pINkDependence Day

As embarrassing as it is to admit. Recently ive been into really pink, fluffy, pretty shit. 

My friends, well, rather, friends who’ve known me for yeaaaaaars know me as this tomboy who was always cussing and talking really loudly, was forceful and who had zero social skills (so i can understand ya’lls bewilderment). Back in secondary school, i wouldnt be caught dead in anything pink. In fact, i almost believed if i died young, and for some reason got wrapped up in pink, i would disintegrate. I shunned pink like it was a disease, i felt superior in my non-pinkness. Now that im mid 20s, suddenly i want to BE pink.

*Awkward audience silence* 

Ok fine. Not P!nk, pink. But.. you know.. pink enough. 

So here i am, just declaring myself as an embracer of pink. Regardless how fluffy the stuff i own, i am still that loud voiced Man-ly Moore in my heart (although i doubt my colleagues would believe it, its like i have a split personality, i just cant do it at work) so friends and family, dont be alarmed. I have finally come out of my pink closet. 

Okay. So end of the declaration of pink-dependence day. 

I would like to now whine how completely exhausted i really am, to the bones. 

You know, i like my job. I like my colleagues. I like my superiors. But ever since the stupid department merger back in march, i swear everything is going to the shits. I feel like one of those overworked donkeys in India. Although its an insult to the donkey because all i do is sit down on a soft chair in an air conditioned office, so its really not the same thing at all. BUT I swear, internally, i feel like one of those poor, powerless donkeys who have no choice but to be led by the leash. 

Ok fine, thats what happens if you work for a corporation or work for someone else bla de bla de bla.. 

As a donkey employee, i wish the management would at least listen to feedback given, or share the plans that they have for us instead of jumping on us with the next brilliant plan they have, or stop tagging an employee for something that wasnt his/her fault because of a missed SOP eventhough the situation was handled as well as he/she could (pettiness in general). Sometimes feedback is given and its ignored, then they turn around asking why didnt we say so? 

Its like living with an aunt who has amnesia who will push you off prematurely from a moving plane while skydiving. (And then you fall afew thousand feet in the air screaming into oblivion before your brain catches up with you and you remember to pull open the parachute)

Know what m’sayin? No? 

Sigh. I absolutely missed the 2015 office. I guess you cant have it all. If you have great people to work with, you have a crap environment/policy/bureaucracy.. if you have a great environment, you have complete pieces of shit to work with. 

GAH. you never win. 

Right now all i wish for are chocolates that magically appear on my desk everyday so that i can munch myself to happiness. 


p/s I did mention donkeys earlier, so i thought i would plug it here too; one of my favourite organisations called SPANA, they help working animals all over the world in countries that still require transportability assistance of horses,  donkeys, bullocks (and more) who work way longer hours in the hot sun, laboriously. These animals’ working conditions can be really terrible and most of them dont have any welfare and they carry back-breaking loads almost everyday for ridiculous long hours, so SPANA assists to educate the human caretakers on how to better care for their animals, provide veterinary care to these animals who sometimes eventhough are injured, are still forced to work because their caretakers cant afford the vet bills or because they dont know better. And generally SPANA does their best to provide better welfare for these poor beings. 

So if you have a little extra change in your pockets to gift to these wonderful creatures and help them live a slightly better life or be able to work much more comfortably, do drop by SPANA’s website to learn more on how you can help and understand how your little gift can go a long way 🙂 


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