Who’s that girl

I am very short and my temper is as short as my height. I blog to relieve stress or share happiness and observations.

  • An Avid reader of blogs, young adults/childrens fantasy, chick lit, crime, non-fiction, books of all variety, and as long as they’re made of paper, i will devour it.
  • Stationary Hoarder Collector. You don’t wanna put me anywhere near your pens. No, really. You don’t. I have issues.
    –  aaahhhtually, i collect stuff. Just stuff, little collectible tins, cute boxes, other people’s (my sister’s) discarded stuff that i can find use for and i call it “archiving”. I am basically a mini aspiring library.
  • Beauty enthusiast.
  • A hairbrush Rebel. Which highly contradicts the point above this (Not believing in the power of combs, resulting in hair that can nest little baby birds.. but come on, there’re better things to worry about, no?)
  • An animal lover, Creepy Cat Lady, a Care2 member & friend of 6 5 resident kitties. Proud mama of Owinge (a ginger and white familiar), who as of July 2014 was diagnosed with Feline Chronic Renal Failure. So if any kitty mama with a CRF kitty needs a friend to share with stuff, i’m here. It’s tough and really saddening, but be strong for our babies! My one and only familiar, Oringe, left the world due to CRF on 20 August 2014 at a fairly young age of seven. This blog will hereby, be dedicated in memory of Oringe. He was always so lively, cheerful, funny and really sweet tempered with the sunniest of personalities, I miss you my little creampuff, i hope you are well up there.Oringe Puff
  • Firm believer in doing things because you like it and to have your own voice and outlet, even being a voice for others.
  • Oh. And i am quite socially challenged. Thank god for internet.


I sell my pre-loved stuffs too! Lookie here:

If you like something from my Carousell page, since you’re even here on this blog in the first place and reading this, do quote in the chat “TASReader15” for 15% off your purchase! This is a one time discount per account/person only. Thanks for dropping by!

Other blogs and medias:

My Private Party on BlogSpot (Via invitations only!)

Facebook: facebook.com/applestar

Twitter : @theapplestar

Instagram : @oringesouffle

Tumblr : Analog-Kitten (dedicated to my cat, Fat Owinge)


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