Book Club: The Mortal Instruments; Yes, or No?

So recently i have been burying my face in books basically.


When is it that i’m not yeah?

I’m actually re-reading The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. And i don’t really recall when i had this crazy thought before, but i remember posting once in an entry saying i wanted to try reading the Twilight saga. I know, i might get stoned to death for even thinking this, but there *are* millions of fans of the series, that eventually got me curious (i am not a fan, just let this be clear). I am actually mortified to even be admitting this, whatever cool factor i had before is gone. I would not even be willing to bring the book out of the house where people can see i am actually reading it. I’m talking about Twilight. I mean considering 50 shades of grey was actually based on it, Now that shit is funny and i hope to god i would never feel compelled to read it because i think i might get more excitement at pornhub.. NOT that i have. But Twilight Saga — a story for later.

Well anyhoo this is actually getting awkward. But i am here for a short chat about one of these books first, i might be 3 or 4 years late.. it depends. I am a late bloomer anyway. I know neither of them are related to the other, but they just remind me of each other.

So i have read TMI before. The series, like once before and i just got the 6th book middle of 2014; City of Heavenly Fire, which is by the way, like stunningly thick a book. This past two weeks i have been re-reading the The Mortal Instruments series with new, fresher eyes. So fresh, i could promote Freshkon if i were wearing any of their contact lenses. No, seriously though. Really. I follow Cassandra Clare on her tumblr, and i like reading her responses to her own readers regarding her characters, the plot and her future plans. I wouldn’t really call myself a fan, i would just say i am a reader of her books. She’s got a great humor and it is evident in her books, which i really appreciate. I enjoy humor in my reading materials.

So when i was re-reading these books, i am currently in book 5; City of Lost Souls, i couldn’t help but reflect that the books are actually, if you read deeper, minus the wit, very darkly themed. You know, a lot of blood and demonic based rituals and sacrifices. It was just a little disturbing. Just a little bit. I mean there are pentagrams and the summonings of greater demons, hybrid creatures among it all, that if you visualised it being on a screen, it could be quite scary.

What i enjoy about Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments (TMI) however, that keeps me buying her books, is her world building. She has built a very interesting world, and i would say she is pretty good at it. Instead of a magical world being in an enchanted forest like it is usual, she has successfully integrated the magical world into an urban environment: New York City, its way more relatable for us city folks. She’s very descriptive, i really enjoy the restaurant settings she has in her books, like Taki’s and all the rest, i like the part that has the wolf pack’s hideout being in an abandoned police station that is glamoured as a chinese restaurant named “Jade Wolf”. I thought that was cute.

I don’t really *like* Clary, much like how i have a  feeling i wouldn’t like Twilight’s Bella when i start reading it, but i think i would like Clary better than Bella? I don’t know. We’ll have  to see. But anyway, the reason i dont have an affinity with Clary, the main character, is because her mental thoughts, as is written out in the books, especially in the first two books City of Bones/City of Ashes, were really quite shallow and irritating. She would irrationally feel like smacking Jace because he looks good, or feel hate for Isabelle because she looks good too, which i find quite unnecessary. To be honest, throughout the series, it was a parade of beautiful people after beautiful people, it seems that everyone in the books are beautiful.. the faeries would favor the prettiest people too, and there were extensive descriptions of beauty.. It was like an obsessive theme in the book, which after a while i found quite.. umm, boring. Just remember that she is writing about 16 year olds and they look like that. I don’t think many 16 year olds look as other worldly  or quite as perfect as these people in her books. I don’t mind the beauty quite so much, i mean, it is  a fantasy book afterall, Clare can write whatever she wants and if all her characters in the world she built is beautiful, then so be it, but its the repetitiveness that i found quite annoying.

And then also, every single damn time Jace (main character Clary’s love interest) is in the scene, it would be the same repetitive description of his angelic beauty. AGAIN. How his eyelashes are brushing over his cheekbones or his curling blond halo-ed hair in the sunlight or his hard washboard abs or whatever. I mean we GET IT, Jace is beautiful, even evil queen faerie likes him a lot *just because* he is pretty. I get it. Just.. i.. one more  time i read about how he looks young in his sleep and his curling hair, i  will eat my arm. I don’t like Jace as a person either, he’s too full of himself and his arrogance is breathtaking. He’s completely unlikable, all sensitive-tortured-soul. Infact, come to think of it, the whole nephilim lot and clave are unlikable. You know what it stinks like?

