Bali with two unlikely ladies || Jas Villas

Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet read

Yes yes! hi!

So as per the title suggests, when i said “unlikely”, i meant these two ladies were unlikely to make friends on their own accord if placed together in a  room at a party.. i think? Actually i don’t know. But i’m guessing. But all three of us agreed to go together on a trip! Just the 3 of us! We’re practically three-way married now!

And i am so, so, SO glad.. because our personalities were very complementary. There were minor annoyances, but we bonded very well. All 3 being complete nuts and we laughed so much.. So it was fun! Thank god i didn’t waste my first trip ever with tyrants or something… that would be tragic, and no refunds available. HEH.

So anyhoo. Here are some photos below. Before that, let me just share a little bit more.

We stayed in Seminyak’s Jas Villas. A two-bedroom villa with a private pool. Yes, people kept asking us why two bedrooms when it’s just the three of us? Well it’s because the upgrade to a two room villa was FREE guys. Our bottomline criteria was just a private pool. We didn’t ask for much, really.. Being poor HDB shoebox dwellers and all. So we were scrolling through Expedia together and saw Jas Villas’, who posted really nice photos of their rooms. Our imaginations were full of us waking up in the morning, walking out of the bedroom and just jumping groggily in the pool without drowning. For some reason that was the only vision that kept replaying, like an on loop GIF. So why not? Free upgrade to two room villa? SAY NO MORE, JAS. Just shut up and take our money already.

To be honest? How many stars would i give Jas Villas. Out of 5 stars? I would actually give them a 4 star review really. I was just reading TripAdvisor and some unrealistic folks are complaining about this and that.. and that and this.. Sounding like they expect 5 star luxury New York City type accommodation. Well, honey, you’re in the wrong country. If you so want LUXURY luxury, fucking go to your “first world” (whatever that means) country of choice (of which obviously there are many and Jas Villas is not in any of them for now) and PAY money to get it. Stop whining you cheap ass little piece of shit. You paid such a low price and expecting for the moon. Kindly join Jas Villas’ and my Fuck Off List. Thanks.

The Villa itself was actually about maybe 1/2 hr drive from Ngurah Rai airport where we arrived.

Our flight was really early in the morning at 7.15AM and Mr Softee actually offered to drive us all to the airport (thank you! you the best!) at about 3.30AM on the morning of 25th Jan. I suppose i should thank my sister MystExile as well for lending me her luggage i guess.. although it was grudgingly lent to me. HEH. I would have taken it regardless (being a self aware brat and all..), heh heh.. joke.

Day 1

3Finally my passport is put to  good use eh? I mean.. It would be great as my cat’s head rest if it’s not in use of course (it’s been high and dry and a kitty head rest for about 2 years now).. but, i’m glad it’s finally serving it’s purpose.

1Us in the airplane, before take off.

2More us.. honestly are we really doing this?

The flight was about 2hrs and 40min.. Somebody was afraid of flying and she was grabbing me.. I mean, I was having a panic attack.. i’ve got my own problems girlfriend. I haven’t taken a plane since i was in my teens and what with all the plane crashes and missing planes in 2015.. i wasn’t very excited for this one. Ideally i just wanted to apparate from my home to Bali and back.. but.. eh.. Hogwarts hasn’t sent my letter yet, i’m #24andStillWaiting.

Finally when we reached Ngurah Rai, at about 1030AM, there were a lot of aggressive taxi drivers waiting to con offer their services to us. We actually had a driver already booked but since our flight was late about 30minutes, he got up and left. So there we were, trying to fend off aggressive taxi drivers and there was one who had a suspicious look and was following us around. I mean, i understand, it’s all business ya know. Gotta be a pushy salesperson.. I totes understand.

In the end, we  requested the suspicious taxi driver to help call our driver for us. Since he was just hanging around us.. we thought he was just going to pretend dial, considering how pushy he’s been.. but he actually really did dial and our driver came to pick us up after all. #Dont’tJudgeABook

So that was helpful.

5Once we reached Jas Villas, it was about 12+ in the afternoon.. And we were seriously hungry. We hadn’t eaten since.. what.. about 6AM? And hungry people are never nice people.. We went straight to their BFF Cafe for lunchtime! Mealtimes are seriously my favorite times of the day

6 (2)So this is what we had. Fried rice with teriyaki chicken and egg.. And we ordered an extra side of french fries. The fries was like sweet potato.. Wasn’t the normal fries and it was sooooooo yummy.

6Loveliest lunch i ever had. For now. The food at their cafe is really, really decent (once again, fuck TripAdvisor’s whiny cheapskates).. and my friends and i are mad over their fried rice. They’ve seriously got good fried rice there.  Two Thumbs up. + both feet’s up.

