What is friendship?

Yeah yeah I know it kinda sounds like I’m having friendship problems. Let me assure you I do not..

This was taken on Friday the 1st of July. And this chick was actually one of my very good primary school friends. We lost touch for several years now and just about to rekindle our friendship the last few weeks. I still remember how she had always helped me in primary school whether financially or school work-wise. I’m soooooooo glad to know she is still the same sweetheart that she had been back then and I, till today still remember how much she helped me. So I’m so glad to have her back! Welcome back Has. ❤

I also would forever be grateful to technology, the internet and social medias. HEH. Without them, I swear we would’ve lost touch with sooooo many people.

So anyway our our little date we had some thai food together and even the silences were comfortable. Lovely.


We wanted to get some ice cream together but the shop people weren’t there and we waited for 10mins. Supposedly there were 2 people and yet both went out smoking. AND.. they left the cashbox ON THE COUNTER. When Hasina held the cashbox it actually had money in it. These people are asking to be robbed, I swear. If I was a much less honest person than I really am they can say goodbye to Little Cashbox.

We had bought our foods for iftar first and just picked a random void deck to eat and cackle in first
This was when we were in line to wait for our “Watermelon Volcano”?

and then this was days before. Had Iftar with these two crazy two-some, Tyra & Faddy. Where else in Ramadhan but Geylang, right? T wanted to  go so bad so we went. Otherwise a new café experience would be way nice too! Maybe next time.

But these 2 nutjobs are so crazy, we were walking and laughing hysterically everywhere we went. I don’t even remember what the jokes were about but at one point, because we had eaten so much during iftar (we were so greedy we bought so much food to stuff ourselves with.. Totally NOT the point of ramadhan at all.. but… yeah) while we were laughing too freaking hard, We actually felt like puking. It was that nuts. Then we paused for awhile, me looking abit green probably, the other two feeling a little sick. But then, not too long later we were at it again. Gosh. #CantStopWontStop


This was the line to wait for the “Watermelon Volcano”


And this was our own Watermelon Volcano. To be perfectly honest, I was never into the hype? I mean this was nice and all, no doubt, I just don’t feel it was worth it’s price? But whatever. NOVELTY! It tasted good however!

So yeah. That was the funnest outing we’ve had in awhile. Looking forward to more really soon.

Then below are photos of Yesterday! It was Mr Softie’s 27th Birthday. His birthday felt like my birthday to be honest because I was able to go the places that I wanted. Honestly, I actually asked him where he wanted to go, I swear, so stop looking at me like that, but he had no ideas, he said something cheesy like “as long as you’re out with me, that’s all I want”. UM OKAY. Therefore my own itinerary was exactly where I wanted to go! Haha. I’m pretty bad with taking pictures I’m sorry. Also I want to save the free 3GB I have on this wordpress.com blog because I’m cheap like that and I don’t feel like paying for anything YET. Eventually pretty sure i’ll have to pay but being SG-ean –I love my free stuff. For now anyway. So shout-out to WordPress for being generous with the 3GB image library! woop woop!


That’s me with my adoptive mother. We look totally alike. What do you mean you don’t see the resemblance?

But look at that wax figure’s legs. DAYUM GIRL. I would die if I had that figure. Nobody’s torso is that small, right? Or is there?


Birthday Boy, Mr ET and that small whale on the right is me.


That’s Mr Softie with my adoptive father, again, I am like, so freaking half-half of them.



Me & ET again.

Ok so basically these photos above were taken at Madame Tussauds’. I had wanted to be like the majority who visited there so bad, but I forgot it was Saturday. And it was crowded. 😦 Everybody was buzzing around the wax figures and posing and taking pictures.. At one point I even got confused on who is wax and who is real.

Just imagine for a moment that the celebrities were the ones buzzing around wax figures of visitors. LOL. Ok that’s too weird and messed up.

ANYWAY. I had a good time inspecting the figurines. The artistry is quite detailed and fascinating and I think I might look up Madame Tussauds’ herself for a bit of bedtime reading. She was the daughter of wax modeller or something? If that is not interesting I don’t know what is.

