One day after a pink slip

Finally i have pictures to show.

Yesterday was a lovely, lovely, lovely day. It was a meeting of friends day. I have friends? In 2015? I’m as shocked as anyone frankly. *blows fingernails* Must be my charm. 😛

Firstly went to Le Steak (by Chef Amri) halal cafe, the one situated in Mackenzie Road. Usually all these  cafes are introduced by the VS (ok, the whatsapp group name came about when we couldn’t decide what to name ourselves when we began gossiping about one the bitches at work who’s name happened to start with a V. We called her Victoria. We could have gone with Victoria Beckham, but that would be such an insult to Mrs Beckham.. She could just be called V, as in Visitor like that tv show V.. but then, it’ll be an insult to aliens, we don’t want that do we. So a major lingerie brand then yeah? Ok? Alright) I’m basically a consumer and don’t care where you drag me off to as long as there is stuff to be eaten.

That is exactly what i did!


I ordered the Seared Chilean Salmon which i thoroughly enjoyed. I love eating a lot, but if you asked me to identify what is on this plate i have no idea. Hmm… fragrant yellow rice with a piece of .. i’m guessing from the dish’s name, seared salmon.. with a few (what is that?) green veggies and a halved cherry tomato? One of the reasons why i can’t run a food blog (heck i can’t even commit to post regularly on a personal blog). I can eat very well though! So if anyone’s a food blogger, can you bring me along to your expeditions please. HEK HEK HEK. (Or if you enjoy cooking.. AHEM , i’m all ears.. and an empty stomach!)

I may like to eat, but i can never beat Mr Softie’s family. They are freaking heavyweight champions in the eating department. I swear. His youngest brother can eat an obscene amount of food and still look stick thin and lanky. Like a walking Eiffel Tower. I envy.. Ok? E-N-V-Y and adore them.. because that means every family event will revolve around food and merriment. That’s nice.

So yes. We ate and laughed gaily,  our cacklings ringing in the ears of nearby patrons who cast over dirty looks. Tears of laughter and aching cheek muscles. I enjoyed it.

I just wanted to say though that restaurant menus really, really must check and re-check grammars and spellings on their menus. There’re a lot more things worse than spotting a hilarious error, but it does look a tad bit unprofessional.. considering the cafe/restaurant/establishment looks good. 🙂

Just thought i’d say it, i’m no business owner.. but i am a consumer. It’s one of those things we’ll notice.


Sounds straight out of Twilight. #ifyouknowwhatimean


One order of Cripsy fish coming right up. Make sure the fries is as Crips as the fish.


Me and the soon wife-to-be P.. My Sarawak girl. I love her, she does the most hilarious and on point impersonations of people i have EVER SEEN. I mean i thought I was funny (i’m sorry? you don’t? can’t hear you pal, speak up) But this girl is GENIUS. I love her so much. She’s getting married soon and i think i can only see her super cute face in March when she’s back in SG. Usually when we are cackling, there’s a high chance it’s because of her. Ah i will miss her.


Then here is the tai-tai wannabe, F. Tall, fashionable and elegant (and filled to the brim with inappropriate jokes) and just waiting for her millionaire. I give good referrals.. Interested parties kindly submit your applications to me please. P and me always joked that the next time we see her, we would be cluelessly waiting at the side of the road and F will be repelling down from a helicopter,  courtesy of a rich new beau.

I’m kind of looking forward to a helicopter ride, so any millionaire, submit your application for a date with F alright. I’m your new friend-in-law.




So after the day with the VS, it was time to meet the old usuals! To meet for Erwin’s birthday. This was before meeting the rest, and we awaited at the prata place coffee shop near East Village, so while the guys were chatting about.. soccer, maybe scabs, i don’t know what else.. i made friends with this super handsome fella. He was soooooooo big sized and well fed looking, and had the grumpiest IDGAF face. I thought his personality would be exactly like how he looks. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG. He had free rein to walk all around the place and the staffs are all nice to him (obviously, look how healthy and fat he is!) I’m so happy. Just like Mak’s Place The Hawkerant that i like so much because they don’t shun the community cats there and are happy to be nice and feed them. I love patronizing those kinds of places. It makes me really happy.

Then Dino mentioned that this handsome fella (whom he named “Bobby”, pretty sure he goes by other names too) likes to sit on people’s laps.. and as Bobby walked close, i put my hands under his arms and lifted him up to my lap. He was soooo heavy.. and when he was finally on my lap, he perched there for a moment a little dazed, before making himself comfortable. A LAPCAT! He’s a lap cat! I could die of happiness right then and there..

So there Bobby sat on my lap for.. i don’t know.. maybe 30 – 45 minutes? He was very well behaved and calm and he’s just a sleepy kitty. He adjusted himself on my lap and melted my heart into a puddle. He loves chin scritches and he has a lovely purr.




I cooed at him all the while. I wasn’t even in the conversation and i don’t care. I was in Kitty Heaven. All that mattered was talking to Bobby. I liked him. And he liked me! NAWWWWWW. He likes anyone with a soft warm lap. If i could bring him home, i am positive i wouldn’t leave the house.


See! told you he looks fierce.. but underneath the exterior is a really soft, sleepy, purring, big hearted ball of fur. Don’t judge a book.


Finally a group photo.. shame Ryan isn’t in. =/ Oh. We got him a Xiao Mi phone. All the rage now despite it’s name. It’s a nice phone!

Followed by a picnic of sorts till late at Changi. It’s been awhile. 🙂



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