It stinks like our own classism and racism. I’m not sure if that was the inspiration behind her writings. But the werewolves, vampires, and faeries, are classified as “downworlders” and are written off as unworthy unlike nephilim blood (which are the special snowflake shadownhunters) who are all-important and (precious snowflake). I am glad that the attitude towards the downworlders further on in the books, improved slightly, with the downworlders having a place in the council as representatives and are treated with a little bit more respect and equality.

Ah, equality. Always a continuing subject of discussion even in the real world.

One last thing, Clary sounds like a sulky brat, whereby whenever she isn’t allowed to go somewhere she would throw a tantrum about it, but i shouldn’t be surprised, she *is* only 16 afterall.

Overall, i enjoy the world that is created, and good job to Clare for involving a lot of taboo/inappropriate elements in her book without making me feel too turned off, it’s just like watching a show so horrifying you just want to keep on watching it. I don’t particularly feel an affinity with any of the characters. I just enjoy the story. So i would rate the series now, eventhough i haven’t finished reading City of Heavenly Fire.

Perhaps after the 6th book i will come back to this post to edit or create another new post and talk about it as an individual book.

So Overall ratings for The Mortal Instruments Book 1 to 5:


Minus 3 points for repetitiveness, underdeveloped/underwhelming main characters and supporting characters, and lastly; Jace. I utterly dislike Jace and wonder why he didn’t stay dead when he died. He is just such a jerk and insufferable. Apparently Clare’s other books “The Clockwork Prince” series has Will Herondale as another pain in the damn arse, completely similar to Jace’s character, but that is another story for another post.

But A+ for decent storytelling in third person (always preferred but not always an easy style to write), imaginative, well developed world building and descriptiveness of environs, much entertainment value, and for it being a series.

Looks like there are equal pros and cons? I guess i enjoy reading for the pleasure and entertainment, but i do honestly enjoy The Mortal Instruments and would recommend it to people who enjoy YA fantasy and who want to experiment with reading new books. Never stop reading, i say. 🙂

If anyone is interested in checking out Cassandra Clare’s books, she has her books on Amazon, box sets and all. I think she has written some other stuff as well, The Infernal Devices trilogy being another, which i am now trying to collect as well, and will re-read them and we’ll include it here soon too. The latter having very attractive book covers and is set in the victorian shadowhunter era. So we’ll look forward to that.

Oh! Before i forget, yes, i did buy the Twilight Saga but NOT in full price, i bought it off online, from a seller i now regret buying from. When i met her, she arranged to meet at 313. When i reached 313, she asked me to come to the coffeebean. I stood around waiting nearby the coffeebean, and she msged me telling me to come to where she is sitting down. When i  approached her, she didn’t even stand up to greet me like a civilized, well mannered, normal person would, in fact, she looked at me rather coldly with a smile that didn’t seem sincere, she didn’t want to look at me, nor make small talk, she made everything awkward and mildly rude. I know meeting carousell strangers can get weird, but the least you could be is customer-centric, polite and make people feel a little more comfortable, least you could do, say have a great day or whatever, she didn’t give a closing by the way. No bye or anything, she just expected me to float away after giving her the money. Geez.

Moreover this girl was selling it at $25 when i could have gotten it at a lower price but i didn’t want to back out as she confirmed the appointment at the last minute when i was about to look for new sellers, and she wasn’t fussy either.

So i’m just glad she wasn’t a fusspot and the books were in excellent condition, but she was one of the most unpleasant meetup i have ever fucking encountered upfront. I am surprised she even had the cheek to sms me to leave her a feedback, with a smiley face. I don’t know, maybe she is just socially awkward or stiff, i’d give her the benefit of the doubt. I only left a feedback saying she was early for the meet and a legit seller, and to thank her for not being fussy. That is considered nice on my part, i’m just relieved i got my items i guess.

But whatever.

I just opened the first Twilight book and was overwhelmed with hilarity. I still can’t forget all the funny comments about it and i felt weirded out that i am now attempting to read it… and it’s written in first person perspective, and unrelatable at all.

I’m going to try again ok. Clean slate.

hahahahahahahahahaha sparkly vampire though.. hahahahahahahahhhahahaha

ok goodbye now.


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