Just got back from supper with two secondary school friends, the one on the far right is one i havent seen for really damn long, and i can’t describe how completely delighted i was that we finally met up tonight.

We used to always hang out for supper years back at the same spot we went to today, which was the little eating place at Pasir Panjang Rd.. nearby NUS. We’d have prata, or nasi lemak and have teh. It was so good, only because it was with great company. The place was usually full of uni students, glad it wasn’t any different tonight.

I thought it would be awkward, different to hang out together again after years of not seeing each other. It wasn’t bad at all. I guess it was really funny to re-live secondary school dramas. Back then it was such a big deal — and now when you look back in your mid twenties, they were all such trivial matters and we were just being such big babies/drama queens about everything.

I also learnt how some of the rest are doing, and i feel kinda proud of all those who managed to stay in the right lane and be stable and take care of themselves. And to those people who still haven’t got their shit together, that’s ok. We all fuck up in some way or another, it’s the journey and as long as we learn as we go.

I guess what i’m trying to say is.. Back then in school, there were the hot shots, the ones who had carved their paths even back in school, the ones who surprise you in present day.. And it turns out it really doesn’t matter what your status was in school. You never know what the future might bring you. The hot shots become hot shits and vice versa. Really, it’s like in the movies and it really does happen. I wish i knew this back then… That life gets better, if you work towards it.



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