7 (2)

Their cafe is quiet, except in the mornings where all of the guests come to have our complimentary breakfasts. And compared to outside food, yes, BFF Cafe is a little overpriced. But which hotel doesn’t have slightly overpriced food? REALLY?

Homely deco. Me Likey

The toilet near the reception’s entrance. I thought this was lovely. Very spa-like, and yes, they also do have an in house spa.. which we never went to, because it was overpriced as compared to out on the streets salons. Sorry lah, we are low budget travellers.. but at least we don’t write on TripAdvisor about it. #KnowWhatImSayin


This is the private pool. And in the late afternoons, the sun will shine on it and it will look very inviting..

This is the dining area by the pool, and we sit here at nights, trying to get some WIFI (which has quite a low/intermittent connection), or drink our drinks of the day and just do some chit chat and hang out just the 3 of us. It’s really fun. Gosh i miss it now.

Another angle of the ‘dining area’ by the pool. Nice and very, very homely. A kitchenette, theres daily free mineral water bottles and there are drinks (have to purchase) in the fridge..

The second bedroom which we never utilize since we all slept together in the first room. I only used this room’s bathroom to shower and used this room to put on my make up. Originally i had a feeling this room was a little creepy.. I told the girls about it and we all were such chickens it was not even attractive..but second day onwards and the feeling passed. Super weird.

After we settled down on the first day, at night, we requested to be driven to Carrefour there so we could have A&W. Ah.. Always a go to when we’re in Malaysia or Indo yeah.. Because this pathetic country doesn’t have either A&W nor Wendy’s anymore.

And the drive at night was sooooo fascinating. Nearer to the villa was a shopping district, with quite a few bars and restaurants and the lighting and deco in all of them was what made night driving there wonderful. Our driver even drove us past a popular gay bar.. and lemme tell ya, the transsexuals in SG got NOTHIN’ on the ones we saw chilling outside the gay bar (it’s called Balijoe). How is s/he not a woman, is beyond me. SHE WAS STUNNING. It’s really quite unfair.. and here i am, a potato and i have  to try really hard -_- dammit yall, take a back seat and give us a chance ok. Geez.

In Bali they didn’t have any tall buildings. Which was interesting.. A lot was one storey and a lot of untouched land. So you would actually see something like a Hurley or Billabong shop, something equally normal… a little further in front would be empty field/space where a herd of cattle would be chilling (really close  to the roadside might i add, but still on their field of course) and then further in front would be other kinds of shops like woodworking, or shops filled with beautiful carved statues etc.. it was all a gorgeous hodge podge of everything. Feast for my eyeballs man, i swear.

Their carrefour was a small shopping mall, like a normal mall. I’m not very into shopping malls really. I do a lot of shopping online, or on weekdays at shops nearby my neighborhood or my workplace.. Just so i can avoid crowds, mouth breathers, body odours and in general awkward staring and invasions of personal space. All praise to the internet for making online shopping a magical experience, really, for non-people persons/introverts like me. Who do i have to send thank you flowers to?

However the other 2 girls were so thrilled to be in their natural habitat. So i had to follow them around.. I think i now know on my next trip i really need to do sight seeing or experience activities. I really don’t have the time for shopping. Honestly. In fact, it was on this trip that i realized how much i actually quite passionately hate shopping mindlessly. Unless i have a ready list of stuff i need and disposable spending cash.. and even then i keep thinking.. why?

whatever. It was interesting to a point anyways.

Day 2

1 (2)

This was the BFF Cafe’s fried rice i was telling you about.. It is reaaaaaaally lovely. There’s a really authentic kampong taste about it that all 3 of us agreed we couldn’t find here. I don’t know what it is they added in extra but whatever it is, it is killin it! And somehow their Apple juice was really appealing for our tastebuds. Maybe everything just tastes better in Bali? I DON’T FRICKIN KNOW ANYMORE.


And this was our driver’s collection of foreign money from when his customers gave him money from their own countries. It was full and all labeled. You can actually tell how obviously it was carefully curated by him.. and one of his proudest collections. Oh and by the way? Our driver is just artistically talented ok. He used to work in a painting shop and painted portraits and stuff.. Before he chose to become a driver and do tourings for tourists. He also made us souvenirs shaped like surfboards out of wood and painted and carved them himself (i will show you mine at the end of this post, it’s so beautiful i think i might cry, and mine, is the prettiest!)

In fact Balinese people in general are very crafty. There are so many craft shops like handmade woven baskets, knitted clothes, wood work, stone work, handmade home deco (there was one where it was all full of beautiful mirrors), so much more. Defo not something i would see in my city. And that’s what makes them really special. They’ve got specific skill sets that us normal people don’t. Isn’t that wonderful to you? I am completely in awe actually. If only they could open up Etsy shops. The stuff i’ve seen could actually fetch a hefty pricetag!



Errr.. i was just testing the toilet lighting and mirror.. i sweaaaar.


