mini update + ‘where’s the train station?’

How time has flown by. Apparently 8 days ago (6th Nov) was my 2 years anniversary with WordPress.. and just 2 days ago (12th Nov) was the 5th year anniversary with my very own Mr Softie. Aww.. November will always be a memorable month. 🙂 It’s awesome.

Well, excuse my absence then. I’m always doing the disappearing act.. Today is my day off and i just wanted to post something.

Here’s a couple of stories:

An old man came up to me and said “excuse me miss.. my english is very bad.. i’m a German..” — it’s always the ones who are apologetic of their english that don’t sound bad at all. Anyway this dude’s really old, like really ancient looking but he has got the most shocking, striking, vividest blue eyes i have ever seen. It’s incredible! It was a blue like that mutant in Resident Evil.. whatshisfaceagain.. Ah, yes, Nemesis. It was THAT blue. Just wow.

while i’m on the topic of eye colors, i might as well share this one:

I love people watching there, i’ve once seen this really tall and super gorgeous woman in a tight minidress, it was almost 11PM and i suspected she was heading for the clubs nearby. I have a niggling feeling she was a Russian (after awhile there, you can sort of identify where in the world most guests come from) i’m not 100% sure though, as the only word she spoke when she came up to my counter was the club’s name, when she came up to me.. she was looking down.. avoiding eye contact, almost trying to hide her face? i don’t know.. it felt like that, she was quite strange.. and when i directed her, i kept on looking at her face because she was obviously so striking, and she still didn’t want to look at me.. but because she was tall, when i looked up  at her, i could see her face, just her eyes were hidden.. but i think she felt uncomfortable with my nosiness, so ended up she had to flick her eye up to me JUST A SECOND before she flicked it down again and behaved as if she was hiding, and her eyes… oh my god.. let me tell you her eyes were OUT OF THIS WORLD green. It was so freaking light it was ridiculous.. They look like they glowed from behind. After that she just tottered off in her killer heels.

They were not contacts i can tell you that.

They almost looked like this:

i dunno.. im used  to caucasians but i havent seen eyes that light on someone before so it just knocked me off. Anyway, with eyes that beautiful why is she avoiding eye contact and why did she behave so suspiciously. -_- So you see, a mystery. I like a good mystery. HEH.

And then there’s the forever annoying one, all us concierges have to suffer everyday:

Guest comes up to you.

Guest: Where’s the train station?

Me: Just go straight.. that’ll be the train station.

Guest: Where?

Me: *stares at the guest blankly* (what did i just say? were you not listening?) Go straight. It’s at the end over there.

Stupid Person a.k.a Guest: Straight.. then? turn right? or left? (dafug man. did i mention anything about turning anywhere?)

Me: *internal screaming*.. Just go straight. It’s just right there, you can even see it from here. *points at the train station literally just THERE infront of me*

She still doesn’t see it, stood there and gave me the “???” look.. i could almost see thought bubbles forming above her head. Gawdfuggindammit. Would you just go straight already?? I don’t know.. i meet so many half-brained people, i don’t know how these people function in their daily lives. Can they even function?!



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