#AfterHoursWithTheApple presents: The talkative boy and Angelo.

So today as i was chilling by myself after a spot of solo mindless shopping round’ my neck of woods, I went to LJS to eat. I quite enjoy solo dining. Actually i enjoy solo dining very much, it allows me to people watch. I absolutely LOVE people watching, its my favorite activity aside from reading books and talking to cats.

I like it because it’s a social setting, but you’re removed from it, therefore don’t have to put in effort. You’re not a participant, you’re just an observer. Which i like. Besides, listening to passing conversations of strangers, checking out people’s outfits, hot people, wondering what these people are like, its always fascinating.

And, the best places to people watch, for me, is ALWAYS while dining somewhere. Which, i do a lot of. Hmm, Public transports are my next favourite on the list but public transports usually are little bit harder as i can’t gawk. It’s mainly listening skills but i can’t glance multiple times without getting caught. Ugh.

So anyway, i was at LJS quietly eating my meal when this group of young lower secondary school boys took the tables right next to me. Brilliant. They weren’t rowdy. Nor were they nerdy. They were just average kids who would probably grow up to be generic. I don’t know. I can’t judge, but whatever.  Doesn’t matter.

The token, very talkative and oblivious indian boy started saying “omg guys, i can’t believe i’m hanging out with you guys. I can’t believe i hung out with Angelo all this time. You know Angelo…” was blah blah blah. He was expressing his enthusiasm to being in this current group.. and he went on and on about Angelo, but when i sneakily glanced up to see how his friends reactions were, they were either scrolling through their phones, looking at this talkative boy with glazed eyes or just squinting at LJS’ menu.  Doubt they were listening.

They all got up to proceed to the counter while Talkative was actually still harping on.. So for awhile, i could dine quietly.

After about 5 – 10 minutes, they came back with their food.

The moment Talkative sat his ass down, he started “You know Angelo right.. he was so..” blah blah blah.


I don’t know who the hell this Angelo is, but you are right to drop this potato from your little bitch clique. He talks too much. AND he’s obsessed about you. Dear Angelo-i-don’t-know. From movies, the guys named Angelo are usually italian.. or mexican or something, which i doubt you are, since, y’know, it’s kinda rare to see you guys round here in local schools, kinda rare name too. But anyway i hope to god you’re not the sleazy street hustler i’m imagining in my head from the extensive description of you. Like these:


Oh god. *fumbling with keyboards* I AM SO sorry. Are you at work right now? Ugh. It was an accident. I meant:

streethustlerARRRGHHH. What is wrong with my computer *slams my laptop a few times* *sounds of screen shattering*



I am guessing Talkative won’t have any friends soon either.

*curtain closes*



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