What time the rain stops?

This happened to a colleague of mine:

The day was raining heavily and most guests were trapped in the mall with nothing else to do except ride an indoor boat or eat expensive stuff until they explode or become bankrupt, whichever comes first.

Female Guest approaches my colleague’s counter:

Guest: *aggressively* Hey, what can we do here?! It’s raining!

Colleague: We have 200 0ver stores in this mall (it’s 800,000 square feet, bet you haven’t seen all), you can dine in any of our celebrity restaurants, have a ride in the little boat and maybe take pictures with our roving christmas entertainers (mostly kids in reindeer costumes on stilts, a walking christmas tree, a polar bear, gingerbread man.. you get the drift)

Guest: *high pitched* What time will the rain stop?!

Colleague: *taken aback* umm.. it just started, so i’m not really sure..?

Guest: you don’t know what time the rain will stop?!

Colleague: No..

Guest to her husband in the distance: She doesn’t even know when the rain stops!! *stomps off*

Weather forecast is now in our job requirement. I should just join that hotline that my sister frequently calls when they’re planning to shoot outdoors. Unfuckingbelievable.


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