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Au Revoir


I have moved on to to start anew ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have enjoyed my weird online voice, you may hop on over. If not, well, i guess this is farewell.



Just got back from supper with two secondary school friends, the one on the far right is one i havent seen for really damn long, and i can’t describe how completely delighted i was that we finally met up tonight.

We used to always hang out for supper years back at the same spot we went to today, which was the little eating place at Pasir Panjang Rd.. nearby NUS. We’d have prata, or nasi lemak and have teh. It was so good, only because it was with great company. The place was usually full of uni students, glad it wasn’t any different tonight.

I thought it would be awkward, different to hang out together again after years of not seeing each other. It wasn’t bad at all. I guess it was really funny to re-live secondary school dramas. Back then it was such a big deal — and now when you look back in your mid twenties, they were all such trivial matters and we were just being such big babies/drama queens about everything.

I also learnt how some of the rest are doing, and i feel kinda proud of all those who managed to stay in the right lane and be stable and take care of themselves. And to those people who still haven’t got their shit together, that’s ok. We all fuck up in some way or another, it’s the journey and as long as we learn as we go.

I guess what i’m trying to say is.. Back then in school, there were the hot shots, the ones who had carved their paths even back in school, the ones who surprise you in present day.. And it turns out it really doesn’t matter what your status was in school. You never know what the future might bring you. The hot shots become hot shits and vice versa. Really, it’s like in the movies and it really does happen. I wish i knew this back then… That life gets better, if you work towards it.


Post US Election depression

So the US Elections has wrapped and they have made their choice. I am not an american citizen and by right i shouldnt care right? WRONG, neither are many other people US citizens, and yet we feel very strongly about this decision. Everybody would be affected whether we like it or not.

I don’t know how to articulate my feelings but shock, horror, terror and depression were some of the many other feelings i (and many others) are experiencing. I am utterly upset. 

Mostly because Trump is a threat to everything i stand for. The people who have voted ignorantly for him, you think it wouldnt affect you, but it will. You are living in the same world that his decisions would destroy, you have nowhere to run, so its going to affect you regardless. Trump’s vision is everything the whole planet doesnt need more of. We have been fighting against all that he is in a single person for years now, so i just don’t understand.

My email inbox is full of all my beloved organisations that deal with environment, wildlife and human rights (all of which Trump would strip the voices of), lamenting on all of our futures. And it just breaks my heart. With just a single election, all the hard work, all the fundings, all the pillars we have set up to fight the good fight, will crumble. Its just so wrong and unfair. 

All we can do now is fight harder than ever. Dont let them win. 

pINkDependence Day

As embarrassing as it is to admit. Recently ive been into really pink, fluffy, pretty shit. 

My friends, well, rather, friends who’ve known me for yeaaaaaars know me as this tomboy who was always cussing and talking really loudly, was forceful and who had zero social skills (so i can understand ya’lls bewilderment). Back in secondary school, i wouldnt be caught dead in anything pink. In fact, i almost believed if i died young, and for some reason got wrapped up in pink, i would disintegrate. I shunned pink like it was a disease, i felt superior in my non-pinkness. Now that im mid 20s, suddenly i want to BE pink.

*Awkward audience silence* 

Ok fine. Not P!nk, pink. But.. you know.. pink enough. 

So here i am, just declaring myself as an embracer of pink. Regardless how fluffy the stuff i own, i am still that loud voiced Man-ly Moore in my heart (although i doubt my colleagues would believe it, its like i have a split personality, i just cant do it at work) so friends and family, dont be alarmed. I have finally come out of my pink closet. 

Okay. So end of the declaration of pink-dependence day. 

I would like to now whine how completely exhausted i really am, to the bones. 

You know, i like my job. I like my colleagues. I like my superiors. But ever since the stupid department merger back in march, i swear everything is going to the shits. I feel like one of those overworked donkeys in India. Although its an insult to the donkey because all i do is sit down on a soft chair in an air conditioned office, so its really not the same thing at all. BUT I swear, internally, i feel like one of those poor, powerless donkeys who have no choice but to be led by the leash. 

Ok fine, thats what happens if you work for a corporation or work for someone else bla de bla de bla.. 