So our tickets for M.Tussauds came with “Images Of Singapore” which was basically old time Singapore, complete with actors acting out like Samsui women and clerks of 1920s Singapore. Their room set ups and costumes and the actors themselves are excellent. Reminds me of Halloween Horror Nights. I mean not that it was scary.. I meant the attention to detail. Me Likey.

After the M Tussauds’, we went to take the Tiger Sky Tower. At this point I must say I sound completely like the tourist that I am not. BUT I HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO RIDE IT. Glad I got that checked off my list on things to do in SG anyway. 🙂

Well well.. ain’t SG a pretty place.. cramped and pretty and expensive. duh.

And then we went to have my favourite chicken rice at MBS for our breaking of fast.

Then we had bubble tea and ended up sitting at MBS — always a relaxing spot.

So yes! All in all I really enjoyed the day like it was my birthday but it isn’t. I hope birthday boy enjoyed it too as much as I did. And for his present, despite the really ugly mish mash wrapping, I also hope he likes it. Because I like it.

You know, I’ve always lived by the principle in  gift giving of always giving the person you’re gifting to, something that you yourself would like to receive if you were the recipient. Am I wrong? Hmm. What other gift-giving tips do people have?

On the other hand, I’m also pretty much a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle kinda gal. So.. I guess the best gift is something that benefits.

So YES. In conclusion to the title of this post. What is friendship? All 3 experiences above relate to friendship in my opinion.

Friendship, is chemistry with a person, I have learnt that if I couldn’t get along with a person when I was younger, I probably wouldn’t be able to get along still, now that I’m older (and that is based on personal experience, repeatedly).

Friendship, also is companionship. Your friend(s) must be able to be freaking  crazy but when need be, be serious and offer great advice and comfort when you need them.

Friendship should always be give  and take and a lot of communication. If you don’t communicate, there’s going to be problems. When I say give and take it means emotionally. When you share your problems with a friend, you must be willing to be listening in on their problems as well. It’s not one way street.

Friendship is also loyalty, you should never hide from your friend something that concerns them or both of you and something that you yourself would never want to have hidden from you if you put yourself in their shoes. Loyalty is make or break. And disloyalty to your friend is a definite break for me.

What Frienship is NOT?:

  1. Friendship is not talking about yourself all the way and all the time.
  2. Friendship is not showing your friend’s boyfriend more loyalty than to your own friend and then pretending nothing happened.
  3. Friendship is not exploiting and using your friend because of their popularity, looks, money or kindness.
  4. Friendship is not ignoring your friend when s/he needs emotional support.

Friendship is more than this and then some. Most of it is logic and common sense, but people are not logical nor is common sense that common. Therefore.

Also I just wanted to syiok sendiri share this shadow look. I mean I’m still amazed. I got the Catrice Deluxe Eye Shadow trio in shade “Rose Vintouch” and its like MY FAVORITE trio ok. I’m not normally an eyeshadow person and usually I get quite panicky about wearing eyeshadow. But for untrained hands like mine, this was awesome. And because it was supposed to be in the day, I diluted the colors a little bit by putting it on really light base, but otherwise the color pay-off is amazeballs. I’ve been obsessed with Catrice for a while now. They never fail to impress me, PLUS they’re sooooooo low-cost AND No Animal Testing. So.. I suggest if you’re looking for wearable colours and you’re not a eyeshadow person but wants to wear eyeshadow. PLEASE buy these.

“Rose Vintouch” is the 3rd trio palette

Anyway, I would also like to (not to brag) but recently I feel like I’m stable enough to buy certain beloved people small gifts so I’m very grateful for the wealth and health I have received. Ameen. ❤

I hope everyone’s ramadhan is going well? 🙂 Few more days to Aidilfitri!

p/s: yes yes.. I am aware I am a little tubbier looking than I was. I’m 25 now hokay, gimme a break. Must be them ageing hormones.. or just unhealthiness.
pp/s: I will make a separate update on my skin conditions/eczema I’ve been having problems and whining about in my previous posts. 🙂
ppp/s: I actually miss posting Shopper Stories here. Kinda miss retail tbh. It was soul sucking, but the endless stories..


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