#AfterHoursWithTheApple: Currently listening / The durian horror story


Am nuts about this song currently ; Enjoy it, people.

Anyway my colleague gave me a big fishball just now and i just ate it. I forgot my crazy reaction was due to fishball noodle recently, but.. i’m going to monitor first for any allergic reactions (fortunately this time i am well armed with antihistamines!). Ah.. such a shame if i really can’t eat fishballs. Damn.

Ah blast it, i’m just going to swallow a Zyrtec right now, i can’t risk it. I haven’t been out of the house skipping around looking decent in weeks ok and tomorrow since its my offday i’m going to GO OUT for once to have a little fun. T_T Dammit.

Ah, that same colleague who gave me this lovely fishball also got some equally lovely box of durians. They look a lovely shade of yellow and you just KNOW that it’s going to be creamy and beautiful.

I love durians very much. Just think of me as a small garbage bin (i know some really big garbage bins.. but thats beside the point), i eat anything.. except whats good for me.

But months ago, there was an incident that made me stop eating durians. I stopped eating them, but i still like them. Let me tell you the story.

My sister brought in some (i’m supposing) organic durians from her trip to the kampung area in Malaysia whilst shooting there. They looked really good, tasted really good too. I happened to take one of the pieces and took one bite of it. In the middle of my bite, as i looked down on that creamy goodness with eyes full of love, the love slowly disappeared only to be replaced by horror as i saw something crawling underneath the skin of the piece of durian i was holding. It was white and small — A worm!

Dammit. I was sharing my durian with a worm. Do you know traumatized i was ?


I quickly ran to the toilet to spit out whatever’s in my mouth and wash my tongue out. I shivered all over, screamed hysterically and jumped around in disgust. Actually to be honest i looked possessed now i come to think of it (i mean short of walking on the ceiling). As usual all my sister did was blink cluelessly and was unfazed at all.

Ugh.. *shivers* just remembering that incident makes me shudder.

I wonder if the worm behaved the same way as i did and was as disgusted at me as i was at it. Hmm.

Well anyway i stopped eating durians after that, no matter how much i loved it.

But  TODAY. Damn. That box of durian, of all time.. just had to call my name while it was sitting pretty in that box. I’m pretty positive it would be sooooo creamy and melt in your mouth. I have never wanted durian as much as i did today.

Sigh. All i did was smell it though. I can’t eat naughty things.


Tomorrow is my personal Treat Yo’self day and i will stuff my face until you can’t recognize me. Do you know how deprived i’ve been?

H . E . L . L . A

So there’s that.

I promise Treat Yo’self day is only 1 day of every week. Pinky promise.

Here’s my current wallpaper (photo credits to google. Dish: Shakshuka):


I’m pretty desperate to eat actually. Today marks the 7th day of diet controlling ok, gimme a break. I just can’t figure out another hobby besides eating. Suggestions are welcome though. What are yalls hobbies? =(

p/s: I would like to thank my friends who have wished me well and given their condolences. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Really appreciate it ❤ ❤ *virtual hug*


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