Comex weekend & how cust. service trumps everything

So Comex Weekend has concluded.

Hope everybody had an exciting time going nuts and buying gadgets. *jealously filing fingernails*

I was there with Yaya on Saturday. It was crowded obviously. And I was shoved like quite a few times. I haven’t recovered from the trauma till today, just so you know. Gosh, I hate crowds so much. But it had to be done. I mean, Yaya needed a new laptop, *I* needed to be sure I wanted a MacBook Air before I do anything else.

I would just whip out my non existent credit card to buy my MacBook, but it wouldn’t do to be a broke bride.

BUT I WILL, once I settle all these annoyances that weddings come with.


Let’s talk about Comex. I learnt quite a few tips about “business & marketing” while I was there, like a freakin’ field trip. Take a seat and have a drink. It’s story time.

Basically Yaya already knew what laptop she wanted and it’s specs. All we needed to do was find the best deals. Upon reaching the Suntec Convention Centre, we went one level up where a small space had been set up by a few computer brands before where the real party is at (which is another level up)

So Yaya wanted an Asus laptop.. we walked in to where they sold Asus, it was really, really crowded in that small space and there was one staff standing by. The price was within her budget, so we asked what kinds of free gifts does it come with.. and it was just like a few. So Yaya  flashed a photo from her phone screen showing Harvey Norman’s price (which is lower) and the guy then went over to his boss to ask if they could give us that price. The boss himself looked like he hated his job and rejected our request without blinking.

O-kay. So it’s not a good deal. We’ll move along.

We went up to the real event space. The first counter we saw that sold the preferred laptop (Newstead), one tall, lanky guy came up to us with a pleasant friendliness and began explaining everything patiently, the deal was slightly better than it was downstairs too, but we still decided to “look around”.

We went to a total of 3 to 4 counters. Pricing wise, they were ALL the same, from the Asus reseller with the hostile boss and from the ones in the event space. Free gifts wise, they were ALL similar. Yaya was ready to hand over her money now.

But which counter should we buy from?

I told her we should go back to Newstead because the staff was very pleasant, attentive and he had explained a lot to us. So we went back to the Newstead counter (which was really far from where we had wandered to). Upon reaching, that particular guy (hereby referred to as The Chosen One / TCO) was busy attending to other  customers. So we hung around abit and stared glazed-eyed at the posters of all the computers displayed above the counter.

Soon, another guy loomed over us and asked if he could help. We told him we already chose the Asus (insert model) laptop and we pointed at the poster from where we were standing. His whole vibe from the get go was quite aggressive and rubbed the wrong way. He asked “which one?” in an annoyed tone. So we pointed again. He then asked “You want SSD or Storage?” — Well, that’s a new one. What the hell are those terms? Yaya and I were quite stumped. Instead of offering to explain the difference (clearly we looked confused) he just stared at us impatiently. So Yaya finally opened her mouth and asked what’s the difference, and the guy was like “SSD is (insert one vague word) and storage is storage lor“, which didn’t explain anything. Upon Yaya’s prompting for further explanation, he was already starting to give an attitude.

Between their exchange and annoyed tones, I was already thinking, this guy (hereby referred to as The ‘Tude / TT) completely doesn’t deserve the commission with a ‘tude like that.. and honestly the money belongs to our TCO. If Yaya bought from TT, it would be like daylight robbery for TCO.

So we slowly edged away and pretended we were still thinking and TT also drifted thinking we’re probably time wasters. Which’s great news. Our TCO was so busy all the time and when he was finally freed from a customer’s clasp, we quickly nabbed him and said we wanted to get the laptop.

Phew. Money well-spent. Great customer service, desired specs, decent freebies.

If the laptop was the Harvey Norman’s price (cheaper by $100) and we bought it from The ‘Tude, we would need more than extra freebies to even compensate for The ‘Tude’s atrocious service.

My motto in whatever I buy is: bang for my buck. And more often than not, upon self reflection, I tend to buy from attentive sellers more easily than cheap pricing. And customer service, like it or not, really contributes to a buyer’s experience and satisfaction. Being in customer service myself, I value it as much as a product’s value, probably more. So if a product doesn’t sell itself.. customer service plays a hugeeee role.

Then.. we passed by Casio’s counter. Casio was really interesting and clever. They employed really attractive young girls in varsity jackets and short skirts to sell their stuff for them, and it worked REALLY WELL. The whole counter was swarmed with, I don’t wanna say it, but dirty old men who DO hand over their money to buy the Casio cameras! Casio innovatively came up with great selfie cameras and great design and they were selling like hot cakes. It was fascinating how beauty can sell anything, and to see it in motion was even better!

And the girls were doing everything and having fun and taking selfies with their customers. It was a fun counter.. really clever.

I suppose one of the pointers for the Art of Selling: Attractiveness + Customer Service + Great product that “improves” somebody’s life + a fantasy and manipulating their emotional buying trigger = Successful marketing.

So yeah. Comex was interesting.


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