I finally deactivated my facebook account. It wasn’t the fact that FB itself was irking me out. It was actually the “audience” or rather the “friends” that was in the list.

Personally I’ve been toying with the idea of completely starting my account over for a LOOOOOONG time now. The only thing stopping me was that there were many groups on them that I enjoy being on, and I had joined a whole bunch of groups really. My newsfeed was non-stop entertaining. And.. well, it just got comfortable.

What I didn’t like was, over the years I had accepted so many strangers and acquaintances I never cared for and it had accumulated to a degree I found very stifling. And honestly I don’t understand why people want to be your friend on facebook when they don’t even text you or have ever been a friend to you in real life anyways.  I take friendship very seriously. I have to like you and be able to hold a conversation with you to a certain level and enjoy your company to a point to consider you a friend. It also has to be reciprocative. Basically to have you on social media means its the next level in our friendship.. because it means we should be in touch.

And what my facebook account had become.. was not that. It wasn’t a mini hub for me to connect with my friends. It seemed like a dumpster whereby even people whom I know don’t like me are on there. Why the fuck are you in my friend’s list? I don’t know. Why did I accept you? I felt obligated just because I know you in real life.


I created a new, low-key account I’m going to keep a tight rein over.

That is it.

p/s: it might sound pathetic but I guess I feel much more in control of my life right now.. and secure. LOL. weird eh.


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