These ducks were so cute. And it’s always lovely for me to see wildlife where they should be.. and untouched land. This was actually at an ATV place.

We really wanted to try the ATV but sadly, when we reached there, the price??? WAS FRICKIN USD 99 and above. We didnt’t change that much money and even if we did, i don’t think we want to spend that (kinda big) chunk of money when we can get cheaper in another country for the experience. So no thanks. It was upsetting though. Because the drive was about 2hrs+ to go there.

6 (2)

This lil fella is named Billy. Billy the puppy must be the cutest lil baby i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! He was so fluffy and awkward and just so frickin adorable, it’s almost illegal. I just want to hug the little cotton puff. T_T Billy be my friend..


After the failed ATV trip, we went to : Kintamani Volcano.. there were restaurants up there. This one we went to was halal and boasted a Mushola? For muslims to pray. The moment we exited the car, we noticed that the temperature was really cold. It was really beautiful up there, and the food was buffet-style. The glutton in me really likes buffets.

7 (1)

A mixture of everything we took. The food was so-so.. but the view, temperature and atmosphere just makes up for it all.
7 (2)

Photos do it no justice at all. It was breathtakingly gorgeous. I think anything natural, at this point, for me, after having been surrounded or grown up in a largely manmade environment, everything that is natural, is beautiful and such a wonder for me. (pardon me, it’s my first trip afterall, and for better or worse, i would consider myself to have been “living under a rock”, “sheltered life” and ignorant for knowing only of the city life) So i am in awe of mother nature in general. Yes, my country is beautiful.. in a man made way, but nothing beats Mother Nature though.. And all praises to God for allowing me to witness it’s beauty on this trip… I sincerely hope there will be many more trips to come right after this. 🙂

And it also makes me think a little. People would refer to this beautiful place as impoverished, but.. i feel like we city people are the ones at the losing end. What is poor if you have everything that you already need; clean water, food, shelter, clothes, family, a lot of free time and  specific skill sets you may use to peddle your own products, and you live in such peaceful environments, you live with, breathe and experience nature so closely, being away from huge corporations and the stress of city life. Do you know what phrase comes to my mind? This: “Some people are so poor, all they have is money

It makes me think  a little. We all keep chasing money, more money and more money, lesser time for everyone important in your life. Some people (i.e LOTS) have lost sight of what’s important. And in many ways, those who live in, what is to most of you “poverty”, is way richer than we could ever be.. Because really, all we have is money (well, a lot of us, not all perhaps, but a lot). We’re all stuck in this system.

I guess it’s social conditioning. But.. this post isn’t about what self discoveries i had whilst in Bali. Let’s get back on track.


I was telling Fad that it looks like i’m posing with a celebrity. LOL.
7.4 7.5I really needed the sunnies on my face. IDK why when i stayed there, my eyes were just puffy. It was so strange. -___- and Annoying.

7.6 8

So after the Kintamani Volcano.. and a big lunch there, we headed over to the Tegallalang Rice Terrace.. which was equally as gorgeous as Kintamani.

We ordered churros that came with chocolate and strawberry sauce, and ordered non alcoholic mojitos as desserts. It was soooo lovely..


And after Tegallalang rice terrace, we headed to watch the Kecak & Fire Dance. Which was equal parts scary and fascinating.

Day 3

On the third day, we didn’t hire our driver for reasons. We wanted to make it on our own. We decided we would take the local taxis there. These two, wanted to go shopping (internally rolls my eyes) and do a little sightseeing of whats near our area..

And the third day was the FUNNEST DAY EVER.


We got up, made ourselves decent and took photos.. (and towards the end we all looked crap)
2 3 4 5 6 7

Our Taxi Driver from Blue Bird group (their taxi company) recommended we went to Jimbaran beach to have some seafood! Very excited for that.

We were overcharged for this though as we later found out from another taxi driver. Overcharged by 50%. Sigh. Everybody tries to get every single cent off you when you’re a foreigner huh. It’s an experience though.. but i cant help but feel cheated..

This was our view while enjoying our seafood. The food was… not that fantastic.. but hell imma enjoy it as much as i can

And then obligatory beach photos. There was a pony on the beach. I don’t think the guy accompanying the pony spoke english or bahasa.. we tried.. but he just didnt understand.. or didn’t want to talk to us. Hmm. IDK. Poor pony though. I would’ve been pissed off.. And i think he is a little unhappy, but quite well behaved.. *deep sigh* 😦
12606809_10153941214137899_1859106990_n 12607095_10153941211967899_1361920298_n 12607224_10153941212942899_126387878_n 12625853_10153941211737899_1688734322_n 12637107_10153941214822899_504052116_o 12637314_10153941216022899_1337568318_o 12645157_10206995200013319_2255593021827037735_n

Day 4

Then on the fourth day.. i fell sick with high fever actually. We were supposed to do some more exploring on our own after we checked out at 12pm, the girls wanted to find some more stuff to shop for.. but i developed high fever at breakfast.

