Food festival and some recommendations

Adam Road's Nasi goreng merah Special Combo
Adam Road’s Nasi goreng merah Special Combo


This picture? I’m just leaving this here for myself (and anyone else) to just stare into.

Finally i got my fix of this dish at Adam Road today. Mr Softy and i went here the other day but it was CLOSED. As was everywhere else. It was disappointing, yeah. Definitely. Especially since i am very particular when it comes to food. Not particular per se, but i’m just very single minded when it comes to food. I’m very much exactly like.. as much as i hate to say it (don’t we all..), just like my mother. What i mean is.. when i have set my mind on eating a particular dish, a favorite dish, from a particular food place, i just want that place and that is the only thing i want to eat. You can give me every other food in the whole wide world and i still won’t touch them because i just want the damn dish that i wanted. I dont want prata, i don’t want thosai, i don’t want fish and chips, fish and co, manhattan fish market, chinese, putu mayam, what have you.. I just want my dish.. from that particular food place ONLY or else i won’t rest. (wait.. did i just describe our cat, Mimi? Ah.. like human like cat eh)  It’s just a bad personality trait thing the whole family of us has. Err.. i don’t speak for my sisters but i’m positive it runs in the blood. Just look at the Strange Tea. *furtively side glances her*

So anyhoo, Adam Road was  closed, i was sorely disappointed and my smile upon arrival was fast sliding off my face to be replaced by a rather ugly pout. So then, where to go? I just wanted that maggi goreng (originally it was maggi goreng, but you can change to nasi goreng or mee goreng etc) and cheesefries, separately. So we decided to head to a familiar place — the KGC.


Remember that ugly pout i mentioned? It’s now paired with an ugly frown and almost watery eyes and wobbly lips. I was hungry, i was cranky, i wanted maggi goreng and cheesefries goddammit why is it so hard.

I told you its very ugly when i’m hungry. And don’t get what i want. 😦 I wish it wasn’t so.

He ended up bringing me to Cuppage. It still wasn’t KGC’s very nice maggi goreng.. and they dont have cheesefries, so i really wasn’t happy. #firstworldbratproblems

But Mr Softy tried everything, even called friends to check where’s the next place with BOTH dishes, but alas. Nobody seemed to serve that for the day. I know… i know.. i’m a terrible brat SOMETIMES.. Only when it comes to food.

But today! Oh joy.. today is my off day and we tried our luck going there again.. and they’re open! So that is the picture. Actually i just took the picture because i wanted to show the ST.. Otherwise i was ready to smother my face with all that goodness. ^^ Just be glad i didn’t choke myself. I have a tendency to do that, quite often, because i’m such a glutton and would eat really fast as if i’m in a burger eating contest. I never learn my lesson though so i continually choke a few times on occasions. Not a pretty sight. Mr Softy has to actually literally remind me to slow down whenever we go eat, just like somebody’s father. Geez. I don’t even know why i’m telling you this.

So yes! It’s a good eating day.

Went to watch the “Kidnapping Freddy Heineken”:

A thriller/drama/comedy Based on the True Story of  Alfred Heineken’s kidnapping. Strangely, i found myself rooting for the kidnappers to succeed.. I would rate the show a 9/10. Minus 1 point because the kidnappers didn’t succeed. It’s a really interesting story and one of my newest favorite quotes “A man can have a lot of money, or a lot of friends, but never both” Pretty thought provoking to be honest.

I seem to have a soft spot for the criminally inclined — not murderers/pedophiles.. more like heists and operations that require a lot of creative planning. It’s possibly why i love Danny King‘s books so much, he is hilarious and is an ex criminal himself, and now he writes really funny books based on different types of criminals and their POVs, some of his books that are super LOL funny would be The Hitman Diaries, The Burglar Diaries, The Bank Robber Diaries and more. I say anyone who has this affinity and understands how i feel, please do yourself a favor, and pick up his books. You won’t regret it. He deserves more readers as he writes really, really well with so much guy-humor and is very authentic possibly because he’s writing about his Been There Done Thats, know what i mean.

I’m just blogging all over the place aren’t i. SO MANY THINGS TO SAY HERE.

Anyway, due to certain circumstances, i am no longer working as a concierge. Recently i just finished training for a technical helpdesk position and have started going live for about 1 week now. We do troubleshootings for phones etc. It’s a potential weird-customer-database as well and i’m really ecstatic to be learning something new and foreign. I do miss doing retail and over counter customer service sometimes, i miss seeing strange people and stuffs live, i miss the buzz, all the colorfulness and my colleague-turned-friends. Working in an office now i would say can be quite claustrophobic but people here are very nice so far. NO MORE UNIFORMS! Sitting down at a desk, quite a few breaktimes, the freedom to go to the restroom anytime without having someone else covering for you is nice, and i can actually catch up on my reading and a nice enough paycheck for this much lesser work. So actually it’s quite an ideal job for me. Something i wanted previously.

So yeah. We’ll see how this one goes eh 🙂

I actually have more to say, but perhaps tomorrow or so.


p/s: Recently went with some friends to VeganBurg!!! Are they nice or are they nice huh! GEEEZ. Gonna get me some more next time soon. My life = a lot of eating. It’s a Food Festival here. I’m grateful!


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