Ushering the new year in.. (belated)

Alright, so the previous post, the answer to What is the Crotch Shop is..


The Crocs shop.

You know.. that company that does these hideous-as-sin shoes:

Well done in guessing. Pat yourselves now, lurkers.

Anyhoos, It’s already the 5th of January 2015! Imagine that. 5 days flew by, just like that. In a snap. Gone.

I haven’t properly wished everyone on here: A happy new year 🙂

I started out my new year on an extremely positive note! For the first time ever, watched fireworks and contemplated my 2014 with people i thought i had lost. That was the best gift so far, and i am really, really happy about that. I don’t want to be bringing 2014 baggage over, and wish to start anew if they would be okay.

2014 was too much a bumpy road for myself, i couldn’t cope then, resulting in bad reactions and decisions to many situations. Also been in a slow emotional recovery for awhile now and am feeling much, much better and more well-balanced. Also been trying to educate myself and am trying to continue journaling as it’s therapeutic, considering the moment i stopped; i became crazy, unbalanced and withdrawn. It’s been an interesting self study and i realize i need outlets to release every emotion and idea, negative and positive and i cannot just do nothing. So i’ll have to keep that in mind..

On new years day, had high tea at Carousel with my eventually-soon-to-be new family (Mr Softie’s) whom i am very fond of, and again, an impromptu dinner at Badoque’s, Simpang (whose portions are just overwhelmingly huge)  on the 2nd Jan with the same people again..

It was just a fantastic start. And it’s a great wave to be riding.

So here is a proper, Happy, happy, HAPPY New Year 2015 to everyone! I hope everyone is as content, as happy and as at peace as i am. I couldn’t imagine a better start (or ending to my year). I’m so super grateful it’s ridiculous, i could cry.

Until my next post!

Stay blessed, and be kind. ❤

p.s Shan’t post the resolutions, no?


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