#AfterHoursWithTheApple: Cafe hopping & other stories

Normal Update & Photos

So a few days back.. Had the funniest night with 2 of my favorite people. The Strange Tea & Yaya. 😀

We went for dinner at the Richmond Station at Bali Lane where i had a nice burger. It was so filling. I felt like an overblown balloon. And it sucks because my dress was tight and it just isn’t cute to walk around looking pregnant ya know. You just don’t get to wear dresses like that by eating like you’re in a hotdog eating contest. It just doesn’t work like that. I should buy more loose clothings for food expeditions so i don’t have to suck it in all the time. I mean damn.

I really liked Richmond Station because the service was on point, the lady was attentive (we’re not needy btw..) and informative about the menu and the food. So willing to share, i actually suspect she was one of the owners or the owner herself. But it doesn’t matter because she just made us feel wanted and welcomed. 😀 I appreciate. Food was decent, we sat al-fresco and although i don’t fancy the table (it has big gaps in between the planks), but otherwise the whole experience there was really nice. Maybe cos the company i was with was also lovely! Their desserts display had a lot of attractive looking cakes but we were too full to try any that day.

I would probably come back with some friends next time. And i’d  totally recommend people to come and try them. 🙂

We also hung out at the Selfie Coffee cafe. I ordered the chocolate drink, but never bothered to have my photo taken and put on the drink because, although i really loved the concept of the store, but the service there was just terrible. We were served by this short haired bespectacled lady who.. just made it seem like we were intruding on her space when we came in. *shrugs* I don’t like it.

The drinks were nothing special, it’s just pretty cool you could get your photo on your drink, but that’s it. Again, we sat al-fresco and there was live music playing at the bar opposite. So it was nice. This was also where we had the funniest stories. I like the ambience and the seats.. but damn that unwelcoming feeling by the staff has gotta go.

At this point i was just really hungry and just waiting for my food at Richmond Station. But yet these two chirpy birds were busy taking photos and stuff and i was almost glowering. Almost.

This was Richmond Station’s Mushroom infused truffle fries.. which were absolutely delicious! I love truffle fries and the mushrooms are really an amazing addition to this.

When the fries came. I was just happy to finally have some food to insert in my mouth.

And.. this was the Beefy cheese burger. I’m not much of a beef/meat fan.. but they didn’t have the chicken and turkey bacon burger which was what i actually really wanted to try initially.. So this would have to do. The burger was really nice.. but after a while the taste was just monotonous. If there was something spicy that would add a kick to it would be really perfect for me.. because in between my burger bites i was actually bordering on harassing The Strange Tea for her Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio which was very spicy. 😀

The other burger i really liked this week was from Kaw Kaw SG. One friend had a beef one, and another had the chicken one which was crispy and spicy.. and just overall seems like a really good burger. I really am obsessed with burgers at the moment. So yeah.

So that was all i had to share.

Tale of The Phantom Monkey

Did i mention the other day i was just sitting in the hall with the Tiger (mom). The door was opened, the TV  was on. It was a peaceful and sunny afternoon. I was just sitting behind the Tiger, texting friends when suddenly the Tiger exclaimed “Eh! Monyet!” (means: “Eh! A monkey!”). As she was actually watching the TV, i ignored her and continued texting thinking she was actually talking about one on the TV — which, if you think about it, why would you even wanna bother exclaiming about something on TV, right? I mean.. it is the television.

After a pause, she exclaimed again.. “Monyet, echa! dekat luar!” (“there’s a monkey outside, echa!”) she said, addressing me specifically.

I rolled my eyes at my phone screen, thinking this old lady must be going off her rockers, going senile.. and finally losing it at the ripe old age of 68. I mean, we live in a HDB flat on the second level, not even beside a park. It’s almost like saying “Hitler’s at the door. He’s selling currypuffs, do you want any?” It’s completely unrelatable and not linked at all. Bordering on loony.

I looked up and looked at the TV. There was no monkey on TV. The Tv was right beside the door. I sort of felt a resignation when i thought she was actually going nuts.

But then, i saw a movement outside our house, on the parapet.

Walking on the parapet stealthily was a freaking monkey. A full grown, skinny, long tailed macaque. I just.. if my mother was losing her marbles at the age of 68, then i must be nuts at the age of 24.

A fucking macaque, people, on the parapet outside our HDB shoebox.

I got up from my seat, slack jawed and stunned like i’ve been hit over the head and walked dazedly to my sister’s room and said “there’s a monkey outside our house”

My sister who was inside her room, not seeing anything, but could only hear my mum’s exclamations of this phantom monkey, looked at me as if i had just asked her about the weather. She then replied airily “oh is it?” and  continued packing her stuff with a sickeningly pleasant expression on her face, as if she keeps a pet monkey in her closet and takes them out for walks all the time. (I mean, doesn’t everyone?)

“Should we call ACRES?” I asked breezily, like we’re still going on about the weather.

She replied something along the lines of “Really? I don’t know.. Should you?”

I finally decided this conversation wasn’t going anywhere and it was getting a bit ridiculous.. so i walked back out of the room and blindly picked up the phone trying to call ACRES. My brain was actually switched off, i couldn’t comprehend having a monkey outside our flat walking around, i actually had to shake my head to clear my mind and focus myself on what i had to do at the moment.

I called ACRES and they mentioned if it’s a lone monkey, i should just let it be because it probably has its troops and this lone one is just looking for food. That i shouldn’t worry because he can take care of himself. When ACRES asked me if the monkey was still outside my house, we went to check, and it wasn’t anymore. It had probably climbed up the pipe to a higher level.

It’s either that, or really the whole freaking household that day just went batshit crazy.

I won’t know. Because i might have turned crazy at 24 and haven’t realized it yet.

Stuff i seen around:

ravingSo i saw encouraging notes pasted all over the office downstairs. And this one stuck out because yes. Enthusiastic service creates stark raving lunatic customers over the phone, i swear that. Do you think this is why i saw a monkey?

I might need a straitjacket.

IMG_3678And then there is this fella with this gold of a t-shirt. If you ever want to be a poplilar girl (or guy) you need to be beuatliful first and foremost.

Right .

I’ll just leave you with this.



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