#AfterHoursWithTheApple: The day I ate too much and laughed too hard

J was so upset at this picture which made me laugh a little harder at the thought. The guy who helped us take the photo was just fine leaving her face in the shadows creating extreme contour. Now now, how dare he.

yes yes so the other day went to meet JAKE. Since J dah bertaubat, she is no longer J(erry) but for old times sake and for convenience we shall stick with it.

Nowadays, as we grow older we hardly meet up, but I suppose we value those we have known for long, and whoever else seems most familiar with your history, your quirks and your personality and yet still like you for it (I hope?) =B

Therefore I still enjoy you guys’ company and I hope we continue being friends even in old age. Inshaa Allah. (don’t wanna sound morbid.. but you know..)

We hung out last Monday, 2 days ago, for dinner. One of the funniest. Actually you know what? I’m really sick of saying all my meet ups are funny — BECAUSE THEY ARE. I don’t know why but it feels like I’m on a constant laughing gas. And regardless which clique of friends I am with, I seem to always be breathless with laughter it’s almost ridiculous and sickening in a good way. I suppose I am glad for that. Thank god my friends don’t suck ballz (not literally, of course) because otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Firstly, on that night, we had our dinner at Richmond Station (Haji Lane), whose food, in our gluttony, we forgot to take pictures of. I MEAN COME ON, I am friends with somebody who writes a food blog who didn’t even bother taking pictures of the food, I was counting on everybody else except myself. Maybe she was off-duty or something.

To sidetrack a little, that friend is Ella and you can find her blog at D’Ellacious Adventures, She also bakes reaaaaaaally good cookies, (it’s as addictive as what I imagine nasi kangkang would be like, but better, mmhmm honey, know what m’saying?) She bakes these cookies for all kinds of occasions — birthdays, engagements, weddings, festive seasons like Hari Raya, Christmas, Diwali or CNY or whatever occasion you just freaking need cookies, or if you need cookies for no reason at all (like me). Ella will be your girl. So if you have a hankering for some d’ellacious cookies, just drop by here to take a look at her little shop and drop her a note!

So back to my story. We didn’t take food photos at Richmond Station, but I would still just like to add in that my tummy and I were freaking pleased and contented. I actually ordered their Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta which were so good and their chicken chunks were generously big! I like creamy pastas personally so I enjoyed it very much, and of course i also ordered their Mushroom Infused Truffle Fries (which came in a freaking huge bowl, you have to share) and I wanna go all basic bitch on you and say that their truffle fries are always bomb ass BAE. J ordered the Corn Beef Rosti, which was interesting. Like Ella pointed out it tasted like hash browns, lightly crispy. Ella ordered the Egg and Cheese sandwich saying that she is exceeding her 2 meals a day quota. *rolls eyes* menyampah I dengar. Kyn ordered the Zesty Crab Angelhair Pasta which were spicy because cili padi babyyy! I loike.

I was too stuffed after that

BUT THEN gloriously, as the night wore on, eventhough it wasn’t even that late (maybe around 9-ish?) and about to be gently kicked out of the café, we had nowhere to go and we ended up at I Am Café — which needs no introduction, I believe, right? They’re like the “it” café and almost like Arab Street’s darling. We got there for desserts.

Although now on hindsight I wouldn’t go there for *just* desserts. Their mains trump everything else. Their desserts.. idk if it’s because it was late-ish, but it’s not as cute as their mains. Actually now upon reflection, we should’ve just gone to I Am for our mains and desserts at Richmond’s (their dessert display is PHOTO-WORTHY — again, I apologise for no pictures. Will go there again next time and plonk photos of them in your face)

So we ordered their really big rainbow cake, my chocolate drink, J’s Mint Chocolate drink, Ella’s Caramel Macchiato and Kyn’s HoneyMooney.

Pretty cake isn’t it? It tastes not too bad too. I think it’s best if you come by in the earlier time slots. Fresher food. Guess I’ve learnt a lesson. That lesson is, if too hungry, bawak bekal la geng because nobody opens late to serve great halal food.

Eh, unless I’m talking about kedai kopiz — which are really really good too.. unless you’re stuck in the town area with no vehicle, whereby this happens.

My chocolate-only drink became a mint chocolate drink after I keep trying to drink J’s. *deep sigh* I think taking other people’s food just tastes better than having *just* your own. It’s kinda like a hobby of mine — taking people’s food. I live by the motto, what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine.

After this, Ella had to leave and so just the three of us hung out. In the rain. Felt bedraggled and homeless because nobody caters to late nighters except pubs. I mean what if.. it’s hijabi late nighters. O_O

Food for thought eh, entrepreneurs.

LOL, regardless, you know mulut kau senget macam mana pun kau tetap jambu ok ANI!

It was a rainy night like other rainy nights we hung out like homeless kittens in the past and sharing feelings. I think nothing has changed. LOL. Still #Broke, just better dressed.

Now I’m just looking forward to 30th July!! Outz with the ST and Yaya. ^^ and more food!

Sigh. I need to work out. I’m heading towards cardiac arrest at this rate 😦 So unhealthyyyyyyy.


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