As a donkey employee, i wish the management would at least listen to feedback given, or share the plans that they have for us instead of jumping on us with the next brilliant plan they have, or stop tagging an employee for something that wasnt his/her fault because of a missed SOP eventhough the situation was handled as well as he/she could (pettiness in general). Sometimes feedback is given and its ignored, then they turn around asking why didnt we say so? 

Its like living with an aunt who has amnesia who will push you off prematurely from a moving plane while skydiving. (And then you fall afew thousand feet in the air screaming into oblivion before your brain catches up with you and you remember to pull open the parachute)

Know what m’sayin? No? 

Sigh. I absolutely missed the 2015 office. I guess you cant have it all. If you have great people to work with, you have a crap environment/policy/bureaucracy.. if you have a great environment, you have complete pieces of shit to work with. 

GAH. you never win. 

Right now all i wish for are chocolates that magically appear on my desk everyday so that i can munch myself to happiness. 


p/s I did mention donkeys earlier, so i thought i would plug it here too; one of my favourite organisations called SPANA, they help working animals all over the world in countries that still require transportability assistance of horses,  donkeys, bullocks (and more) who work way longer hours in the hot sun, laboriously. These animals’ working conditions can be really terrible and most of them dont have any welfare and they carry back-breaking loads almost everyday for ridiculous long hours, so SPANA assists to educate the human caretakers on how to better care for their animals, provide veterinary care to these animals who sometimes eventhough are injured, are still forced to work because their caretakers cant afford the vet bills or because they dont know better. And generally SPANA does their best to provide better welfare for these poor beings. 

So if you have a little extra change in your pockets to gift to these wonderful creatures and help them live a slightly better life or be able to work much more comfortably, do drop by SPANA’s website to learn more on how you can help and understand how your little gift can go a long way ๐Ÿ™‚ 

A drafted post that never saw light: A life full of petty bullshit is not a life worth living

Since i havent updated in awhile.. and since im waiting for my movie “Morgan” to play in the movies right now, maybe i’ll just share this post i had drafted out in anger whilst at work last month (8th aug, if you’re into being petty just like some of my colleagues) , but never got around to posting because… Well, not sure why. HEH! but pretty entertaining when i re-read it. Gosh, im just a big ball of suppressed anger arent i. Enjoyzzz

“I came to work today only to be drowned in a wave of completely inane, the most pettiest bullshit to date.

Now honestly, there’s always a lot of petty shit in life, In general. And especially in work spaces.

Personally, my motto is, if I’m not working for NASA or have the ability to set off nuclear bombs, not controlling matters concerning life or death of mankind, not the reason for third world starvation, not personally responsible for children or other people and their wellbeing and mental health, not concerning hygiene.. I would think that job is pretty mild and menial as compared. I always ask myself, if there was a zombie apocalypse, would I bother with this? The answer is usually a big tubby N-O. If it’s not life or death, it ain’t shit.

And my job — for all of it’s connective importance, is just a first world job that encourages first world problems. And first world problems, for the most part, are usually NOT PROBLEMS. It’s just unfortunate that I happen to be in the “system”, therefore I need a job to feed myself and pay for shit.

So imagine my disgust at having to deal with complete utter pettiness in my outlook inbox and 3 different people going batshit about the smallest of the smallest shits (imagine a mouse’s poop? yes. even smaller than that, infact, its close to unimaginably tiny, microscopic if you will)

Basically on Saturday the 6th (2 days ago, note this), I had requesting via email for the rest of my immediate team mates and my adopted team mates (which is the team we were forcibly merged with) to follow up with one of my very nice customers and just update her when she can use her device again (as it was deactivated). That is all.

Reason being as I was knocking off already and the Very Nice Customer (VNC) would just like an update when it’s done, instead of constantly refreshing her device.

To check whether the line is active, just requires you to key in a number on one of the system and it’ll tell you if its up.

I never requested anyone to do anything more — just follow up. Fullstop.

Back before the stupid merger, this is what we did. We sent an email to our immediate team mates to help follow up on behalf of you after you’re done with work.

Since we had merged, right, that would rightfully make the other team, my immediate team mate — or so I thought.

So I sent an email to the whole team requesting to be helped because that was how it was done — I guess I never “got the memo” that they didn’t do it here all merged up.

So everybody started going batshit”

…. And here the post ended, presumably because i suddenly got busy with work. What i remember though, was flipping screens, one was to rant and the other was our system we use to key in data. LOL. what a joy. 

Okay movie’s starting.. ttyl!