It then became unbearable for me as my whole body was aching and almost shutting down. I was so nauseous and why did it have to happen while im still on the trip!! -___- Annoying. So when the girls left to go do some last minute shopping after we checked out, since i was very weak and unwell, i had to stay at the reception area of the front desk.. for about 3hrs. 😦 Basically it was so uncomfortable for me and sad (ideally i was supposed to be resting in bed, not on a sofa at reception, in public) but because we had  to check out no questions asked.. there wasnt a choice for me, really.

The fourth day was basically full wasted day of waiting and waiting and waiting..

Time to say goodbye to our little home.. This was our house key. Jas Villas staff were very friendly folks. Smiley, attentive enough and helped with our luggages on arrival, provided welcome drinks etc. I actually would recommend people if they’re traveling to Bali to give Jas a try. Their amenities are enough, staff is nice, aesthetically appealing, beds are cosy, and my favorite part of the whole villa is actually the toilet. LOL. it’s so bright and great lighting, when you shower the sun may shine in, there is hot water and pebbles and it’s just basically a nice place to stay in. Simple, nice and affordably priced.. although they are a little hard to get to.

12596703_10153971914423120_1882181547_o 12596834_10153971914218120_865239626_o
At the airport waiting.. from 6pm all the way to 9.30pm.. I told you. My whole day was spent mindlessly waiting.. but at least i already felt better at this point.12631085_10153971913978120_2136051237_o
And this is the wooden surfboard our driver handmade for us from scratch i presume. I am in awe of the carving and painting.. It’s really, very beautiful. I really appreciate it, so thank you! (I know he’s not reading.. but just thought i’d still just put it out there).. plus.. Mine’s the only one that has carving x) HEH HEH HEH. I is a special snowflake. LOL just kidding.

This is not the end you see of me Baliiiiii. I will be back Inshaa Allah. This time for other activities and more sightseeing. There’s so much i missed and so much thats still incomplete.

Oh! I also forgot to share, there was one point Fad and me went to the Mini Mart to buy some spice (fad, not me) and drink for me.. Fad’s purchase costed 8000 RP, neither of us were fluent in rupiah currency.. so we struggle a little, but i think Fad a little bit more than me. She accidentally gave the cashier two 50,000 rp notes ( = 100,000 rp) and the cashier just took it without saying a word and shortchanged her. I saw the whole thing but i thought i might have been wrong, considering i’m not good at counting out rupiahs myself, so we went back to our car and I asked Ina.. Ina asked the driver to turn back and we went into the Mini Mart again, and the cashier’s face turned guilty and she herself blurted out saying “Oh, she gave 100,000 just now..”. I mean what the fuckin fuck just happened.. She tried to cheat our money instead of helping us, knowing we were confused with their currency. Gosh, that lil shit. -_____-

And as for MY bad experience was on the fourth day, when i was alone at the reception’s sofa, resting while all sickly and waiting for my gfs to come back from their little shopping.
This driver who was waiting for the new arrival guests he just dropped off, he came to sit at the same sofa nearby me. At first it was all ok. He did have a weird habit of looking at my face while i was busy on my phone texting. I was wearing a knee length dress  (and a sweater on top of that for crying out loud, by no means was any of it revealing) and at one point, he sat by leaning forward so that his elbows rested on his knees. After a while, whilst still texting, i noticed from the corner of my eye that he was leaning farther and farther forward, so i looked up and his gaze was actually at my legs. The fucker was trying to look up my knee length skirt. And even after i noticed, he still kept trying to do it!! I mean what the fuck. Is nothing sacred anymore? And is he stupid or is he stupid? I mean theres only two choice.. GODDAMMIT. I was alone, and it was pretty scary. I shifted further away from him and he stopped. He still occasionally glanced at me though but i was scared. He still looked wayyyyy too creepy to be allowed roaming the streets though but i never reported him. 😦 Should i have??

I’ve never been upskirted before, i mean i never thought it’d be possible in fuckin knee length dresses with sweaters though! THATS A  NEW ONE. I guess when you put your imagination to use eh. Anything goes. UGH. I still feel disgusted at myself for not at least reporting him. But it was a foreign country, i was alone, and this guy had a few friends still in the villa roaming around. I’m glad he never attempted to touch or anything though. 😦 Ugh.

Well. That was the only two bad experience we had over there. Probably only because we were newbie travellers, and if we’re a little bit more seasoned, maybe things would get a little better overall. I still have no regrets and would choose to do it again in a heartbeat though! I’m grateful for the experience and i really am hoping for more short getaways after this 😀

I also noticed Balinese people were all (or mostly) really slim. It’s amazing.

Ok! that is all. :-* Goodnight!


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