOB right there, you snobby piece of crap. Whether you’re behind the counter, in a janitor’s closet, sweeping the roads, in a stuffy cubicle, furiously tapping away on a keyboard, selling something door to door, nobody has any right to be looking down their noses at you. And yes, i do know of some friends who have this mindset, so i’m here to set this fucking straight with ya’ll. I’m not gonna name names because you little shits should know who you are deep down in your hearts.

Don’t be condescending because you’re not better than anyone else, we are all equally human. You don’t bring your pradas to your grave, honey.

Constant self reminder as well.

Ok i’m done here. till next time!

Kiss kiss. ❤

Attention Toilet Go-ers.

I just came back from the office toilet and I am kind of traumatized right now. In fact, I’ve been traumatized for over a year plus now and am only starting to voice out now.

*cue camera on me, with my face in the dark and you can only see my dress and twiddled thumbs*


As I lifted down the lid so that I could sit, I saw light yellow pee pooling at the back of the toilet seat. I mean what the fuck?

I just cant imagine how the previous person did it. I mean, if I were to imagine it, it could’ve been an acrobatic act. Perhaps two hands on both sides of the cubicle walls,  face facing the back wall, body suspended in air, with both legs up and SHHHHHHHHHHHH — starts peeing in mid air. Freakin’ Cirque du Soleil right there.

And this is NOT the first time. I have seen pee and poop on the damn walls and on the floor. Why did these people even bother going to the toilet? They could’ve just done it in the middle of the office hallway or in their own seats and It would’ve achieved the same effect. Goddammit it peoplez.

AND THE WORSE THING IS, I can’t even imagine which one of these well-dressed, outwardly sane looking women were the ones who did it. HOW??? You can be really freakin’ elegant looking, making lots of money, in heels but once you’re in a cubicle you start performing a circus act with aerial silk. WHY??? You frickin’ baboon.

Ugh. Utterly disgusted. Even my cats know how to use their litterbox and have better sense.

Then again, I always feel like one of those grumpy janitors who grumble under their breath whenever our cats occasionally poop outside the litterbox.

NOW LISTEN AND REPEAT AFTER ME: If you’re not an animal, please use the toilet properly.

Say it!! “If I am not an animal, I will use the toilet properly


#AfterHoursWithTheApple: The day I ate too much and laughed too hard

J was so upset at this picture which made me laugh a little harder at the thought. The guy who helped us take the photo was just fine leaving her face in the shadows creating extreme contour. Now now, how dare he.

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